Top Shining Watch Gift Ideas

Posted on September 22, 2012 by diamond

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It can be a watch, a mobile, and also a camera. Oh, so nice!

Price: $132.96


Time is carved on the chain.

Price: $1.50


A convenient mirror for girls. Every beautiful girl should own one!

Price: $3.87


Watching the petals growing in the dark is such a kind of beauty!

Price: $6.04


There is nothing right in the watch’s left part, and there is nothing left in its right part.

Price: $9.00


The watch shows everything it knows and makes it in order. Good job!

Price: $14.99


Looks simple but nice!

Price: $109.50


Every light has its own position, and life is in good order.

Price: $119.50


Life is a piece of song, and the watch is the recorder of the rhythm.

Price: $79.95


This watch just likes a woman, charming but changeable.

Price: $64.95


Comic lovers will never miss this one! So cute!

Price: $446.25


The molding is so unique, and you have an option to make light up or off.

Price: $25.94


Every woman should own a rose. They have the nature of romantic.

Price: $118.38


The watch is covered by a durable crystal window, which is waterproof.

Price: $94.50


Does this watch go wrong? No, it’s a kind of code. That is, only the owner knows the code of time. Wow!

Price: $104.50


The time is falling down, so you shall put your hand up.

Price: $153.00


What a cute watch! The dial is always in front of you.

Price: $79.99


Is it a watch or chocolate? Time is sweet.

Price: $19.61


Every moment with you is as beautiful as the stars in the sky.

Price: $104.50


The watch also plays role of calendar, alarm, and countdown timer. What a busy watch!

Price: $338.00


The “hand” sweeps over the dial to show the time. Small idea makes huge wealth.

Price: $112.89


The numbers stand in line. No one can disarrange them.

Price: $201.35


The simple, pure white dial has a pair of vivied, blue hand.

Price: $70.00


The blue light on the black loop gives out a sense of attraction.

Price: $150.00


The queer way, in which watch shows the time, makes it a unique bracelet. Use your imagination to find out what the time is it.

Price: $14.49


This watch uses the strength and weakness of the light to show the circle of time. It looks like a magic in the dark.

Price: $139.00


Green and red, this watch is blooming like a flower. Seize the day and enjoy the night.

Price: $99.00


We’re living in a world where we are like riding a motor. As a result, every minute needs to be treated seriously. Or we can get a pleasant feeling of free.

Price: $35.95


The classical pocket watch turns to be a fashion LED watch. It’s also the unique quality of this special watch.

Price: $169.00


The dial looks like to be burnt out. Destroyers will love it!

Price: $159.00


Light looks like a spring of magma, whose every step gives life to the time.

Price: $7.89


It’s honeycombs or a sifter?

Price: $14.39


A tennis ball is stuck in the watch, but it seems enjoyable in it.

Price: $199.00


The dial lights up after the soft hand fondling over it. Isn’t it like a kid that needs encouragement?

Price: $199.99


This watch also plays the role of calendar? No, it must be a souvenir of a special date. Anyway, it must owns a marvellous story! Wanna know it? Own it!

Price: $135.00


If you are a loyal user of Puma, this watch will be a good choice. Good brand always keep green.

Price: $31.99


This watch is a best suit for a powerful man.

Price: $487.50


The magical light can be combined in different ways to make different numbers. The most important thing is that the number is staring enough to call everyone’s attention.

Price: €69.95


This awesome watch must come from the science fiction!

Price: $159.00


If your girl friend asks you to get stars for her, show her your LED watch.

Price: $230


The watch with a large dial shows a man’s generous.

Price: $139.99


The metal watchband isn’t too odd, but the lights look funny enough.

Price: $199.00


The watch only uses half of the dial, and leaves the rest pure in golden silk. What a gorgeous design!

Price: €165


Besides the dazzling dial, this watch has a retro-look watchband. It’s a creation of mixed style.

Price: $165.02


The way that this watch show the time is mechanical.

Price: $450


Doesn’t it look like a green eye snake standing to show its charm?

Price: $159.00


Who eat my peanut! Capitain!

Price: $165.02


If you want to know the time, you may get to know what these codes mean. Sounds mysterious.

Price: $99.00


Wow, the watch looks so fashionable!

Price: $99.00


It points out what the dots mean. What a considerate watch!

Price: $89.00

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