Charging Cable Borrows Power Directly from Another Phone

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Robots with Four Legs That Moves like Animals

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iPhone Case with A Lighted Mirror

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Personal Submarine

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Coffee Stain Drawings

Round stains from coffee mugs are turned into a part of beautiful pencil drawings.

A Coffee Table Book Unfolds into A Coffee Table

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World’s First Luminous Car

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House Flowers

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Couple’s Sock Set

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A Contact Lens with A Telescope Built-in

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Smartphone-powered Blood Test for HIV in 15 Minutes

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Next Generation Lightweight Armor Inspired by Animal Scales

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Custom Cartoon Proposal Flipbooks

The custom animations in these flipbooks are beautiful and heartwarming, may be the cutest way to get engaged.

Redesign Concept of Hungarian Banknotes

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Intricately Carved 16-Century Prayer Nuts

Prayer nuts are small in size, delicate and complex in both outer and interior surfaces. It is mainly …Continue Reading

Spherical Rescue Drone

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Robots Who Make Balloon Animals

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Doodling on Bananas

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Bigger Hanging Tent, Better Camping Experience

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Flowers Frozen in Resin Bracelets

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3D Calligraphy

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Post-It People Illustrations

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Photography of A Miniature Fictional Retro City

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Black Water Vortex

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Auto-zipping Zippers

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Hear with Your Tongue

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A Folding Sled

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Life-sized Polar Bear Surprises Commuters in London

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Cute Figures Reminds Your to Water Your Plants

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A Slice of Food in Cooking

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Creative Banana Art

The artist carves and cuts illustrations on banana peels, together with the banana itself, he creates fun art.

The World’s Smallest Drone

The world’s smallest helicopter is highly flexible and fast, features three modes of flight and incredibly responsive controls. …Continue Reading

Unisex Public Toilet Module

A unisex public toilet module called Gentolet aims to save space and public resources for its bidirectional door, …Continue Reading

Plastic Bottle Art

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Popcorn Monsoon

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Two Fun Egg Molds

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Food Paintings That Looks Really Like The Real Thing

The mouth-watering sandwiches, tantalizing sweet treats, fresh and tender fried eggs and exquisite pastries are actually paintings, amazing!

Amazing Thunderstorms

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Inflatable Stickies Make Building Robots as Easy as Arts and Crafts

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An Adjustable Urinal That Attaches to The Toilet Bowl

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Amazing Hotel at 9,000ft in the French Alps

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How Disney Princesses Would Look If They Had Realistic Hair

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Cute Kitty-shaped Hair Accessory

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Giant Lobster Claws

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A Rabbit Brings Man a Beer on Cardboard Drink Cart

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Cute Loch Ness Ladle

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Man Turns Plastic Straws into Shrimps to Catch Cuttlefishes

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Mini Cities Food Art

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Adorable Bread Hippos Peeking out of Soup

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