Street art—the Olympic Games

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Creative proposal

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A tiny world on the fingernails

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Kitty superheroes

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‘Together we stand’ toothbrush holder

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London Lego Olympics

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The London Booster-big red bus that does push-ups

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Lamp that collapses

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Stylish fruits wall lamp

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Hilarious Big Head Squirrel Feeder

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Boobzie-dress up your beer can

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Fantastic optical illusion

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Start a fire with your own pee

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Transformable Pad for Lazy Living

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Fun Functional Furniture

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The Shadow Project

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Narrow House

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Spymaster MiniSub-your personal submarine

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Coffeebrewer –unique brewing system

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Creepy Zombie Head Gumball Machine

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Super cool Romo

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Floor- tiny plastic figurines hold you up

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10 cool t-shirts for this summer

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Stunning Bonsai Tree Building

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Construction Overhead Hat

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Awesome Manga Dishes and Tableware by Japanese Mika Tsutai

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Volcano Lets Smoke Rings

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Royal Tea – Cute Tea Bags

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Magnet Magic

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Flying Houses

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Origami beer label

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Fun watermelon rain

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Thing Thong keeps you covered

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Beer glass reveals scannable code when filled with Guinness

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Paper Dish Pizza Box

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Cute Cherry Chomper

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Creative MacBook Stickers

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Hotel suit in an airplane

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Cool Zombie Bottle Opener

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Glider inspired gravity bike

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Creepy skull carved out of fruits and vegetables

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