Mind-blending Optical Illusion Paintings

A painting looks like two images with similar boundaries merging into each other, telling an absurd yet reasonable …Continue Reading

Tiny Paper Model City Animations

The artist creates a tiny, glorious little model city each day, and it looks more adorable in animation.

Mathematically Precise Kinetic Sculptures

The optical illusion kinetic sculptures are created with excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms, giving the sculptures …Continue Reading

Futuristic World Illustrations

Futuristic graphic illustrations combine real life and imagination to show you a world in science fictions. They come …Continue Reading

Glowing UV Paint Murals

These blank bedroom walls suddenly transform into gorgeous murals in the darkness. So fantastic and unreal that you’ll …Continue Reading

Beautiful Outdoor Pianos

The project “Play me, I鈥榤 yours” aims to encourage strangers’ communication. The artist began to place brightly painted …Continue Reading

Disney Robot Sketches on Beach

A Disney research team develops a robot “artist” that draws giant sketches on beach. This “artist” uses the …Continue Reading

1,000 Lattes Telling A Story of Love

The stop motion animation tells a story of “when a man loves a woman”, they fall in love, …Continue Reading

Cities Illustrated by Food Artworks

Beautiful travel destinations are presented by food artworks that are carefully arranged to specify each city’s unique feature.

Bioluminescent Forest

Two artists spent six weeks in a forest, together with a projector and computer, to create surreal graphics …Continue Reading

Precarious Point-balanced Rocks

Only those who have a profound understanding in gravity and contact forces, great patience in adjusting different poses …Continue Reading

Animal Paintings on Human Bodies

The fact that these animals are painted on human bodies makes them even more breathtaking. The models are …Continue Reading

Mechanical Diagrams in Traditional Oil Paintings

These mechanical diagrams of engines, lenses, and other complex contraptions are actually oil paintings, amazing!

Intricate Paper Cut Artworks

Super thin white paper lines are cut to form beautiful illustrations together with its negative space. It requires …Continue Reading

Ghost Ship Hologram along Amsterdam Canal

Hoses sprayed water at angles create screens for projection where the ghost ship is presented. The ship is …Continue Reading

Mr.Incredibeard with his funny beard

Isaiah Webb, known as Mr.Incredibeard, is famous for his impressive crop of facial hair, he has created many …Continue Reading

Negative Space Illustrations Carved Out Of Knives

A knife鈥檚 sharp metal blade has been carved into a detailed nature-themed scene, such as animals or trees, …Continue Reading

Animated Illustrations Show How Things Work

The animated illustrations reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers and others with great detail.

Sign Languages in Cute Illustrations

The adorable illustrations shows us the sign language version of letters by drawings cute cartoon figures whose name’s …Continue Reading

Hubcap Scraps Turned into Animal Sculptures

The artist transforms abandoned hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures that are just in the right scale to fully …Continue Reading

Animated GIF Movie Posters

The animated movie posters vary from classics to new favorites, instantly bringing the films to life.

A Mind-boggling Metallic Mural

This mind-boggling metallic mural of a dog is paint entirely with spray-paint, which shows the artist’s extraordinary painting …Continue Reading

Feather Artwork

The artist creates beautiful intricate feather carvings using a scalpel. The birds might be alive since the canvas …Continue Reading

LEGO Birds

Being a fan of LEGO, an admirer of natural world, a gardener and tree surgeon, this man has …Continue Reading

Everyday Objects in Wire Frame Appearance

Wire frame objects are usually seen in computer graphics or on sketch books, which are two dimensional. The …Continue Reading

Kinetic Miniature Paper Architecture

The artist has turned his professional knowledge of how buildings are constructed into movable miniature paper models that …Continue Reading

Automatic Watercolor Painting Machine

When connected with computer, this device will automatically recreate digital artworks into watercolor paintings using ordinary paint tools.

Surreal Pencil Drawings of Lips

Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov created this unusual series of pencil drawings that transform the texture of …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Street Artwork

Trash and recycled materials are turned into beautiful and intricate street artworks that appears three-dimensional.

Impressive 3D Illusion Drawings

The artist uses multiple sheets of paper to create optical illusion drawings of everyday lives of people. They …Continue Reading

3D Illusion Drawings Pop off Notebook’s Blue Lines

It seems like that the characters are prisoners inside the classic blue-line notebook “prison” and are trying hard …Continue Reading

Minimal Animal Illustrations Completed with The Artist’s Fingers

The artist poses his fingers and hands to complete various delightful illustrations of animals, lovely, aren’t they?

Pop-up Paper Sculptures

Unfold the card, you’ll be surprised by an intricate pop-up sculpture that is elegant as well.

Clever Street Art

French street artist Oak Oak has more than 100 images of his creative and clever works painted on …Continue Reading

Leaf Beasts

The dry air in autumn drains the moisture of leaves, turning them into unique curls that can be …Continue Reading

Birds’ Positions on Electric Wires are Turned into Music in This Vedio

The artist turns the positions of birds standing on electric wires into music nodes and plays the melody …Continue Reading

Fire Paintings

Let flames and soot be the paint, candles or torches be the brushes, and fine art be the …Continue Reading

Pumpkin Carvings

These pumpkin carvings are so incredible that they may be the most claptrap Halloween decoration on Earth!

Kid Heroes

A series of superhero portraits imagines what they look like in their childhood, and it turns out they …Continue Reading

Bird-shaped Interactive Light

A gentle touch or wind will activate the originally sedentary bird, which comes alive and begins to rock …Continue Reading

Bat Skeleton Necklace

Unique bat skeleton necklace made out of silver, is for costume parties and fashion photography.

Animated Street Art

The street doodles are “acting”! The movements might be slight, but they are actually moving, in a whimsical …Continue Reading

Four Paintings in One Rotating Glass Sculpture

160 glass strips constructed into one rotating sculpture that hides four different images when viewing in the right …Continue Reading

Realistic Tattoos

Tattoos are often black and white, and also abstract in appearance. However, a Russian artist tattoos hyper realistic …Continue Reading

Burning Matche Art

The artist bends matches into the desired shapes as they burn, and blends the fire and other items …Continue Reading

Glass Made Knitted Sculptures

Knitted sculptures made out of glass feature crystal texture and colorful semi-transparent beauty. The soft, warm wool recreated …Continue Reading

Doodles on Starbucks Coffee Cups

A Korean artist illustrates Starbucks’ mermaid logo into an ordinary person who takes the crowded subway, works as …Continue Reading

Creative Halloween Treats

Halloween’s coming, time for inspirations! These treats are not only mouth-watering and a feast for eyes, they may …Continue Reading

Pyrography Draws by Sunlight

The artist uses a convex lens to concentrate the rays of light to etch the wood, form darker …Continue Reading

Funny Illustrations Make The Streets Vigorous

Simple illustrations created with chalk and charcoal on unnoticeable street corners and bricks on the walls make plain …Continue Reading