What鈥檚 this?

A crumpled paper? Just throw it out. No,no, it鈥檚 not so easy.

Microsoft unveiled Surface computer

Shaped like a coffee table, this computer named Surface from Microsoft be operated totally by touching. In other …Continue Reading

Liika Ironing Board, like spider man

With three suction cups, this ironing board could stand on glass or any slick wall, Just like spider …Continue Reading

Keychain lightbulb

This bulb-shaped LED light could help you find your key in dark. Additionally, it鈥檚 pretty cool. You can …Continue Reading

Tow shoe

I swear kids gotta like this giant sneaker. It seems like that they鈥檙e in a magic world.

Story blanket

This Weird blanket is from a SLEEPLESS project collaberated between The Great Eastern Hotel and fourteen students from …Continue Reading

Solar sailing boat

Hybrid boat is not unique, but a sailing boat whose sail could also be a solar panel might …Continue Reading

3D display from SeeReal

Overcoming two significant challenge by it鈥檚 new 鈥淭racked Viewing Window鈥 technology, SeeReal, a German firm claimed that they …Continue Reading

Magnet Dice Rubik鈥檚 cube

It鈥檚 a cool thing. Just watch the video after the jump. [source]

Huge ceiling Lamp

With a lamp-shaped ceiling light, your house must be the most attractive one. Plus, it could provide you …Continue Reading

Cute pig LED keychain

Press the pig head, the light will shoot from the it鈥檚 nose. You like this little cute guy?

Interesting plates

Each one has only half of the picture, so you should use both of them at the same …Continue Reading

Healthy phone

You believe a cellphone could help you improve your health conscious? You gotta be kidding. The cellphone鈥檚 radiation …Continue Reading

Camera Gun

Take a picture by shooting! Be careful, don鈥檛 scare others!

Umbrella Stand

With a sponge base, your umbrella could stand. And the sponge will sop up the water from your …Continue Reading

Bikini girl Golf Tee

Lifted by a Bikini girl, will be a little bit gentle?

Delicious candles

How could candles be delicious? Just look at the pictures, you gonna figure it out.

Simple lamp

Powered by a 9v battery, this lamp could give your life more happiness. You can choose the one …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly packaging

Instead of throwing away, this package made itself to be changed into a clever little bird feeder. Actually, …Continue Reading

Flexible booklight

Just clip it on one page, you can reading book at night without disturbing your spouse. Additionally, it …Continue Reading

Nice Photofall Tree

Hang your photos on this trees, it鈥檚 just like your photos is falling down from sky.

Statue of Environment?

Some designers came together to discuss environmental problems. One of the design during their discussion is impressive. It …Continue Reading

Mobile waterstand

When not using, this basin could be used as a flat surface. However, because of built with silicone, …Continue Reading

Finger Toothbrush

Clean your pet’s teeth with finger, you like it?

Toilet self-cleaning system

Connect it to your toilet, it will release given amount of cleaner while flushing. In this way you …Continue Reading

Soap from nature

Why soap always like cubic? I don鈥檛 know, but I鈥檓 sure you won鈥檛 say anything like this after …Continue Reading

Hearing Aid with multi functions

This is a concept design from German. Unlike standard hearing aid, this device could provide extra functions, such …Continue Reading

Music Vortex

Shaped like a bowl, this speaker could generate water ripples by the influence of sound waves. Additionally, lit …Continue Reading

Touchless cellphone keyboard

Just pass your fingers through the keyholes, you can operate your cellphone. It鈥檚 not so convenient but pretty …Continue Reading

Slim building

Located in Tokyo, this building is eight feet at the big end, two feet at the narrowest, thirty-six …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

A big green guy! What is it used for?

Key buoy鈥攜our keys鈥 saver

If your keychain lost in toilet what you gonna do? What if a deep lake? Anyway, if you …Continue Reading

Flexible OLED from Sony

This 2.5-inch full color flexible OLED display is only .3mm thick. It鈥檚 pretty cool. You can even blend …Continue Reading

Device helps your fishing via cellphone

If you like fishing, you gotta like this device. Attached to an SK Telecom cellphone from Korea, it …Continue Reading

Concept mouse for your heart

Conceiving with sensors and hear-rate monitor, this mouse could check the user鈥檚 pulse while they鈥檙e working. If you …Continue Reading

Wall-mounted Wireless Printer

This is another design from ICFF. Mounting on the wall, this printer could show your page right there …Continue Reading

Enigma ceiling fan with just one slice

Different from standard ceiling fan, this Enigma Fan has only one slice. It comes with a halogen light …Continue Reading

Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP edition

Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau has just ordered a Dreamliner VIP. Although it鈥檚 impossible for us …Continue Reading

Underwear protects your ball

Isabodywear, a Switzerland鈥檚 underwear company plans to unveil a new line of men鈥檚 underwear that protects your balls …Continue Reading

Magnetic brain stimulator release your pressure

Sending electromagnetic pulse 3cm into your brain, and somehow stimulate the prefrontal cortex, you gonna be released. At …Continue Reading

Drawer stair

Assemble stair with drawers, it鈥檚 good idea for limited space.

Cute party timer

Although you鈥檙e happy to have a party at home, please remember don鈥檛 be toooooo noisy, or your neighbors …Continue Reading

What鈥檚 this?

It鈥檚 a circle panel with a hole in it. What is it used for?

Non-cubic Rubik鈥檚 Cube

Innovatively changing regular Rubik鈥檚 cube into a non-cubic shape gonna make this classical game harder. You like it? …Continue Reading

Concept Puzzle Table

Divided into six parts, with a part uncovered, the surface of the desk could be slide to difference …Continue Reading

MagicMouse鈥攃ontrol your computer in 3-dimension

Unlike traditional mouse, this MagicMouse let you operate your computer in 3-dimension. You can move the cursor just …Continue Reading

Self-cleaning aquarium

Different from standard aquariums, this biOrb has a filtering system that provides a massive home for filter bacteria, …Continue Reading

Chalk mug鈥攆or messages

You wanna leave a message to your friend? Just use a chalk to write on this mug, like …Continue Reading

Snot sucker

What will you do when your child鈥檚 nose is full of snot? Swedish will tell you 鈥淪uck it!鈥 …Continue Reading