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Replace Rear-view Mirrors with Video Feedback

Cadillac intends to replace the rear-view mirror with a HD video feedback which increases the field of vision …Continue Reading

Ghost Car Navigation

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a virtual ghost car in front of the windscreen to lead your way, …Continue Reading

Negative Space Illustrations Carved Out Of Knives

A knife鈥檚 sharp metal blade has been carved into a detailed nature-themed scene, such as animals or trees, …Continue Reading

Animated Illustrations Show How Things Work

The animated illustrations reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers and others with great detail.

Sign Languages in Cute Illustrations

The adorable illustrations shows us the sign language version of letters by drawings cute cartoon figures whose name’s …Continue Reading

Adorable Illustrated Characters Play With Real Objects

Simple drawings creates more has created a collection of incredibly adorable illustrated characters who are portrayed as interacting …Continue Reading

Inflatable Outwear

A built-in pump forces air into the inflatable chambers dotted around the outwear that captures body heat to …Continue Reading

Hubcap Scraps Turned into Animal Sculptures

The artist transforms abandoned hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures that are just in the right scale to fully …Continue Reading

Injure Free Bionic Trainer

This injure free fitness equipment removes the impact of jogging on hard surfaces with its bicycle and cross-trainer …Continue Reading

Your Own Light Drone

“Walkalight” combines a drone, smart sensors and LEDs to form a personal illumination system that will follow your …Continue Reading

Beard Ornaments for Christmas

Your beard needs its own decoration in festival season, how about miniature-sized Christmas ornaments?

Free & Comfortable Bindings for Snowboard

This flexible snowboarding accessory allows you to make shifts easier and have more control in your ride, providing …Continue Reading

Teleprompter That Reflects Scripts on Camera Lens

Acting becomes easier by having the camera’s lens displaying the script, especially for those who have bad memories …Continue Reading

Smart Sun Light

As we spend more time indoors in winter, we are eager for the sunshine. This smart LED wall …Continue Reading

Golden Bicycle

Gold, as a symbol of wealth, apart from its common usage as a currency, has been applied into …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Distortion Tableware Mat

This tableware mat creates an optical illusion of a distorted space where the fork and spoon is put …Continue Reading

Wall-Mounted Bar Dome Cabinet

A gorgeous wall-mounted bar that features wooden movable panels holds bottles of liquor as well as wine glasses.

Tear Drop Chair

A chair looks like a large tear drop with 64 liters of water inside of it. It reflects …Continue Reading

Bracelet Projects A Touch Screen onto Your Skin

This bracelet takes wearable devices to the next level with the visualization technique, it projects the screen of …Continue Reading

Animated GIF Movie Posters

The animated movie posters vary from classics to new favorites, instantly bringing the films to life.

A Mock Roller Coaster Riding through A House-for-sale

The wooden framework roller coaster takes home buyers on a physical and fun journey through the house.

A Mind-boggling Metallic Mural

This mind-boggling metallic mural of a dog is paint entirely with spray-paint, which shows the artist’s extraordinary painting …Continue Reading

Goat Mug

Its goat’s horns shape not only makes it the one and only mug that stands out among your …Continue Reading

A Sitting Device That Relieves Back Pain

Back pain appears if you spend long hours at an office desk, it can be alleviated using this …Continue Reading

Poetic Companion Stool

Only a slight change of the angles of steel, the stools have turned out to have humorous expressions …Continue Reading

Solar Charging Jackets

The solar panels transform sunlight into electricity and transmit through a cable into the battery packed in the …Continue Reading

A Data Receiving Device That Provides An Open Access to Knowledge

This portable data receiving device is the key to human creativity, it provides open access to all the …Continue Reading

Playful Street Ping-pong Interactive Traffic Light

The design, which enables the passers-by to play ping-pong game with the opponent on the other side of …Continue Reading

An Extreme Relax Net over Cliffs

A Utah-based group of athletes recently set up a spider web net over a canyon at a height …Continue Reading

LEGO Wheelchair Makes The Tortoise Move Faster

A veterinarian has built a little LEGO wheelchair for this tortoise who struggles a lot moving around, so …Continue Reading

Feather Artwork

The artist creates beautiful intricate feather carvings using a scalpel. The birds might be alive since the canvas …Continue Reading

Notepaper-like Scarf

A scarf that resembles a long sheet of notepaper with its embroidered lines allows you to draw and …Continue Reading

Wireless Controller

Flow is a programmable peripheral providing seamless, precise, fast, intuitive and flowing experience. It explains the notable design …Continue Reading

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

This electrical robotic mouse will please your beloved cat and train its natural ability of prey. Artificial intelligence …Continue Reading

Japan’s 2015 New Years Stamp is Absolutely Adorable!

It takes 12 years for the sheep to finally finish knitting the scarf!

Say Goodbye to Messy Spills or Stains

Unique and clever wine glass that shapes as a tumbler successfully avoids any spill or stain even when …Continue Reading

Playful Seesaw Table

Good table manners are required to keep balance when sitting on this fun and fanciful table for its …Continue Reading

Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Air Purifier in Case of Fire

Asphyxiations is a major cause of death in fire, this Air Pocket will decrease this by purifying the …Continue Reading

Zipperless Smart Luggage

For a better travel experience, this luggage provides a quicker access to your belongings, a built-in scale, a …Continue Reading

Print A Roll of Pictures from Apple Devices

The old fax machine inspired printer prints “endless” panoramic pictures, long text messages, business cards, stickers or anything …Continue Reading

LEGO Birds

Being a fan of LEGO, an admirer of natural world, a gardener and tree surgeon, this man has …Continue Reading

Spice Pen

Food presentation is so much fun with this worlds’ first and only spice pen that allows you to …Continue Reading

Eclipse Clock

The clock displays the passing of a day by mimicking the process of eclipse. The light totally fades …Continue Reading

Fun Popcorn Maker

Fun popcorn maker that allows you to mix your favorite flavorings with corn kernels in a playful shaking …Continue Reading

Corner Shelf

The shelf looks like a giant bowl stuck in the corner is space-saving and practical for displaying small …Continue Reading

Fashionable Electronic Paper Watch

A design team that focuses on fashion entertainments has come up with an innovative custom-made wrist watch made …Continue Reading

Everyday Objects in Wire Frame Appearance

Wire frame objects are usually seen in computer graphics or on sketch books, which are two dimensional. The …Continue Reading

Kinetic Miniature Paper Architecture

The artist has turned his professional knowledge of how buildings are constructed into movable miniature paper models that …Continue Reading