Cool Snail-shaped Electric Motorcycle

In the movie Turbo, the snail runs rather fast, so is this snail-shaped electric motorcycle. Being the first …Continue Reading

A Bike That Can Rides on Soft Surfaces

With an additional wheel on the front wheel, this unique bike rides smoothly on soft surfaces like sand …Continue Reading

Compact Halfbike

Halfbike is compact enough for riders to commute or travel on busy city streets. With its small size, …Continue Reading

360掳View Camera That Acts as A Fly

A USA-based company EyeSee360 has created 360Fly Camera that captures a 360-degree view of the scene in stead …Continue Reading

The World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Being foldable makes the URB-E a compact and portable electric bike, with a 20 mile range on a …Continue Reading

Travel Tent Hiding in Tire

A combination of biking and camping, the bike seamlessly integrates a travel tent into its front wheel, weight …Continue Reading

the Smallest Folding Bicycle in the World

Kwiggle Bike is a German-made folding bicycle which is only 50*40*25cm in size and weighs 8kg at most …Continue Reading

Innovative Edible Crafts

Orange peels, popcorns, red peppers,etc. Edible things have been changed into everyday things, such as cameras, tapes and …Continue Reading

Rubbee Drive

A friction drive module for most standard bicycles, Rubbee Drive speeds your bike up to 25km/h with its …Continue Reading

The world鈥檚 first flying bicycle

The Paravel tries to revolutionize the way we travel, play and adventure with its world鈥檚 first flying bicycle, …Continue Reading

Elegant Wooden Bike

The whole bicycle is carved from wood by a graduate of Japan Musashino Art University except for the …Continue Reading

The Container Bridge in National Park

This bridge with the length of 525 feet is made of the recycled containers. It can support the …Continue Reading

Bike Holder Lock

This bike lock selects bike holder as the carrier, we only need to step on the holder to …Continue Reading

Energy Return Bike Tire

An American designer has launched this energy return bike tire. The hollow tires use reinforced materials of carbon …Continue Reading

The Unwet Bike Seat

The bike seat is made of hole-like material of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), allowing the falling rain to drain …Continue Reading

Fluorescent Bike

The risk coefficient of night bike travel is still high with even the front and rear lights or …Continue Reading

Exclusive Bike Trailer

The small trailer is designed for those rental bikes with no baskets in the city. It can be …Continue Reading

Safe and Convenient Handlebar Handle

People will hang shopping bags on handlebar when bike-basket can鈥檛 fit shopping bags, while in fact this way …Continue Reading

Folded Power Scooter

This scooter is designed for white-collar workers with environmentally conscious. It uses electric drive and more delicate than …Continue Reading

Bicymple: bicycle or unicycle?

Bicymple looks like a bicycle with the chain removed. But it is actually a unicycle driven by the …Continue Reading

Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows you to take your pet for a bike ride

Unique design! Fairdale鈥檚 Dograck allows your pet to experience the thrill of riding a bike! Just not sure …Continue Reading

Bike pedals and lock 2 in 1 help you deter thieves

These are bike pedals that double as locks. How do they work? Simply disconnect the bike pedals, buckle …Continue Reading

Glider inspired gravity bike

This gravity bike has no chain or pedals but can reach a speed of up to 60 mph …Continue Reading

Interesting Graffiti

Two painted聽 children聽 are riding on a real bike? Interesting. Created by Ernest Zacharevic, it is a landmark …Continue Reading

Flashing protective helmet used at night

There is danger to ride a bike at night, and flashing protective helmet used at night is good …Continue Reading

Bike Tool Handlebars

Cleverly and smartly designed, the inCOG bike tool is a great idea that we may think “why nobody …Continue Reading


Keeping mountain bikes always in a good condition is a hard work, especially when you need to face …Continue Reading

Lift Bike Arm Carrier

Lightweight and durable, the Lift bike strap is a clever design that allows you to take your bike …Continue Reading

Natural Fiber Bicycle

The further the world steps forward, the farther we’re kept away from the nature. But fortunately there’re still …Continue Reading

Stunning Alien Predator-themed Motorcycle

Using discarded car and bicycle parts he collected everywhere, Bangkok-based artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn has created a perfectly-detailed Predator-inspired …Continue Reading

RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals

RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals is a project launched by Anthony Clune via the funding website Kickstarter recently. Similar …Continue Reading

Biker Chair

With no wind, no road, or speed, to ride on the Biker Chair may seem bit of boring …Continue Reading

Lit Motors C-1 Self-balancing Motorcycle

My only reason to reject a motorcycle that it is completely exposed to wind, rain, snow, sunshine, is …Continue Reading

Ridekick Electric Trailer

A trailer that can accommodate up to 20 kg of articles, a booster that makes bicycles zoom off …Continue Reading

Airbag Motorcycle Jacket

To offer motorcyclists a better protection, designer Rejean Neron has put forward a new motorbike suit “Safety Sphere” …Continue Reading

Vinyl Records Bicycle

Love music, love sport, the stylish Feats Per Minute bike from Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank …Continue Reading

Trolley Bike

Quite frequently shopping is a real sweat, as you’ll need to push a trolley to walk all through …Continue Reading

Victoria Saddle Bag

How to help women conveniently and safely carry their handbags when they’re cycling? British designer Ian Mahaffy thought …Continue Reading

“Local Bike” with a Cargo Container

Several years we were trying to make everything as simple as possible, endowing every device with only one …Continue Reading

K眉at Bottle Lock

Until now I can still remember the shock expression appeared on my buddy’s face when I locked my …Continue Reading

PowerWheel Slows Down Your Bike

Possibly no one will appreciate the design of PowerWheel, except for road cyclists who want to make their …Continue Reading

Weird Vending Machines Around The World

Everybody knows what common vending machines can offer, but they seldom recognize that these machines can also provide …Continue Reading

Heated Ergo Tri Grips

Especially designed for people who ride a bicycle all the year, this new Heated Ergo Tri grip features …Continue Reading

Pump Tire

Do you often ride a bicycle? If so, you would feel glad to know this Pump Tire, a …Continue Reading

Ron Arad for WOW Bikes

With elaborate design, a bike’s wheel frames now present really beautiful shapes of flowers. These unique wheels make …Continue Reading

Epitaph Double-wheel Bicycle

Many popular bikes have come with an attractive appearance, with refined leather seat/grips, delicate frame inserts, or other …Continue Reading

Comb Your Bikes.

There’re many unconstrained imaginations, some bring us with disappointment while some bring happiness. Obviously this Comb-shaped bike stand …Continue Reading

Hover Bike

Even though with 4, 5000 AUD we can do many things, Chris Malloy finally chose to make this …Continue Reading

Old Bikes As City Decors

Several years after discarded on street, one old bicycle recently finds its new functions: to work as a …Continue Reading

Ian Gilley’s Bike Seat

Ian Gilley’s Bike Seat seems just like an insect’s head but it indeed performs quite well to effectively …Continue Reading