The Real Up!- Floating House from Pixar Movie.

A wild idea. My friends said that when they heard about my dreams of a floating house just …Continue Reading

Auto Ink

Honestly the Auto Ink reminds me of sewing machines. They look almost the same in appearances, but their …Continue Reading

Magnificent Baby

Babies always need special care. Even though they cannot say any words, we can still feel their anger …Continue Reading

“iPad 2 Window”: Virtual Window Design

Lately launched iPad 2 has made everyone to be concerned with tablet computers again, and most people are …Continue Reading

Sandwich Holder

Your hands are too busy to pick up sandwiches or to shove them into your mouth? That’s all …Continue Reading

Watertower of Living

This water tower redesigned by Zecc Architects to change into a delicate apartment has no doubt brought some …Continue Reading

Screwdriver-powered vehicle “EX”

What you’ve seen here is another high-tech three-wheeler? If that’s what you thought, you’re completely wrong. Called “EX”, …Continue Reading

Braille Punch Sticker

Shopping malls, though announcing to be consumer-friendly, seldom stick Braille labels onto their products. Because they don’t have …Continue Reading

Taiwan Scientists Make Bendy E-Readers From Silk.

In ancient China people used to write on silk when there was no paper created, while nowadays researchers …Continue Reading

Swashbuckling Bedrooms

Steve Kuhl is absolutely a greatest father, because he has built so spectacular a bedroom for kids that …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Ok, here is a cat toy walking down the stair, so what do you think this cat would …Continue Reading

Japan Develops Mobile Phone with Human Touch.

Japan often brings us with new telecom products and concepts and this time some designers from this eastern …Continue Reading

Alarm Earphone

Earphone, also an alarm clock! Specially designed for music lovers who are used to wearing earphones to enjoy …Continue Reading

Cheese Building

Aha, a building inspired by cheese?! Although I love cheese quite much, I never imagine that I’ll one …Continue Reading

Chew Leg Cover Toy

Chew Leg Cover is something that can entertain both your dogs and your furniture. It is made of …Continue Reading

Looksoflat Lamp

Ordinary lamps can never go behind desks for finding your because they’re not flat enough to do that, …Continue Reading

Before I Die… In NOLA

What do you think is the most important thing you’d like to accomplish before you die, and what …Continue Reading

Animal Wine Stopper

The animal wine stoppers? What a strange idea! But admittedly it is great too. Any animals here love …Continue Reading

Mushroom Cloud Playhouse

Ok, now everybody may have a chance to live in mushroom cloud. Created by Dietrich Wegner, this mushroom …Continue Reading

Plug and Player

Well, MP3 devices do need some change, and we’re quite happy to see Giha Woo and his “Plug …Continue Reading

Biased Bookshelf

Biased Bookshelf- or more exactly the “Bias of Thought” bookshelf- is a 3D structure created by John Leung …Continue Reading

Portable Foldable Shoe Rack

If you want a lightweight shoe rack that can be folded flat for an easy transportation, then you …Continue Reading

Skull Chair

This purely white chair with a skull carved in the seat back recently appeared in Milan, Italy and …Continue Reading

Electronic Piggy Bank Munches on Credit Cards

Several students from Ume氓 Institute of Design in Sweden have built this innovative electronic piggy bank based on …Continue Reading

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set

Anything that can change to meet our different needs is undoubtedly always welcome, and right here we’d like …Continue Reading

Tree Toothbrush Holder

Your kids will love these Tree Toothbrush Holders very much. Coming with enough room to hold four toothbrushes, …Continue Reading

Floor Plan Light Switch

Ever had any difficulty to find out which switch is controlling which light? Never mind, as you can …Continue Reading

Explosive Portraits

I am ready to bet these would be the most magnificent and wonderful explosions you can ever meet. …Continue Reading

Face Pots

Charm your guests with Good Studio’s Face Pots. Made up with three parts鈥攁 basic pot, a face print …Continue Reading

Lego Computer Boxes

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Golf Memo

Designers make golf much closer to you. Place the Golf Memo on your table, use your pen or …Continue Reading

Weird Cat’s Eyes For Your Ears

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Diamond Inspired Chair

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Coffree: Disposable Coffee Cup Package Design

The idea behind this disposable coffee cup is really amazing: use as few materials as we can to …Continue Reading

Bamboo Grand Piano-shaped Cheese Board

Guess what, your time with cheese can become more pleasant if you have one such Piano Cheese Board. …Continue Reading

Printed iPhone 4 Cover

Cellphone covers especially designed for iPhone 4 surely need to have their unique characteristics, and these ones are …Continue Reading

Nail Portraits

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Painting Tables

Since almost all kids love to draw pictures on tables, why not just make a table that shall …Continue Reading

USB Phonograph

Hey all you music lovers, divert your attention from digital players or speakers! Let me show you something …Continue Reading

Free Cutter

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Gamer Calculator

Aha, calculating- although usually regarded as a tough and boring work- can actually become as easy and funny …Continue Reading