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Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings

The artist, who is a perfectionist, creates his artworks in a hyper realistic way. Oil paintings, originally from …Continue Reading

Paper Dolls

Intricate paper dolls wear beautiful costumes are really detailed.

Artist Draws A Dragon from One Stroke

The artist creates so detailed dragon body with only one stroke that is so impressive and you will …Continue Reading

Amazing Body Art

The artist uses human figures as canvas, together with elaborately arranged postures, to create amazing wildlife-themed artworks.

Another Series of Pretty Food Arrangments

It seems that moms love to create cute food arrangements for a healthier diet for their children, like …Continue Reading

Staple City

The construction of miniature office buildings and skyscrapers by stacks of thousands of paper staples seems to be …Continue Reading

Funny makeup on her lips

The artist draws adorable cartoon characters on her lips and when she moves them a little bit, these …Continue Reading

Impressive 3D Optical Illusion Street Art

Large-scale anamorphic street artwork features two impressive LEGO minifig knights standing guard, creating an optical illusion of 3D …Continue Reading

New Aquatic Wildlife Painted in Layers of Resin

Except for the containers, almost every part of the paintings are created by layers of transparent resin that …Continue Reading

Imaginative Flying Machine Made from Cardboard

Detailed monochromatic sculptures of imaginary industrial flying machines that are freaky real are handcrafted by sliced cardboard. Amazing!

Bodypaint Blend Perfectly into Landscapes

The artist created a series of sophisticated body paintings that blend into NYC’s landscapes to ‘make some observations …Continue Reading

Humorous High-fashion Gifs

High-fashion items’ images from online publications are animated into humorous gifs by adding extra settings onto the clothes …Continue Reading

Wind Reactive Color-changing Ink

This form of ink is integrated into layers of fabric and reacts to the different fluctuations in the …Continue Reading

Feather Art

Tiny birds flying out of feathers, together with the hollowed-out remaining part, are beautiful.

Miniature Worlds On Everyday Objects

A famous modeler in Japan twists his energy on the construction of miniature worlds on everyday objects. With …Continue Reading

Film Performed by Carved Foam Pieces

Millions of intricately hand-crafted foam models and miniatures perform you this innovative shot film after one year in …Continue Reading

Imaginative GIFs in Bottles

Animated illustrations show detailed worlds kept in bottles are so attractive that you’ll wish to be there.

Awesome Garbage Dress

This “beautiful” black long dress is made of garbage bag, filled with The New York Time newspaper, the …Continue Reading

Hidden Geometric Patterns in Chocolate Cylinder

A birthday cake shaped chocolate cylinder contains ten layers of different beautiful geometric patterns inside of it. The …Continue Reading

Miniature Nature Sculptures on Portable Mirrors

Playful and imaginative scenes that capture your daily life are created by tiny figures and miniature settings like …Continue Reading

An Illuminated Musical Swing Set

The interactive swing set is comprised of illuminated panels that also trigger audible tones that harmonize as people …Continue Reading

Ink Drawings of Famous European Cities

Old buildings stand for the profound histories of cities. The indistinct ink drawings of famous landmarks in various …Continue Reading

Wooden Motorcycle

Detailed wooden replica of IZH-49 motorcycle’s every part was carved out of wood and then assembled into this …Continue Reading

Art on Train Tracks

Artworks interacted with the horizontal lines of train tracks make the originally dull gray stones and tracks come …Continue Reading

Textile Moths & Butterflies

Sophisticated and vivid insects like moths and butterflies created by various textiles and embroidery techniques are too large …Continue Reading

Paintings of Minimalist City Scenery

These paintings of minimalist scenes of Los Angeles are photography alike for their realistic light and colors. The …Continue Reading

Childhood Themed 3D Sculptures & Paintings

With a sculpture popping out of the painting, the artist has a distinct style of expressing his feelings …Continue Reading

Expressive Faces with Shoes

An artist visualizes various pairs of shoes with faces inspired by heroes in movies or other popular icons …Continue Reading

‘Kiddie Art Series’

You may wanna dig out the sketches you drew in your childhood and repaint them just as the …Continue Reading

Beautiful X-Rayed Toys

Discover the beauty and get better understanding of the toys we used to play with by observig them …Continue Reading

A Little Bit Fun on The Streets

Street art does not have to be large murals on the facades of buildings, it can be as …Continue Reading

Exaggerated Paintings on Book Spines

The artist creates whimsical artworks on the spines and covers of salvaged books collected from libraries. The mixture …Continue Reading

Posters & Logos Recreated with Bicycle Parts

Use bicycle parts as the pigment, the artist recreates ironic posters and logos in a “chain” style. She …Continue Reading

Whimsical Drawings on Bathroom Mirror

Girl draws whimsical drawings on her bathroom mirror with herself being the background, posing to merge in the …Continue Reading

Old Bottles Filled with Intricate Sand Images

The amazing antique sand images in bottles are created more than one hundred years ago, the intricate pictures …Continue Reading

Realistic Miniature Clay Food

Tiny sculptures of delicious food inspired by treats we usually have are made with polymer clay, moulded with …Continue Reading

Tiny Figures’ Big Adventures

You can’t be tired of miniature scenes with delicious food and tiny figures in it, for they are …Continue Reading

Murals That Interacting with Objects in The Streets

Those witty murals are having fun with ordinary objects in the streets, they have quite a sense of …Continue Reading

An Unexpected Artwork Coming from A pile of Trash

A random steaming pile of trash is actually an elaborately arranged portrait when seeing from a certain angle …Continue Reading

Beautiful Surreal Worlds

Photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson produces remarkable illusions. The video below gives us a hint about how …Continue Reading

Powerful Sculpture Created by Scrap Metal

Life-sized buffalo, horse and bear sculptures welded totally out of metal are so powerful beasts that will astonish …Continue Reading

Artworks Painted out of Smoke in Empty Bottles

The artist uses cotton buds to create beautiful and intricate images by sweeping the layer of soot on …Continue Reading

Insanely Detailed Paintings on Tiny Pieces of Food

A Turkish artist draws incredibly detailed and beautiful scenery of his Istanbul home on tiny pieces of food …Continue Reading

Amusing Characters “Hiding” in Everyday Objects

Have you ever imagined that every object around you is actually a character? A French artist reveals the …Continue Reading

Iron Man Cardboard Sculpture

Cardboard-made life-size iron man and other characters made by a student are astonishingly intricate.

Surreal Illustration Peels Cities off Earth’s Crust

Artistic and surreal illustrations peeling coats off a dog, a cat and even the earth, digging mines on …Continue Reading

Embroidered Landscapes & Plants

Beautiful landscapes and plants artworks that are created using embroidery, yarn and wool, appear to have the texture …Continue Reading

Realistic Wooden Lobster

With movable limbs and joints, the Japanese artist’s creation of wooden lobster sculpture is so impressive that it …Continue Reading

Illustrations of Animal Spirits

A Russian artist creates a series of fantastic and ethereal illustrations of animal spirits in whimsical natural scene, …Continue Reading

Intricate Wire-birds

The artist utilizes copper and steel wires to create a series of birds sculptures. The disorder, hollow out …Continue Reading