“Roll It” Experimental Housing

How to help the inhabitants enjoy a comfortable and convenient life though living in a minimum housing unit? …Continue Reading

Life Pot

The particular design is called the “Life Pot”. It is created by Jomi Marco and Josep Armengol to …Continue Reading

What’s this?

What do you think the wood block is used for?

“Take a Seat” By Darris Hamroun

The cheapest and simplest way we’ve found to keep our trousers clean when a chair or stool isn’t …Continue Reading

USB Triple Foot Switch II

The USB Triple Foot Switch II is created as a result of the requirements to control computer by …Continue Reading

AquaClimb: A Climbing Wall for Pools

I had never thought that the swimming pools would need an extra wall one day. I mean, the …Continue Reading

Nike78 Shoe Aquarium

See what happens when Nike shoes are modified into beautiful works of art鈥esigned by a Tokyo-based advertising company …Continue Reading

Koo Transformer Baby Gear

You love the Foldable Bedside Crib? If so, then you must be glad to see the Koo Transformer …Continue Reading

Scosche IPUSBM Is On the Market!

A portable USB data transfer cable for iPod and iPhone. To be honest, the only advantage I can …Continue Reading

“flOw” Interactive Wireless Speakers

Charm your buddies with the “flOw” Interactive Wireless Speakers. How does it work?! Well, you’ll get the answer …Continue Reading

Internal Straw Drinks Packs

The “Internal Straw” has come to change the way you sip the drinks. Or more exactly, the innovative …Continue Reading

SteadePod Camera Stabilizer

I just love the idea behind the SteadePod. And I bet most people have thought of the same …Continue Reading

8 Cool Shower Curtains

Welcome to 8 creative shower curtains. They’re weird, they’re amazing, they’re unique, and most importantly, they’re to give …Continue Reading

I’m here waiting for you…

Shaped like cute pet dogs, these stainless steel fruit stands are waiting for you guys to take them …Continue Reading

Table Lamp by Hong-kue Lee

Almost nothing special…Only light will tell. Designed by Hong-kue Lee, the table lamp allows you to get as …Continue Reading

Adidas Switch

A new concept put forward by Roshan Hakkim and also A clever concept to eliminate the consumption of …Continue Reading

Innovative Scissor From Spencer Nugent

“Some designs are so fundamentally perfect, that there’s no point in trying to improve them, such as the …Continue Reading

Audi A9 Hybrid Concept

Low-emission, and self-repairing, these two features are enough to make Audi A9 Hybrid Concept one of the cars …Continue Reading

Stretching Clock

From now on, the first thing you should do in the morning is to fully stretch yourselves, because …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Well, what do you think it is? A cylinder? Why not come in and check out the answer鈥

Stylish Lamp Made From Trash

Your room is overcrowded with inner packaging sheets ever used for wrapping the refrigerators and computers? Then you’d …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Obviously it looks like a dress, but actually the gadget has other uses, so can you figure out …Continue Reading


Has the ONEYBIKE designed by Peter Varga put you in mind of the old days when people were …Continue Reading

Transparent Photo Paddles

Photoshop used to be the only thing I can think of to help me add some interesting effects …Continue Reading

Flushing Toilet Bank

Of all crazes, the craze to hear the sound of coins dropping into a metal box is one …Continue Reading

“Pop-Up” For Public Spaces

The future of furniture has arrived! Thanks to the two Dutch designers Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens, we …Continue Reading

Pixeled Eyewears

There is no particular reason why SAMAL DESIGN has created these pixel-shaped glasses. Possibly, they just wanted to …Continue Reading

Heart-shaped Pepper Shaker

This is a good step towards tomorrow’s meal plans. Created by Deepu Mathew, the heart-shaped pepper shaker makes …Continue Reading

Optimistic Pills

These pills will help to reduce the patients’ depression, anxiety and fatigue. From top to bottom, the pill …Continue Reading

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Conference Room

Conference rooms are also related to art, and one of our examples is the Saatchi & Saatchi’s conference …Continue Reading

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

Studio E-Glue Wallstickers

Wallpapers have reached quite a high level of evolution in recent years, yet new types are still being …Continue Reading

Yellow Fin Lamp

Are you dissatisfied with your current wall lamps? Well, what if you could just leave the lamp set …Continue Reading

Toilet Paper Core Used As A Memo

Who would ever consider recycling the toilet paper core except for Kim Ji-eun? I mean, the designer is …Continue Reading

Protect 486 Motorcycle Security System

I love the idea. Inspired by natural defense mechanisms of animals like the armadillo, Marc Graells has come …Continue Reading

Zippered Trees and Streetlamps

Something has been designed to make those ordinary things like the trees, walls and streetlamps look totally different. …Continue Reading

Coughing Lighter

Possibly you need something better to help your buddies stop smoking. And our suggestion is the Coughing Lighter, …Continue Reading

Children’s Chair Made From An Old Bucket

The Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli has provided another new idea for DIY enthusiasts. He made this colorful cute …Continue Reading

Reevu Helmets With An Integrated Rear View System

Numerous automakers and helmet makers are trying to tackle the problem of safe driving, including the Reevu with …Continue Reading

Sunglasses For Cars

Summer is in at last- the sunshine is growing more dazzling and we have to put on the …Continue Reading

Apple iWatch Concept

Some of us just adore the iPhones, iPods and any other beautiful items launched by Apple. And that’s …Continue Reading

Comfort Zone Display

Seemingly the metro trains are always crowded, no matter at what time and from which platform we get …Continue Reading

Magic Floating Bottle

Why could the wine bottle float in the air? To those frequent readers who still remember the Beautiful …Continue Reading

Loftbox 101 Space Creator

Here at I New Idea we know that everyone likes smart but also unique designs. Then the Loftbox …Continue Reading

Double Sided Vase

Charm your guests with our Double Sided Vase. The interesting vase created by Endrit Hajno can serve in …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Can this fruit sculpture be used for any other purposes? Just leave your comments and let us know鈥

Vertical Clock

When asked how the time passes away, different people have different opinions. Some of them insist that time …Continue Reading

Mirror On A Roll

The Mirror On A Roll, manufactured in quality vinyl with a protected coating, looks more like creative wallpaper …Continue Reading

Broom Groomer

Taking hand-held sweeping tools like the brooms to a new altitude, designers have come up with the Broom …Continue Reading

Turning Boxes

Good design helps with better life! Take Lab Istanbul’s Turning Boxes for example. The creative bookshelf is made …Continue Reading