Castles Etched on Single Grains of Sand

We see lots of castles built with countless grains of sand, however, a castle on a single grain …Continue Reading

Paper Architecture

These magnificent three-dimensional paper architectures are miniature replicas of famous buildings, towers, bridge, etc. The integration of complex …Continue Reading

Famous Quotes’ Illustrations

A Toronto-based web and graphic designer turns inspirational and wisdom quotes from famous figures into beautiful, minimalist and …Continue Reading

Miniature Wooden Figures Playing around The Streets

The bigger isn’t always the better. These small sculptures of wooden figures are cut out and painted to …Continue Reading

Healthy Food Art Creations

The artist spent 4 hours to create seven lovely images made of healthy vegetables that depict the start …Continue Reading

Amazing Nature-themed Body Art

The artist chose human body as the canvas to create artworks that both camouflage into the environments and …Continue Reading

A Human Being Painted & Posed to Be A Parrot

Another stunning work of body art that appears to be a simple, quiet picture of a parrot perched …Continue Reading

Distorted Landscapes

Through digital manipulation, such as bending, twisting and distortion, a photographer creates surreal spherical panoramas that spin the …Continue Reading

Life-sized Origami Elephant

A switzerland-based origami artist crafted a full-scale elephant with a single sheet of paper that measuring 15 by …Continue Reading

When Cartoon Characters Run into Real World

Aren’t they funny? Dozens of cartoon characters emerging into the real world, leaning on the facades of buildings, …Continue Reading

Country Maps Made out of Real Food

Using the food each country is best known for to create art is not news. We had introduced …Continue Reading

Foods Disguised as Other Foods

“It’s not what it seems” is a fun series of painted objects that look like other foods, aren’t …Continue Reading

Bizarre Illustrations That Combines Two or More Objects

The fascinating composite illustrations are created by a Netherlands-based artist, who merges animals, machines and everyday objects together …Continue Reading

Paintings on Tiny Objects

Among the many artworks created by the artist, various tiny objects have been used as canvas to paint …Continue Reading

Kanji Inspired GIFs

Inspired by Japanese language, the artist visually transforms kanji script into the objects they actually are and one …Continue Reading

Literal Movie Posters

Clever movie posters created by an Indian artist only focus on the title and totally ignore the actors, …Continue Reading

Realistic Finger Paintings

These realistic paintings of beautiful landscapes, icebergs and waves are created a talented artist using her fingers as …Continue Reading

Picasso Fashion

Featured clothing from Pable Picasso’s art, the famous paintings are reproduced in a fashion way by the talented …Continue Reading

Playful Miniature Scenes Around Office

The photographer turns her desktop into a miniature world filled with danger, adventure, and entertainment by modeling several …Continue Reading

Citrus Sculpture Festival

Amazing giant sculptures that are handmade by thousands of oranges and lemons are in parade to celebrate the …Continue Reading

The Mini Museum

This desktop museum contains millions of years’ natural history in its translucent resin case, with a fossil of …Continue Reading

Landscape Carved into Books

A Canadian sculptor carved majestic three-dimensional landscape onto the spine of Encyclopedia Britannica, leaving the 24 books transformed …Continue Reading

Simple Trick to Get 3D-looking

By simply adding two vertical white strips in a moving 2D image, your brain will be fooled and …Continue Reading

Lifelike Giant Hedgehog Sculpture

It took a team of artist two months to craft this giant hedgehog using 2,000 soft wood spikes …Continue Reading

Miniature Makeup Dressers

The photography creates beautiful scenes and landscapes directly onto the face of a model using miniature figures that …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculptural Orrery

This mechanical model of the solar system with a clear, acrylic orb representing the sun and several “planets” …Continue Reading

Landscapes within Alphabet

A 19th century lithographer transforms alphabet into a series of beautiful landscapes and the original files are buried …Continue Reading

Animated Pixel GIFs of Scenes from Iconic Movies

Interesting 8-bit pixel gifs reproduce familiar scenes from iconic movies are cute!

Bizarre Toy Parts Made Portraits

Amused or disturbed, how do you feel about these bizarre portraits at the first glance? Using dismembered plastic …Continue Reading

Imaginative Fruit&Vegetable Alphabet Illustrations

Inspired by the first letter of the English word of fruits and vegetables, the artist draws adorable Fruit&Vegetable …Continue Reading

3D Printed Roses for The Valentine’s Day

Any ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? A bundle of custom 3D printed roses which never wilt may …Continue Reading

Kungfu Breakfast made by Bruce Lee

Jump kicking the cap off a carton of milk, karate chopping a banana in half, stomping cereal out …Continue Reading

Colorized old photos

Old famous black & white photos have been colorized by artist to restore a true and interesting history. …Continue Reading

Fast Food Kitchen Carved from Wood

You may often dinner at a fast food restaurant and be familiar with the outlay of its kitchen, …Continue Reading

Illustrations on Stones&Skulls

A French graphic designer uses river stones and a found skull to create these innovative illustrations that are …Continue Reading

Remarkably Colored Tattoos

Vibrant colors have been used onto the skins to create these beautiful colored tattoos. Themed with animals, flowers …Continue Reading

Coffin Art

Giana’s coffin art dates up to 1945, which is a relatively new custom that making colorful and figurative …Continue Reading

Makeup Drawings

A Chinese artist and architect draws beautiful and poetic landscapes, portraits and small scenes on paper to celebrate …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculpture with An Illusion of Rotating Head

A Swiss artist uses metal panel silhouettes to create a kinetic sculpture that form an illusion of rotating …Continue Reading

Old Books’ New Lookings

An artist adds twisted wires as the old book’s limbs and puts the little book guy into amusing …Continue Reading

The Story Pages Turned into Book Sculptures

Inspired by the materials themselves, an artist turns the paper pages into 3D dimensional sculptures that tell the …Continue Reading

Inflatable 3D-printed Flower

Using a soft rubber-like material as the ink of 3D print, a student at Victoria University of Wellington’s …Continue Reading

Fallen Princesses

When fairy tale ends and real life begins, what problems do princesses have to deal with? It seems …Continue Reading

“Faces” Coming from Ordinary Everyday Things

Imaginative and fantastic, this collection of everyday objects integrated in simple sketches is successfully making you want to …Continue Reading

Coffee Cup Art

White disposable coffee cups are decorated with colorful and creative drawings of popular fictional characters, making you just …Continue Reading

Elaborate Paper Plane Model

It took the artist five years to build this very refined paper plane model with every single part …Continue Reading

Dancing to Draw

A New Orleans-base artist uses her body and a piece of charcoal to create beautiful symmetrical drawings on …Continue Reading

Tape Art

Beautiful tape artworks created by multiple layers of brown packing tape may remind you of those classic movies.

The Kinetic Facade of Megafaces Pavilion

On this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics, people may have their faces rendered on one surface of a building …Continue Reading

Dragon Coming out of A Book

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the artist creates a paper dragon which literally pops off the page …Continue Reading