Charging Cable Borrows Power Directly from Another Phone

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iPhone Case with A Lighted Mirror

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Flowers Frozen in Resin Bracelets

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Cute Kitty-shaped Hair Accessory

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A Bracelet That Features 25 Usage

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Adorable Winter Scarves

Beautiful scarves are eye-catching, those knitting and crochet ones will keep you warm and creative in winter!

Notepaper-like Scarf

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Fashionable Electronic Paper Watch

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Flexible Stand for Your Tablet

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A Case Turns Your Smartphone into Instant Camera

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Bacon Scarf

A sick scarf with lifelike bacon pattern looks exactly like a thin-sliced pork belly for the eyes.

Paper Occlusion Stapler

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A Wearable Drone & Camera

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Disney Characters’ Butts USB Power Adapters

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Spherical Hanging Tent

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Ridiculous Diver Necklace

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Mr. Sponge

Mr.Sponge decorates your kitchen with its hilarious sponge bow tie.

Barcode Cable Winder

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Tactical NeckTie with Laser Pointer

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An Extra Set of Arms

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Napkin Portable Dining Table

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Window Travel Pillow

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Smart Glasses That Detects Fatigue & Interest

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Instagram Filter Sunglasses

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Wild Flower Spring Rings

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A Unicorn Mask for Your Dog

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Charming Brooches Made for Literature Lovers

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Star Wars Rings

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NANOTIPS for Common Gloves

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Incredible Skull Carved from A Geode

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A Watch with An Entire Planetarium

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Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

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Cabbage Patch Kids-inspired Knit Hats

A hat that gives your baby an adorable Cabbage Patch Kid look!

Cloud Clothes Hanger

Adorable and decorative, these fresh clothes hangers will refresh your home or closet in no minute.

iPhone Laser

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Landscape Rings

Laser-cut rings form birch will form a landscape when wearing together. Why not wear nature on your finger?

Paper Folding Fashion Collection

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Camera Remote Controller

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Say Bye-bye to Floppy Collars!

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Lime Pocket for Cocktails

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Skateboard that Stores Your Belongings

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Handbag Looks Like Balls

Maybe it鈥檚 the world鈥檚 strangest and boldest handbag because of its similarity to male genitals.

Adorable Porcelain Dog Jewelry

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Color Button

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Charger&Stand All in One!

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Rings With Wings

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Tiny Sticky Phone Mount

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Interact Light For Cyclists

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