World’s First Solar Powered Football

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup entering the most important period, everyone around the world is showing more …Continue Reading

Human Powered Vehicle Concept

Taking the zero-emission vehicles to a new level, more and more automakers are developing vehicles that are powered …Continue Reading

Stylish Round Bookshelf

The exceptional round shape and bright white/red colors give Kim Ji-hye’s bookshelf a refreshing look, making it quite …Continue Reading

Duplex Multiuse Workspace

“Duplex” is a modular workspace designed by Sophie Kirkpatrik and its main features include an adjustable hood and …Continue Reading

Take-out Memo

When arguing about the must-haves in the office, we found that most people voted for coffee and memo …Continue Reading

Jing Hua Interactive Light System

The Jing Hua here refers not to “the flowers in the mirrors”, but to an interactive light system …Continue Reading

Dress the Bottles Up!

Different suits make the same person look totally different, and similarly, different packaging designs each gives the same …Continue Reading

Metro USB Clip

What does the clip mean to USB flash disks? Indeed, they’re two things that seem irrelevant to each …Continue Reading

Pepper Mouth Monitors Your Words

Do not think that you can input whatever you want to the computer, coz the Pepper Mouth will …Continue Reading

Colorful Shoes Made of Plastic Discs

The colorful summer days are filled with colorful articles, say the bright-colored skirts, green flowered T-shirts, flowery hats …Continue Reading

SolarLight Harvests Wind Energy for Power

Who can tell me why the light concept is named as “SolarLight” but actually designed to harvest wind …Continue Reading

Neptune Prosthetic Legs Help the Disabled To Swim

Neptune is a functional prosthetic leg designed to help the disabled people swim as well as normal person …Continue Reading

Bulbo Bag Light

We people, especially the women, are used to taking all kinds of items in one big bag for …Continue Reading

6 Interesting Soaps

The soaps never cease to surprise us, and right here are 6 interesting soaps collected from the world, …Continue Reading

Thank You For Your Attention!

Apparently the road signs are designed to call your attention when you walk through the roads or driving …Continue Reading

Icon Charger for iPhones

The iPhone charger looks just like the battery icon on the iPhone, and that’s where its strange name …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Book Stand

Although the E-book service has provided potentially new means for people who enjoy reading, most of them still …Continue Reading

Dews Toothbrush

Honestly, I should thank Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee a lot for the Dews Toothbrush they’ve …Continue Reading

OASIS Folding Table and Chairs

The 2010 summer is wonderful enough to be memorable鈥攚e sit under the open sky, breath in the fresh …Continue Reading

Front & Back Clock

Since batteries are important parts of most clocks, why not just take them out of the back boxes …Continue Reading

A Rocking Chair + A Play Car=Schaukelwagen

Well, well, the “Schaukelwagen” concept has already existed for more than 50 years before it finally came into …Continue Reading

Individual Articulating Commuter

Personal mobility vehicles are widely developed these days, but at present we can only see most of them …Continue Reading

DIY Player

Just as its name implied, the concept put forward by Shao Wen is a simple player that can …Continue Reading

USB Physical Therapy Instrument

The USB Physical Therapy Instrument is a new concept that aims to relieve your pain by utilizing the …Continue Reading

Invisible Mouse

Free your hands! The Mouseless, completely invisible, is an innovative mouse that allows you to interact with the …Continue Reading

Each Day You Own a New Chair!

Everybody loves new items, and that’s maybe an important reason why we keep on shopping and shopping鈥 But …Continue Reading

Book Ring

A ring that features a mini book to record your sweet time. Or a book that comes with …Continue Reading

Mood Mugs

Time to get up鈥攕omebody smiles, somebody knits his/her brows, and there’re also someone too sleepy to open their …Continue Reading

Swing Clock

The designers never cease to bring forth new ideas. The latest invention is the Swing Clock, the dial …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Surely what we’re to argue today are the best gifts for men鈥 cool ties, but they can also …Continue Reading

Pouring Jug

See what happens when the designers turn the common movement of pouring water into a piece of art, …Continue Reading

Lamp That Thinks Like A Robot

Natan Linder and his LuminAR make us love MIT more and love lamps more. The MIT student integrated …Continue Reading

“Biway” All-electric Public Transportation

The “Biway” is an amazing vehicle concept from the Michelin Challenge Design 2010. It works in a way …Continue Reading

Beer Soap

Special soap, smells like beer…Perfect enough for those who love beer, but it must be cautiously used when …Continue Reading

BMW Car made from Stone

It is BMW Z4. You’re totally right. But have you noticed something different the BMW car has compared …Continue Reading

Futuristic ICU Beds

Thanks for Nico Smeenk, the patients will live a more comfortable life when in the hospitals, and their …Continue Reading

Totem Cups

Stunning ceramic stacking cups inspired by the traditional Native American Totem Pole have been quite popular on the …Continue Reading

The World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

MotoCzysz E1pc is a futuristic-looking motorbike made by Michael Czysz. It’s also the world’s most advanced electrical bike, …Continue Reading

Re-clock Clock Concept

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday to indicate the changes of light; …Continue Reading

Tourbillon Vortex Vase

Tornado and vase seem to be unrelated to each other. But the French design studio A+A cooren has …Continue Reading

Lomography Spinner 360掳

Like most Lomos, the Lomography Spinner 360掳 features a smart design and a simplify operation. But what the …Continue Reading

Four-in-one Outdoor Seat

You think the Four Winds Chair is very common? Well check out the pictures after the jump, and …Continue Reading

Latro Algae Lamp

We need lamps everywhere, in the rooms, in the cars, in dark streets鈥oint is that too much fuel …Continue Reading

Wedding Ring Coffins

When most designers are busy creating delicate packaging boxes for wedding rings, someone has come up with a …Continue Reading

Glass Art Radiators

Wall-mounted radiators have gradually taken the place of the ugly traditional ones, but that’s not the end. Look …Continue Reading