Fallen Princesses

When fairy tale ends and real life begins, what problems do princesses have to deal with? It seems …Continue Reading

“Faces” Coming from Ordinary Everyday Things

Imaginative and fantastic, this collection of everyday objects integrated in simple sketches is successfully making you want to …Continue Reading

Coffee Cup Art

White disposable coffee cups are decorated with colorful and creative drawings of popular fictional characters, making you just …Continue Reading

Elaborate Paper Plane Model

It took the artist five years to build this very refined paper plane model with every single part …Continue Reading

Dancing to Draw

A New Orleans-base artist uses her body and a piece of charcoal to create beautiful symmetrical drawings on …Continue Reading

Tape Art

Beautiful tape artworks created by multiple layers of brown packing tape may remind you of those classic movies.

The Kinetic Facade of Megafaces Pavilion

On this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics, people may have their faces rendered on one surface of a building …Continue Reading

Dragon Coming out of A Book

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the artist creates a paper dragon which literally pops off the page …Continue Reading

Hello Kitty-themed Pearl Jewelry

Hello Kitty is not just a cartoon character related to kids and teens, it can be for adults …Continue Reading

Absurd Animated Portraits

A New York-based photography creates an absurd animated portrait every week since Last September to temporarily break free …Continue Reading

Parisian Cityscape Carved in Icehotel

Icehotel, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasj盲rvi, Sweden, is the largest hotel made of …Continue Reading

Books Telling 360掳Visual Stories

Created by a Japanese artist, every book has its own theme and dioramas, from the Christmas, a sweet …Continue Reading

Hovering Tree Illusion

A tree in Potsdam, Germany is wrapped out to present an illusion of hovering transparency which integrates into …Continue Reading

Frozen Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles become frozen in cold weather and melt during sunrise, the critical state between frozen and melted …Continue Reading

Egyptian Style Drawings of Superheroes

Creative drawings that combine the features of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and superheroes from modern comics and movies are …Continue Reading

Decorative Burning on Pieces of Wood

An artist uses a soldering iron to create pyrography on pieces of wood. Can you feel a wonder …Continue Reading

Moveable Metal Sculptures

Isn’t it interesting to get metals moving by carving them into some windmill-shaped sculptures? These kinetic sculptures are …Continue Reading

Realistic Resin Sculptures of Noodles

A Korean artist recreates common Korean noodle dishes with resin chopsticks that float 12-feet-high dangling resin noodles flowing …Continue Reading

Flexible Paper Sculptures

Beijing artist Li Hongbo create delicate works built of thousands of layers of soft white paper that are …Continue Reading

Harmless Plant Weapons

Artist put together the specimen of plant roots, leaves and pedals to create beautiful and harmless weapons to …Continue Reading

Incredible Battle-torn PC Case Mod

A Japanese designer created a mecha-themed case mod inspired by anime such as Macross and Gundam. Despite the …Continue Reading

Creative Drawings between Father and Kids

Loving father colors his kids drawings during his travels on a plane and gives them back to the …Continue Reading

Landscapes Painted on Excel Spreadsheets

Other than Photoshop or Painter, the 73-year-old Japanese artist prefers to create beautiful landscape artworks using Microsoft Excel. …Continue Reading

6 Amazing Logo Artworks

Legos will always be an unforgettable childhood toy, however, they can be attractive to adults as well. Aren鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Interesting Food Art

Playing with food is lots of fun, creating unique arts out of them entertains even more.

West vs East

A Chinese artist used her personal experiences from her own life in both China and Germany to create …Continue Reading

Gorgeous Eye Makeup 鈪

After last collection of Gorgeous Eye Makeuphttp://www.inewidea.com/2013/10/22/57619.html, the artist shows us more beautiful artworks painted on eyelids. Gorgeous …Continue Reading

Book Hive

To celebrate Bristol Central Library鈥檚 400th anniversary, the library built a new living sculpture that consists of 400 …Continue Reading

Delectable Dessert Paintings

The Italian artist created these extreme realistic dessert paintings under the guidance of the still-life tradition from the …Continue Reading

Adorable Food Art

Malaysian mother Samantha Lee has been creating adorable meals for her two daughters using cut-up rice, bread, vegetables, …Continue Reading

Hobbit Dollhouse

If you are so desired to live in a tranquil, leisurely and luxurious hole for primitive nature, here鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Creative 3D Drawings

A Belgian artist and photographer created these amazing 3D drawings with his delicate skills in shadows, angles, depth …Continue Reading

Cafe Latte Art in Color

It is amazing and original to draw on cafe latte using colored bartender syrups, Blue Hawaii syrup for …Continue Reading

Adorable Radish Art

The cutest and most creative radish art popped up when someone posted a collection of pictures with those …Continue Reading

3D Printed Spherical Gear System Sculpture

Feature an elaborate network of 64 interlocking gears, the miniature sculpture is the first in a series of …Continue Reading

Animated Objects

Artist Sabine Timm turned everyday things into awesome animated objects and they look so interesting!

鈥12 shoes for 12 lovers鈥

The designer presents us 12 shoe sculptures which reflects the personalities and idiosyncrasies for the 12 former lovers …Continue Reading

Dog Birds

Heads of cute dogs were placed onto the bodies of various birds to form unusual photo manipulations of …Continue Reading

Tape Art

Tape is out of date in audio world, however, artistically, it鈥檚 still inzone. An artist created unique portraits …Continue Reading

Superheroes鈥 Part Time Jobs

Superheroes in comic books are usually quite omnipotent, however, in real life, not so much. An Malaysian artist …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sculptures

An American artist transformed driftwood found on the Washington coast into creative furniture and life-size animal sculptures.

Sophisticated Mechanical Insects

French artist Edouard Martinet has created this collection of sophisticated mechanical insects using discarded parts of automobiles, bicycles, …Continue Reading

Amazing Photos of Beautiful Snowflakes

Have you ever been looking at the chilly snowflakes so close? Mother nature has granted them extraordanary crystal …Continue Reading

Pet Candles Melt into Metal Skeletons

Is it odd to watch something cute as this pet candle gradually turning into creepy metal skeleton? That …Continue Reading

Adorable 3D Paper-cut

Take a paper-cut balloon across the same paper-cut countryside and continents, or look back to the working late …Continue Reading

Light Painting Stick

This newly designed pixelstick is so great for light painting fans that it enables you to add abstract …Continue Reading

Vivid Paper Birds

Realistic birds created out of paper by Dutch artist who use colored three-dimensional models and paint them to …Continue Reading

Handcarved Needle-sized Wooden Sculptures

An Indonesian artist has handmade this collection of needle-sized wooden sculptures, each of them features with unique posture …Continue Reading

Metal Aesthetic Volkswagen Beetle

Three Croatian artists spent 3,500 hours on this Volkswagen beetle by applying extremely sophisticated traditional metal art to …Continue Reading

Mysterious Miniature City in The Forests

Is there really a mysterious miniature city deep in the forests? Mixed by several architecture and woods images, …Continue Reading