Coffee Foam Art

Look at these lovely animals-cats, seahorse and beautiful landscapes-the sun, the moon, they’re actually appearing on the surface …Continue Reading

Urban Tree Installation

Modular Tree Project is an impressive concept by Chilean artists Emilio Marin and Claudio Magrini. Instead of calling …Continue Reading

Cassette and Film Tape Portraits by Erika Iris Simmons

Creativity is everywhere and Erika Iris Simmons is here to show us a new look of art by …Continue Reading

Vertical Rainbow

The vertical rainbow in the graph is actually shown in the Guggenheim museum in New York. It is …Continue Reading

ColdAvenger Mask

Dry and cold air does much harm to your lungs and makes you feel rather uncomfortable. Luckily, the …Continue Reading

鈥楤reathe鈥 Concept Soil-Free Harvesting

Creative Factor: Eliminates the need of soil and encourages people to harvest plants inside their residence. Designed by …Continue Reading

Pop-up Jungle Placemats

Spending too much time on preparing dinners, washing dishes and tidying up the rooms have made the mothers …Continue Reading

A Stand Laptop Stand

Sometimes it feels like we want something special to give our laptops a new look or make it …Continue Reading

FLKS Instant Office & Workspace

Using hinged double panels of plywood, a Dutch firm Kapteinbolt has created the FLKS framework of an instant …Continue Reading


Simpler but practical designs are always popular and today we’ll show you another ‘we should have thought of …Continue Reading

Wearable Cooking Tongs

The concept is all about allowing you a closer touch with the food, and protecting your hands from …Continue Reading

Myvu Crystal Personal Media Viewer

Seeming like a cool pair of sunglasses, the gadget is actually an innovative wearable media viewer. Its slim …Continue Reading

Light-up Balloons

Though balloons cannot do much for you, they at least can ensure you a free chatting time with …Continue Reading

Auto-lift Iron

Based on the micro sensors built in the handles, the Auto-lift Irons are innovative gadgets that automatically raise …Continue Reading

Brick Series by Pepe Heykoop

As a child, Pepe Heykoop used to build small-sized houses with wooden bricks, and when he grows up, …Continue Reading

Green Noise

Designed by Hung-Uei Jou, the so-called ‘Green Noise’ is a self-powered runway light that converts annoying noises of …Continue Reading

Villa Vals

‘Villa Vals’ is a holiday home built underneath the alpine slopes of Vals, Switzerland. Architectural firms SeARCH has …Continue Reading

Low Table+ Cat Bed

I cannot think of a rational reason why Koichi Futatsumata has designed the low table that also functions …Continue Reading

Light in the Drawer

From Lifegoods Design, the dubbed ‘at-at walker’ is a wooden drawer with a built-in light dimmer. It appears …Continue Reading

Twin Video Recorder

Obviously, you’ve all noticed the outstanding characteristic of the gadget that the recorder is easy to take as …Continue Reading

Boogie Board LCD Tablet

The Boogie Board LCD Tablet may be the best replacement of paper and pen for your usual writing. …Continue Reading

鈥楤echerlicht鈥 by Martin Neuhaus

Martin Neuhaus has just come up with ‘Becherlicht’ , a floor lamp that also doubles as a wall …Continue Reading

Soap Light

Hey, watch out! That soap is not for washing your hands, but for decorating your rooms. It is …Continue Reading

BookBook For MacBook

You’ve mistaken these leather cases for books? Well, they take the very name ‘BookBook’ 聽rightly for that reason. …Continue Reading

Piggybank Power Monitor

The Power-Hog is an attractive design from the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, and the concept is all about …Continue Reading

White Clover Chair

A clover leaf having four leaflets instead of the normal three, is believed to be an omen of …Continue Reading

Electronic Drink Caddie for Golf

Made from durable high-density plastic, the golf club is actually a beverage bottle which can hold 54 ounces …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Surely that looks like a short walking stick, but it’s not used for walking. Look at its sharp …Continue Reading

Puffin Personal Tilt-Rotor Aircraft from NASA

Just look at the NASA’s Puffin Personal Tilt-Rotor Aircraft, it’s obviously another product meant for the most-wanted of …Continue Reading

Glow-in-the-dark Basketball Net

What have you done to accomplish your dreams of slam-dunking? You kept playing basketball day and night? Then …Continue Reading

Dustbin for Beach

Ji-in Byun, Cho Jung Seok and Oh Seul Ki have sent in images of their latest project. They …Continue Reading

Creative coats and hats for your books!

You needn鈥檛 have to search for matched bookmarks for your book covers, they鈥檙e already there. Just as the …Continue Reading

Glasses USB

Primarily, we endeavored to produce mini-sized USB flash disks since we wanted to take them everywhere. But also …Continue Reading

鈥2028 One鈥 by Sergio Luna

What would the personal vehicle look like in the future? Nobody could give us an exact answer but …Continue Reading

Watch Locks Your Time.

Also coming with a key hole as doors do, the cool watch is specially intended for those perfect …Continue Reading

Bop Lamp

You think table lamps are too boring? You won鈥檛 think so after checking out the Bop Lamp. Apparently, …Continue Reading

Shredder Hand

Combining several scissors聽all together, the creative gadget works effectively as a hand-operated paper shredder! And compared with the …Continue Reading

Jumping rope? Battery charger!

Still remember the Jumping Light? Similarly, the battery charger designed by Jooyong Kim and Sungkyung Kim also makes …Continue Reading

Microsoft Arc keyboard

Stylish, smart and elegant, the 12″ x 6″ wireless keyboard is a latest product of Microsoft. It features …Continue Reading

In-wall Computer for Kitchens

Ryan has built an in-wall computer for his kitchen! In his blog, Ryan explained why he has that …Continue Reading

Nyago Rolling Cat Robot

Hello, everyone, we鈥檇 like to introduce you our new friend, the Nyago Cats, creative robotic toys from Japan鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Unfold Wall Stickers

‘Unfold Wall Sticker’ is a latest series of design from PEGA. Inspired by origami, these designs could serve …Continue Reading

Memopad USB

Memopad and USB seem to be unrelated to each other. But a Japanese company has successfully combined those …Continue Reading

Creative Chocolate Packaging Designs

Sweet chocolate always comes with an impressive packaging and therefore it’s no surprise to find that most package …Continue Reading

Lightscape Tableware

This is a creative set of painted porcelain vases and tablewares which have blurred the line between decoration …Continue Reading

Build A Book Nest

It is a wall-mounted bookcase, not only a stylish shelf for your favorite books, but an attractive decoration …Continue Reading

鈥楢lso Chair鈥 by Akin Bacioglu

This is a multifunctional piece of furniture named as ‘Also Chair’. It is an armchair that could be …Continue Reading

Trendy Ornate Frames, Wall Hanging Shelves

You think ornate frames are outdate and no longer suitable to decorate the wall? You’ll change that opinion …Continue Reading

QuickBack Trunk Mount

Guess what, you can mount three bicycles onto the back of the car with merely 6 straps! Sounds …Continue Reading