Virtual Red Wall

Red light means you have to stop to wait for walkers. However, there always been some evil drivers …Continue Reading

Translucent ceramics

Unlike normal ceramics, this series of design is actually translucent. The shallow carve is very beautiful but not …Continue Reading

Raw meat iPod cover

There have been so many stylish iPod cover. However, I bet you never realize a cover can be …Continue Reading

The most comfortable economy class seating

Although the first-class cabin is absolutely more comfortable than economy class because of the higher price, we still …Continue Reading

Walking assistant device from Honda

If you have any problem to walk, I mean maybe your leg muscles are a little bit weakened, …Continue Reading

Solar bulb

In order to make it similar to conventional lamp, this lamp is shaped like a normal bulb. Thanks …Continue Reading


If this robot has an extra turtle shaped cover, I bet you cannot tell the difference between it …Continue Reading

Usb Cufflinks

As the most popular storage device, USB drive is necessary for many people. If you have to take …Continue Reading

Recycled shower

You wanna a long shower but still afraid of wasting water and energy? Then you gotta like this …Continue Reading

Bicycle parking machine

As one of the most eco-friendly vehicles, bicycle is very popular all over the world. Yet parking space …Continue Reading

The 500,000 GB MP3 player

NO! I鈥檓 serious, not kidding. This is a new nanotechnology developed by researchers from University of Glasgow. The …Continue Reading

Beijing 2008: HongQi SUV concept

This is a super cool SUV concept from Beijing 2008. This SUV is said to be the first …Continue Reading

Resume Tee

Are you seeking a job? Then you gotta need more attention. Why not just print your resume on …Continue Reading

Swing lamp

This is absolutely a good idea. However, you鈥檇 better be careful while playing swing.

Quickies 鈥 a high-tech to-do list

How could a to-do list be a high-tech product? You鈥檇 better check it out by yourself. Video after …Continue Reading

Leaf lamp

Normal wall lamp seems too ordinary to meet our requirement, and so some new innovative designs are necessary. …Continue Reading

Twist screen

Because of the four force sensor built in the case, you can control the handheld by twsting.

Slope sink

Featuring a slope surface, this sink with a built in garbage disposal synchronization will save more water.

Universal remote attached on button

Apparently, you can get a common universal remote in Walmart. For those intend to control the portable multi-media …Continue Reading

Battery-free wireless EGG system

This is a brilliant idea, not only for its unique wireless headphone shape which provides patients more autonomy, …Continue Reading

Laptop Pillow

Laptop is obviously means a computer used on your lap, however, you have to suffer from being heated …Continue Reading

Coffee printer

It is hard for common people to realize how difficult it is to make a art coffee like …Continue Reading

LED screwdriver collar

With this gadget, the dark place is gonna be light up while using screwdriver.

Chill stick

Different from normal ones, this chill bag is shaped like a stick which is easier to be carried.

What is this?

Apparently, this is a bunch of wood sticks on a black board. Then, you know what is its …Continue Reading

Sawed-off USB drive

You can鈥檛 realize that this is a USB drive at first glance. Nevertheless, IT IS!

Microsoft Wearable Mouse

This new patent from Microsoft give you a chance to use a mouse by wearing on hands and, …Continue Reading

Foldable Universal Scale

Because of the special structure, this scale may be adjusted to fit anyone including disabled persons.

Backyard surf

You may not live near Golden Beach, but you can still surf at your backyard. Click here to …Continue Reading

Harpejji 鈥 an innovative musical instrument

Made by a math professor, this musical instrument allows you to play it by tapping the 24 strings …Continue Reading

Faucet Plug

If you can remember to close the faucet, you should not forget to pull out this plug.

Kohler adjustable faucet

Kitchen faucets need more freedom to make our daily life more convenient. However, conventional products lacked this kind …Continue Reading

Thanko laptop carrying case

Laptop is lighter and lighter day by day, but it is still uncomfortable to carry laptop case for …Continue Reading

Bedfan give you cooling summer

Although we have tried our best to avoid wasting energy, air conditioner is still necessary for those like …Continue Reading

0.3mm OLED screen from SONY

Incredible? It is hard for us to realize how difficult it is to make a screen as thin …Continue Reading

Play table

You should be a little bit smarter to get objects stored under the surface. Video after the jump

Pool table

With a pool underneath, I guess you cannot concentrate your attention totally on the billiard ball.

Calendar wallpaper

Record every serious and trifling things on the wallpaper with a calendar printed on it and then, at …Continue Reading

Shoe vending machine

As a part of the promotion campaign, Japanese branded Onitsuka Tiger offered a unique vending machine Carnaby street …Continue Reading

Audi snooker

As a winner of Michelin Challenge Design Award 2008 at this year鈥檚 Detroit Auto Show, this Audi snooker …Continue Reading

Scroll concept device

All-in-one hand device is very common in nowadays, but this one is still very good because of featuring …Continue Reading

Fry-up candle

No, this not a delicious food, but a candle shaped like fry-up.


How, you may wonder, do Tetris and wrestling connect with each other? You should watch this video after …Continue Reading

WirePod power strip

Actually, power strip can also be practical as well as beautiful. This one is an example.

Blind spot monitoring system from Ford

In order to decrease accident, Ford unveiled a new series of monitoring system which allows you to take …Continue Reading

Veuve Globalight champagne cooler

With a elegent champagne cooler like this, you gotta have a romantic date.

Pebble MP3 Player

The inside touch screen of this MP3 player is similar to the iPhone鈥檚 , it also has a …Continue Reading

USB mirror card reader

For ladies, mirror is necessary wherever they are. And this carder reader mirror is therefore a good alternative …Continue Reading