Rotary cabinet

This cabinet is located in the center of the room. It can rotate 360 degrees, so you can …Continue Reading

Microsoft鈥檚 multi-touch sphere

Surface is very famous for its fantastic multi-touch functionality, but a multi-touch sphere might be more fantastic. This …Continue Reading

Plastic bottles for practice

Because of widely used for containing beverage, plastic bottle is almost as the same harmful to environment as …Continue Reading

Piano doorbell

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. …Continue Reading

Soda robot that can jump

Some human like robot can walk like a real person or even clime stairs, but jumping stairs seems …Continue Reading

Shift bike for beginner

Balance is the hardest part for a bike beginner. The shift bike comes with a pair of unique …Continue Reading

Pizza scissor

This is a perfect solution for pizza lovers. It is shaped like a scissor and comes with an …Continue Reading

Cool keyboard

Using keyboard for a long time is necessarily make your hand damp, especially in summer. And Thanko, who …Continue Reading

Clean your keyboard with more convenience

You know the fact that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public …Continue Reading

Mobile honeycomb performance venue

Beijing National Stadium, whose alternate name is Bird鈥檚 Nest, is an amazing venue. But this time we are …Continue Reading

Elegant carafe

This carafe is inspired from water droplet. In order to express the idea, it comes transparent glass without …Continue Reading

Tap measure with a pencil

Tap measure is one of the most used measurement tool but you have to use a pencil to …Continue Reading

The Magic Tricycle

This tricycle seems a little bit weird because of the asymmetry structure. As a matter of face, this …Continue Reading

UFO bed frame

Putting a light under the bed is a good idea to provide gentle light when you wake up …Continue Reading

Suitcase for baby

NO, it isn鈥檛 the suitcase to be carried by your baby but to carry your baby on your …Continue Reading

Magnetic watch

This watch does not have a real hand and if you want to read the time, you need …Continue Reading

The Cricket laptop stand

Laptop is easy to carry, but you won鈥檛 get a comfortable position without a laptop stand. And because …Continue Reading

Elegant Trash bin

This trash bin is made from a single metal wire which makes it different from normal bin. Conventional …Continue Reading

Circle faucet

Although faucets can be made into many different patterns, there鈥檚 a common factor that each of them has …Continue Reading

Cooker hood like a lightshade

The two main functions of cooker hood is air filtering and lighting but in most conditions, designer intended …Continue Reading

Icare motorcycle

This motorcycle concept named Icare is inspired from Tron. It is full of futuristic element. What鈥檚 more, the …Continue Reading


The structure of this bike is fairly innovative. Similar to the scissor, the extra frame is eliminated and …Continue Reading

Bird cruet

This cruet has a funny appearance besides practicability. It is shaped like a cute little bird. Both pepper …Continue Reading

Seeking a book based on its color

Book classification is useful, but it is not well-know for common people. Therefore, it is not a easy …Continue Reading

Textbook frame

The main part of this frame is in the center of a textbook. You can draw a picture …Continue Reading

Chugalug drinks factory

Most of us cannot have the same skill as bar tender, but this chugalug drinks factory can provide …Continue Reading

Ring-shaped extractor hood

Although there have been so many extractor hoods with nice appearance, in the designers鈥 opinion, there will always …Continue Reading

Snake rug

This rug is inspired from snake. Its unique structure allows users to use the it in different ways …Continue Reading

Nest kitchenware

This series of kitchenware comes with several measuring cups, mixing bowls and even a juicer with different colors. …Continue Reading

Nail watch

This is a creative watch. It can be directly attached on your nail. The panel is made from …Continue Reading

Poop frame

Although I don鈥檛 think it is a good idea to take any photo in this frame, someone might …Continue Reading

Dumbbell alarm clock

Morning exercise is a good for your health. But it seems that most people do not have time …Continue Reading

Finger plate

This plate, if you think it is, is used to hold the dessert or other tiny food. By …Continue Reading

Hidden bridge

This is a innovative bridge. Only when you take the first step, the next step will appear, and …Continue Reading

Titanic ice

You still remember the Titanic movie? So you will sure realize what this is. Although there鈥檚 no different …Continue Reading

Multifunctional lounge

Two lounges–one bed is the most frequently used structure of multifunctional bed. However, this one has an extra …Continue Reading

The floating gym powered by human

Exercising in fitness room is good for our health, but this kind of action actually wastes a lot …Continue Reading

Caterpillar watch

Almost every single gadget has a digital clock and so the reason for most of us to wear …Continue Reading

Gesture phone with an innovative touch screen

This phone is pretty innovative. It comes with a pair of separated speakerphone and microphone and so you …Continue Reading

Foldable Arc mouse from Microsoft

Although the performance of Microsoft mouses are OK, it is still hard to associate their products with the …Continue Reading

Finger Scissor

Do you know what this weird metal gizmo is?

Cut hair by yourself

Many people like to cut their hair in home or even by themselves. However, different from professional salon, …Continue Reading

Dolphin submarine

Submarine is very useful. It is capable to take us down to the underwater. While compared with real …Continue Reading

Interactive waterboard

Waterfalls and fountains are common decoration for public places. But they are not anything but decoration without amusing. …Continue Reading

Mouse soap

Mouse is apparently one of the most frequently used tools of geeks. However, it seems impossible to finish …Continue Reading

The universe watch

This watch is based on solar system. The central red part is sun and the two planets rotating …Continue Reading

Sliding toaster

The unique heating design make the energy consumption of this toaster is half of the standard 900w one, …Continue Reading

Bubble calendar

Bubbles are generally used in industry package to avoid product damage. But, as is known, these bubbles are …Continue Reading