Collapsible Flying Car

As a fully working prototype of the 3rd generation of ‘aeromobil’, the hybrid aircraft which combines the existing …Continue Reading

An Autonomous Drone Delivery Service Developed by Google

The last two years of the team has been spent on an autonomous drone system that delivers goods …Continue Reading

Windowless Jet

The IXION windowless jet turns its interior transparent using display panels that cover most of the cabin. It …Continue Reading

The Coolest Bamboo Rocket

In Thailand, bamboo rockets take off to celebrate festivals. Its wheels spin around the central rod, dashing all …Continue Reading

E-Volo 18-Rotor Volocopter

A giant version of quadcopter drones? Call E-Volo VC200, this 18-rotor electric volocopter has recently succeeded in his …Continue Reading

Distributed Flight Array

Each individual vehicle has its own CPU and accelerator that eads to a erratic and uncontrolled flight. However, …Continue Reading

Odd Aircrafts in History

Inventors have created numerous brilliant yet odd aircrafts, how many of these have you heard of?

Giant ass flying above鈥

Get your camera ready and quickly press the shutter release button when you spot it somewhere in Idaho, …Continue Reading

Hotel suit in an airplane

This is one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world. Located in Costa Rica, it is …Continue Reading

“Double-Bubble” Concept Aircraft

“Double-Bubble”, a futuristic aircraft developed by MIT, is announced to be a super-efficient passenger travel that may guide …Continue Reading

Argus One Airship Design

Argus One, named after the Greek god Argus who was the all seeing god with one hundred eyes, …Continue Reading

OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

Attention, please, those who plan to learn how to fly now would have another choice except for going …Continue Reading

First Manned Flight with an E-powered Multicopter

Innovating is everywhere, and several people from German have collaborated to make the first manned flight with an …Continue Reading

Russian Space Hotel

Russian Space Hotel makes common people鈥檚 dream of living in space come true. Planned to be opened in …Continue Reading

Angry Birds Airplanes

For only now the angry birds are really flying in the blue sky. In a video posted by …Continue Reading

The World’s First 3D Printed Plane Is Here From the University of Southampton.

Making an airplane is no longer a complex course, because the Southampton University has “printed” out an aircraft …Continue Reading

Hover Bike

Even though with 4, 5000 AUD we can do many things, Chris Malloy finally chose to make this …Continue Reading

Maverick Flying Car

The Maverick Flying Car is not something that you can merely see in the sci-fi (science fiction) movies, …Continue Reading

Mercedes-Benz Eurocopter EC145 Helicopter

Aside from motor vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also produces helicopters, which are still impressive and deluxe. Its new design is …Continue Reading

Martin Jetpack: The World’s First Practical Jetpack

Hey, guys, it’s time to wave goodbye to the airplanes which only offers you confined spaces and boring …Continue Reading

Puffin Personal Tilt-Rotor Aircraft from NASA

Just look at the NASA’s Puffin Personal Tilt-Rotor Aircraft, it’s obviously another product meant for the most-wanted of …Continue Reading

Planes with ellipse wings

This is designed by Belarus aeronautical engineers. At first glance, you may think that this is just a …Continue Reading

Helicopter with a spinning disc

Traditional helicopter is driven by spinning blades, but DARPA is developing a new kind of helicopter which comes …Continue Reading

Dolphin submarine

Submarine is very useful. It is capable to take us down to the underwater. While compared with real …Continue Reading

Foldable airplane

I bet you won鈥檛 believe that a man who can afford a private airplane will care about the …Continue Reading

Flying boat

This cool boat from Brio could give you a totally new experience. However, it鈥檚 a little dangerous.

Spin cargo

This gadget could replace parachute to drop things from plane.

Self-inflating solar airship

This weird airship could be inflated by solar within several minutes. It could even take you up to …Continue Reading

Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP edition

Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau has just ordered a Dreamliner VIP. Although it鈥檚 impossible for us …Continue Reading

Business jet from BMW

This is a new BMW 787 business jet. I can鈥檛 imagine that what the feeling of taking this …Continue Reading

Carbon butterfly鈥攚orld鈥檚 lightest RC plane?

This might be the world鈥檚 lightest RC plane. With transparent plastic wings and carbon fiber skeleton, it鈥檚 only …Continue Reading

Solar-powered plane

It鈥檚 very common to see or hear something about solar-powered car. However, have you heard about solar-powered aircraft? …Continue Reading