Wooden Skin Clutch

It鈥檚 a good way to combine nature to the fashion industry by creating these 鈥榳ood skin鈥 clutches. Made …Continue Reading

Tricky Pencil Earphones

Wearing this pair of pencil-shaped earphones just looks like a pencil stuck in your head and makes you …Continue Reading

Adorable Sloth Rings

Everybody likes jewelries and some love quirky ones! Made by hand in polymer clay, this adorable sloth attach …Continue Reading

Dial-less Watch

Instead of using minute and hour hands, the device uses LEDs to light up the outer ring of …Continue Reading

Portable Fishbowls

Prepare your beloved fishes a backpack or handbag with a built-in fishbowl and take them around for a …Continue Reading

Bracelet Turns Your Heartbeat into Keys and Passwords

Apart from the common function of most heart monitors that just report heart rate, this bracelet actually furthers …Continue Reading

Ring Clock

If you are looking for a gadegt of accessory and clock in one, this stainless ring, with its …Continue Reading

Charming Bird Watch

The wellknown watch manufacturer, Jaquet Droz, has come out with this sophisticated timer in memory of its 275th …Continue Reading

Delicious Rings

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Wineglass Ring

Creative wine glass is married to a lovely ring! This fashion jewelry is a good representation of your …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 First Open Ear Earphones

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Cleaver Ring

Wear a chopper-shaped ring plus some haw jam on your finger, you鈥檇 have a pretty cool accesory for …Continue Reading

Viper In-Ear Headphone

Quarkie Vipers are unusual looking headphones with superb sound quality. Wearing a headphone featuring a Viper snake鈥檚 head …Continue Reading

Wave Shoes

Curved wave adds soft and light peculiarity to this pair of clog, just try them on and enjoy …Continue Reading

Peanut Eraser

An adorable eraser shaped like peanuts. Quiet explicit, don鈥檛 you think.

Bobine: a phone charging cable and flexible tripod

Let鈥檚 meet Bobine鈥攁 phone charging cable and tripod. As a tripod, it can stand on its own so …Continue Reading

鈥楾he Statue of Apple鈥

We all know about the Statue of Liberty. Now let鈥檚 meet the Statue of Apple, who is holding …Continue Reading

iExpander- a multifunctional expansion device for your iPhone

Check out what iExpander can do for us. It helps taking great images when the light is low. …Continue Reading

A quartz glass plate can store data almost forever

Developed by Hitachi, this quartz glass plate is believed to be able to store digital information almost forever! …Continue Reading

Cute Japanese Kitten Themed Earphone Jack Accessories

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Functional FlyGrip

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Cell Phone Charger Shaped in Credit Card Serving with 25% More Battery

Generally, charger of a cell phone is able to endure for one day. But what if the phone …Continue Reading

Truly Eco-friendly iPhone Speaker Amplifier

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Peel and Stick T-shirt Pockets

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Sparrow Egg Magnet

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Ear Earbuds

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Credit-Card Sized Stylus

  Not a real credit card but instead a real stylus, the item is much easier for people …Continue Reading

Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case

When white tissue paper comes out, the blue simple case then displays the beauty of famous Mt. Fuji, …Continue Reading

Slip-on Shoelaces

During the last tens and hundreds of years, almost all the designer and manufactures were devoted to improving …Continue Reading

Tackits Corkscrew

Easy to push in but difficult to pull out, that’s obviously the common problem of ordinary pushpins. However, …Continue Reading

Drink Notes

This is mine, and that is yours, with the aid of these Drink Notes, we’ll never pick up …Continue Reading


Keeping mountain bikes always in a good condition is a hard work, especially when you need to face …Continue Reading


Instead of organizing earphone cords around your ears, we now strongly suggest you wear them as bracelets, with …Continue Reading

Gokey Wrist Band

Only one key in the pocket, usually we do that when outside for a walk or jog just …Continue Reading

Lipstick Flask

Hello my ladies, you now can play a trick with others while enjoying wine from your Lip Stick! …Continue Reading

Heat-sensitive iPhone 4S Backing

Turn your iPhone into a chameleon 鈥 that’s rightly what the self-adhesive laser cut backing is trying to …Continue Reading

iPhone Shutter Grip

Since iPhone is never called or described as a smart portable camera, it must have certain limitations that …Continue Reading

Folio Shaped Tissue Box

Here and there, this Folio Shaped Tissue Box could be placed anywhere, serving as a book stand or …Continue Reading

Titanium Straw

Made of food grade titanium, these straws are tasteless and odorless, completely safe to your health. But the …Continue Reading

Earphone TIdy

From now on, each of us may have three ears: except for those usual two real ears, we …Continue Reading

Aqueduck Faucet Extender

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iPhone Money Clip

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iPhone Mug Case

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CampFire iPad Stand

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Earphone Earrings

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“Feed Me” iPhone Case

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Mag_net_ic Earrings

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Scalado Remover

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Blind Passangers

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GoPad for iPad

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