Comb Your Bikes.

There’re many unconstrained imaginations, some bring us with disappointment while some bring happiness. Obviously this Comb-shaped bike stand …Continue Reading

Skull Chandelier

Artist Kelly Lamb’s Skull Chandelier is a hanging light that comes with a special shape of a human …Continue Reading

Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Solid can be used as ink? What a crazy idea! But indeed it is really amazing, because Inkless …Continue Reading

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls

So you’ve been practicing hard to become good at golf? Probably you should try other methods, some more …Continue Reading

U-socket USB Wallplug

Nowadays we’re living in a world full of USB-powered items, including our cellphones, music players, laptops and many …Continue Reading

Ice Cream the T-shirt Pack

How does your T-shirt taste like? I don’t know what answer you may offer, but I鈥檓 quite sure …Continue Reading

Waterfall Soap Saver

Clever soap saver that effectively lets water run off so that the soap can be kept dry. That …Continue Reading

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home

Jon Salerno’s Habitat Micro Home provides a clever and practical way to expand the area of your living …Continue Reading

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk is one of the most-complicated desks we’ve ever met. It is built with …Continue Reading

Hand-stitched Portraits

Surprise, these amazing portraits are not crafted with pens but with threads and needles?! It is exactly numerous …Continue Reading

LCD Magnifier

What’s Maggie? It is an LCD electronic magnifier that can magnify print 11 times its original size. The …Continue Reading

Lytro Camera Lets You Focus Photos After You Take Them.

Ren Ng’s innovative camera is blowing my mind. It is a light-field (or plenoptic) camera that allows the …Continue Reading

Cricket Forge Leaf Bench and Leaf Table Set

Leaf bench and leaf table set, crafted of steel and finished in green, is beautifully designed anti-oxidation furniture …Continue Reading

City Water Concept

It is interesting to start to know a city with its water, or more exactly with these spring …Continue Reading

Hello World Display

Valentin Ruhry’s new display is a huge board built with many illuminated rocker switches to show messages. Whenever …Continue Reading

Floppy Disk Shaped CDR

Quite often we see once-outmoded items become popular again if they come with a new function, such as …Continue Reading

Sasan Magic Carpet

Sasan Magic Carpet is a clever design that offers practical sleeping and seating solutions with its adjustable constructions. …Continue Reading

Catalyst Shelf

Aptly dubbed “Catalyst”, Jiyoung Seo’s shelf triggers user to feel, touch and react with the unit so as …Continue Reading

Fairy Tale Mirrors

What will you do if you have a magic mirror as those you see in books or films? …Continue Reading

Wooden Animal Track Sandals for Kids

Japan-based Kiko recently delivered these Ashiato sandals to us. With these special shoes on our feet, we鈥檒l leave …Continue Reading

Kissing Mask

Wear a mask to kiss? What a stupid idea that may sound… But wait, wait, Didier Faustino’s Doppelganger …Continue Reading

What’s This?

A gun? Of course it is, but it may also be other things. So what would you use …Continue Reading

Fabulous Artworks With Balloons

Still amazed with small animals made with balloons? Well, forget them and have a look at these big …Continue Reading

The World’s First Bikini Printer

Those who have been wading through stacks of bikini for their most-satisfying one would soon finish that boring …Continue Reading

Style Snaps

Good news for girls who wants to adjust their pants and skirts from time to time is that …Continue Reading

Incredible Usual Items Sculptured From Wood

Time again we have to remind you that even what you see with your own eyes may not …Continue Reading

Handy Shell case for iPad2

A good iPad needs a good accessory to make it a better product than we can imagine, and …Continue Reading

Camera Lens Cap Holder

Why do we need a Camera Lens Cap Holder? Because we no more want to lose any lens …Continue Reading

Musical Glasses

They’re not ordinary glasses as they look. With detailed calibration on their bodies, these glasses can be used …Continue Reading

Hover Bike

Even though with 4, 5000 AUD we can do many things, Chris Malloy finally chose to make this …Continue Reading

Twig Pod

Twig Pod is a smart item especially designed for cameras. It can fold into a small size no …Continue Reading

Parasite office

Buildings in Moscow used to have a long distance from others so you may easily find large space …Continue Reading

iPhone 4 Slippers Plastic Case

Summer is already here鈥 Wear your iPhones these colorful slippers so as to let them live a cool …Continue Reading

Car Rear View Camera with Automatic Nightvision

Need something to help back your cars perfectly? Have a try with this Car Rear View Camera then. …Continue Reading

Clever Kitchenware You May Be Searching For.

New and clever ideas are almost needed everywhere, and they’re main reasons that can make we feel much …Continue Reading

Block Sticky Notes

Game time again… not with a machine but these Block Sticky Notes.

Paintings With Typewriter

British artist Keira Rathbone has created these beautiful paintings with a typewriter. Each piece is made up of …Continue Reading

Kids’ Car Beds

It is any kid鈥檚 dreamy bed. With a comfortable bed on its top, a studying room and a …Continue Reading

Solo Collapsible Hangers

How could a design be deemed as clever? Possibly it needs to be something useful while we common …Continue Reading

Hidden Garage

Things have gone to be different… To get a car in or out of the house located in …Continue Reading

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

“Woo” or “OMG” is the right thing this Sharp Act Knife Sharpener ready to steal from you. It …Continue Reading

Book Paintings

A really great artist can create wonderful things almost anywhere – on walls, grounds, lips, eyelids, or on …Continue Reading

Old Bikes As City Decors

Several years after discarded on street, one old bicycle recently finds its new functions: to work as a …Continue Reading

Awesome Subway Station Designs

Do subway stations need to be so splendorous? I mean, nowadays these underground buildings tend to be much …Continue Reading

Plugy Earphone Jack Accessories

Attach these Plugys into your any items with an earphone jack, and they’ll no doubt bring you more …Continue Reading

Paper Dress Show

With more than 700 hours spent on about one ton of paper, Jum Nakao finally finishes with these …Continue Reading

Baby Head Masks

Honestly babies shouldn’t have had such weird expressions as created by designer Landon Meier. Neither are they fit …Continue Reading

Small Iris Cards

Small Iris Cards are just what the name implies: 3.5″ x 2″ business cards that can function as …Continue Reading