Tex-vest Human Traffic Light

With LEDs embedded, the conceptual jersey designed by Jaka Ple拧ec can display green, red and yellow colors and …Continue Reading

Pick UP Whiteboard Marker

Designed with angled surfaces and a magnet cap, these whiteboard markers from Prof. T.K. Philip Hwang, Prof. Fan …Continue Reading

Little Slide Dress

Looking almost the same as other standard cocktail dress, Emily Steel’s Little Slide Dress will show you something …Continue Reading

Self-stirring Pot

Can self-stirring pot really exist? After a long time of controversy, a dentist from Japan eventually proved that …Continue Reading

Battle Mug

With a M1913 rail built on the surface, this Battle Mug allows its users to mount any accessories- …Continue Reading

Paper Illustration

Using black and white paper, but also more importantly outstanding imagination and perfect handcraft skills, designer Mengyu Chen …Continue Reading

Seesaw Bench

Among so so many convertible furniture designs, the Seesaw Bench from Dirk Ploos van Amstel has successfully caught …Continue Reading

Credit-Card Sized Stylus

  Not a real credit card but instead a real stylus, the item is much easier for people …Continue Reading

Floating Restaurant

Have you already gotten a wonderful plan for your summer vacation? Whether yes or not, please don’t forget …Continue Reading

Cassette Tape Table

Days with cassette tapes have undoubtedly passed, but that never means we鈥檙e away from the cassette tape: designer …Continue Reading

Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case

When white tissue paper comes out, the blue simple case then displays the beauty of famous Mt. Fuji, …Continue Reading

Meat? Balloons!

Seemingly like ordinary meat, the stuff shown here is actually meat-shaped balloons displayed by Object Design League (ODL) …Continue Reading

“Wood” Bulb

Based on traditional Japanese technique “ROKURO”, artist Ryosuke Fukusada has created this unusual bulb that features a covering …Continue Reading

Self-cooking Egg Carton

The moment you pull away the exterior tag from an egg carton, it’s rightly the time to cook …Continue Reading

Zen Circus Fitness Furniture

As antigravity yoga is quite popular around Europe now, designer Caroline Kermarrec has thus drawn a creative inspiration …Continue Reading

Magic White Light Bulb

Let me show you how to become a magician in merely one minute: you should firstly get a …Continue Reading

Wooden Pin Heads

With merely wooden pins, sunglasses and some clever lighting, Philip Karlberg has come up with these heads that …Continue Reading

HEX Curtain

Consisting of several individual petals that each is controlled by an actuator motor (which is aided by a …Continue Reading

“Real Juice” Box Designs

What’re the best packages, do you think, for 100% natural fruit juice? According to Brazilian advertising agency Ageisobar, …Continue Reading

Guiness Submarine Bar

London-based Jump Studios has transformed a tourist submarine into a deep-sea bar to commemorate Guinness Company’s Sea Experience …Continue Reading

Wild Chair

What, chairs may have their tempers too? You must think that somebody is kidding you, unless you see …Continue Reading

Glass Sculptures

Humans, umbrellas, animals, bottles and other objects, what do you think these extremely detailed sculptures are made from? …Continue Reading

Multiuse Window Blind

Cleverly combining a window blind and a laundry rack, designers Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun have developed this …Continue Reading

Strapless Sun Visor

Smart and lightweight, the Strapless Sun Visor would protect you away from the shinning sun light while never …Continue Reading

360-degree Shower

Here and there, the “Loop” shower from Italian furniture and fixture maker Idiha offers water from 360 different …Continue Reading

“Floating” Bicycle Club

With a rooftop cycling arena supported by a glass-enclosed cafe on the ground, this conceptual building designed by …Continue Reading

Bubble Building

Beautiful but fragile, the world’s most temporary building is undoubtedly this “Bubble Building” finished by DUS architects. Just …Continue Reading

DIY Kid Plates

While most parents and teachers are trying to stop kids playing with their food, designer Alexis Birkmeyer is …Continue Reading

Wall Lamp or Table Lamp?

With half of its body built into the wall, this lamp created by Hareide design has not only …Continue Reading

Awesome Bathtubs, Right Here!

Good ideas in and creative bathtubs out, these products here are all my favorites and it’s really hard …Continue Reading

Slip-on Shoelaces

During the last tens and hundreds of years, almost all the designer and manufactures were devoted to improving …Continue Reading

Creative Salt Installations

Really impressive huge-sized installations finished by Japan-based artist Motoi Yamamoto, and all of them are made of salt鈥 …Continue Reading

Solar Shareable Coverall

Whenever we face earthquakes or other disasters, only a shelter cannot provide all the protections and things we …Continue Reading

Tattoo Posters

A unique poster especially designed for and by Munich tattoo studio “the chaos crew” was recently showcased in …Continue Reading

Steel Wire Portraits

Either far away or close, these portraits finished by Seung Mo Park all seem so delicate and fantastic …Continue Reading

One Trip Grip

Working hard and shopping hard, ladies today must have been used to those heavy shopping bags and the …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Guessing time again, so what do you think this Teddy Bear is used for? Don’t tell me that’s …Continue Reading

Lazy Football Chair

Can you sit to play football? I can, as long as I have this “Lazy Football” chair designed …Continue Reading

String Lamp

Distinctive and interactive, this lamp from Co.Design is completely different from regular pedant lamps, as it comes with …Continue Reading

Embrace Shaving

Nothing could know better of your face than your hands, and thus designer Marco van Leeuwen has come …Continue Reading

SkyDeck Table

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, this SkyDeck designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects can always support you, …Continue Reading

Map Fishbowl

An interesting bowl for fish, which wanna to help them go around the world, with the help of …Continue Reading

Water-resistant Coating for Mobile Phone Circuit Boards

Coming from Daikin Industries, the innovative coating developed for cellphone circuit boards is resistant to water and moisture …Continue Reading

Tackits Corkscrew

Easy to push in but difficult to pull out, that’s obviously the common problem of ordinary pushpins. However, …Continue Reading

CELLMACS Sliding and Standing Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Is this a sliding iPhone 5 (or maybe 6)?! Not exactly, since the Apple Inc. hasn’t released any …Continue Reading

Finger Scan Door Lock

It is definitely not the first time we see fingerprint scanners used in product designs, but the Grabit …Continue Reading

Inverted Umbrella

Rainy days, romantic days, many couples are fond of hanging out on a wet day to experience something …Continue Reading