Orbit Ruler

Just as its name implies, the Orbit Ruler is rightly an innovative ruler that can draw various circles …Continue Reading

Superhero Pint Glasses with Capes

Wanna to make your glasses look completely different from others? Then you’d better change them into Superheroes! The …Continue Reading

Lid Sid Cooking Aids

What can prevent water splattering out and making a mess when you’re making a stew? The Lid Sid! …Continue Reading

Charles Sowers Studios Windswept

Gone with the wind or not, that is a question. But sometimes how to observe wind is another …Continue Reading

Plate Roulette

Who pays the pizza today? It completely depends on the Plate Roulette, which decides who win or lose …Continue Reading

“Strike” Matchbox

Unbelievable, the pocket-sized metal box here is actually a gadget for both storing and lighting matches!? But how? …Continue Reading

Broken Wine Rack

You know what? You’ve gotten too many bottles of wine on the rack that it finally breaks into …Continue Reading

Flower Matches

Designed by Japan-based artists, these Flower Matches give us another reason why we always love creative designs: each …Continue Reading

Paper Airplane Push Pins

Fly, fly, fly into the walls, to pin memo papers or family photos everywhere 鈥 that’s rightly what …Continue Reading

Power Lines Holders

Power lines, when placed in different places and endowed with different functions, seem to have brought us with …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sailboat Napkin Holder

Soooooo CUTE! Simply put some napkins on a sailboat-shaped wooden holder, you’re actually building your own boat on …Continue Reading

KEBO Single Hand Operated Opener

In 1930s, American famous brand KEBO designed the first Theodore Low bottle opener, but it was not easy …Continue Reading

3D Curtains

What landscape would you like to bring to your house? This deluge 3D Curtain gives one easy access …Continue Reading


Inspired by life but also serves life, the PortiqueArmchair designed by Florent Coirier is a clever combination of …Continue Reading

iPhone Mug Case

A mug for the iPhone? Not really, but instead the mug here is a multifunctional case that acts …Continue Reading

Retractable Levity LED Lamp

Taking mini-sized table lamps to a new level, designer Peter Stathis鈥 Levity LED lamp is one that can …Continue Reading

Emergency Door for Earthquake

Even though the risk of getting hurt is always there, no matter what methods we decide to take …Continue Reading

Escape Preventing Dog Harness

Most dogs are so naughty “boys” or “girls” that they are pretty used to running everywhere, and sometimes …Continue Reading

Pencil Fence

Outside my yard, there’s always a rainbow鈥 It’s not something away in the air, but really beautiful item …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Little Frog

Made with earth-friendly wood materials, these little frogs can serve in three different ways, acting as an arm …Continue Reading

Human Grasp Assist Device

The Human Grasp Assist Device, or named as K-glove, is an assistant gadget collaborated by NASA and GM. …Continue Reading

In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer

Combining a toothbrush and a sterilizer together, the In & Out Toothbrush Sterilizer features a USB port as …Continue Reading

CampFire iPad Stand

Called CampFire, the sleeping bag case for iPad2 can work as both a protector and a stand, offering …Continue Reading

Hexagonal ZEBag for Wine Bottles

On the list of those who love wines, there must be a portable and functional bottle storage bag …Continue Reading

“Daddy Long Legs” Lamp

Daddy Long Legs in the famous novel is obviously different from this table lamp put forward by Produkt …Continue Reading

Art of Matches

Small small matches, big big world, these creative miniature sculptures from Japan are finished with high-level crafting skills …Continue Reading

Meeting Rooms in the Air

Soooooo dangerous鈥 That’s just what I thought of the moment I saw this floating office. It is designed …Continue Reading

Tentsile Tent

How could you get away from bugs or other crawling creatures when having a trip in the nature? …Continue Reading

Stretchless Hanger

Easy to hang your clothes and easy to pack up, the Stretchless Hanger provides us an effortless way …Continue Reading

Violin Strings made by Spiders

It is said the world’s best violins come with strings made from catgut – which sounds bit of …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Shoe sole or something else, can you figure out what the item may be?

Earphone Earrings

Get a pair of earrings for your earphones? That sounds bit of ridiculous, but when coming to real, …Continue Reading

Tooth Erasers

Bite, bite, and bite, these amazingly cute erasers here want to remove every word from your paper with …Continue Reading

USB Slingshot for Angry Birds

Is there any new methods or tools that can allow us to play the “Angry Birds” game in …Continue Reading

Fading Highlighter

Once there but later gone, what do you think the thing we’re to argue is? Is it time …Continue Reading

True Air Fresheners

Really fresh air fresheners! Coming in three scents, lemon, strawberry and frost, these fresheners all have a clever …Continue Reading

“Feed Me” iPhone Case

“Feed Me”, a soft silicon iPhone case that features a big mouth at the back is an interesting …Continue Reading

Easy-to-use Banana Slicer

Personally I don’t need any banana slicers as I can almost eat up a banana before I get …Continue Reading

Redundant Calculators

A digital calculator on the left, and a traditional manual abacus on the right, with two classical tools …Continue Reading

M虏 bench

Why M虏? It’s really an interesting but impressive name for the bench designed by Studio Segers, but why? …Continue Reading

waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage

You鈥檙e still looking for a better way to store water for emergency use? Okay, you should never miss …Continue Reading

Luxury Floating Hotel

Fantastic and romantic! The cruise ship that travels along the Amazon River in Peru comes with 16 hotel …Continue Reading