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Fantastic Fluorescent Body Paintings

The artist paints stunning nature scenes directly on female bodies, integrating the body contours into the delicate settings …Continue Reading

Portraits on The Insides of Eggshells

Despite their fragility, eggshells are capable of being canvases for paintings or engravings. These delicate nude portraits drawn …Continue Reading

Miniature Scenes Built with Figures & Everyday Objects

fun and imaginative photos are created by cleverly placing miniature figures and everyday objects into whimsical scenes, exploring …Continue Reading

Characters Themed Incredible Face Paintings

A makeup artist turns herself into incredible characters using her excellent makeup skills.

Cool Gif from 2D to 3D

Plain 2D engineering drawing gradually turns into a cute three-dimensional kettle!

Intricate Body Paintings on Pregnant Bellies

Artists paint intricate paintings onto the bellies of pregnant women, making pregnancy more fun for expectant moms and …Continue Reading

Imaginative Photographs Tell Lives of Ants

What does the lives of insects, say ants look like? Here are some wonderfully imaginative photographs that reveal …Continue Reading

A Volkswagen Beetle Made of Oak

This fully functional DIY replica of a VW beetle made by 50,000 small pieces of wooden oak is …Continue Reading

Disastrous Scenarios on Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates

Instead of traditional tranquility, the artist adds some drama onto the dinner plates with sea monsters, bats, dinosaurs …Continue Reading

Color-Changing Fabric

The textile allows a fabric to change its color based on its surroundings, transform you into a chameleon! …Continue Reading

Funny Illustrations Created by Everyday Objects

You can turn any boring objects into funny illustrations using your sense of humor, placing and composing them …Continue Reading

Realistic Drawings on Wooden Boards

Using pencils and pastel, the artist creates incredibly realistic drawings on wooden boards that it seems real objects …Continue Reading

Adorable Food Art

Ukrainian artist Daryna Kossar uses delicious food to create beautiful and colorful edible artworks, which may inspire you …Continue Reading

Creative Children Face Paintings

The artist transforms children’s face into life-like animals including giraffes, kittens and popular characters like Super Mario, E.T…the …Continue Reading

Cute Sketches Interacting with Simple Objects

With just several strokes and a random object, the German-based illustrator cleverly creates simple and adorable images.

3D Sand Drawings

Having seen lots of 3D sand sculptures, how about a series of 3D sand drawings? They are less …Continue Reading

Bright & Vibrant Murals in Tehran

The Iranian artist and his coworkers transform blank, gray walls into amazing bright, vibrant large-scale murals. These colorful …Continue Reading

Absurd Animated Portraits II

To break free from the pressure of commercial work, the photographer creates an amusing animated portrait each week. …Continue Reading

Dazzling Eyelid Paintings 鈪

Artist Tal Peleg cleverly works withthe face to craft miniature scenes that reminds us of our favorite tales …Continue Reading

Detailed Drawings Created by Ballpoint Pens

Drawing requires numerous patience and skills, especially those created by tools so ordinary such as ballpoint pens. The …Continue Reading

Fresh & Delicate Illustrations of Flower Dresses

A lovely series of 3D watercolor illustrations of delicate silhouettes of girls wearing real flower dresses, creating a …Continue Reading

Retro Technology LEGO Kits

Minimalist Lego models for outdated yet aesthetic technology such as TVs, desktops, video game controllers, analog phones and …Continue Reading

Kinetic Sculpture of Bird Swings

A design student builds simple mechanical structures using popsicle sticks to replicate a bird flapping its swings. The …Continue Reading

Wool Knitted Comfort Food

Artists redefines the meaning of “comfort food” by replicating real food vividly in knitted lambswool.

Beautiful Mechanical Insects

An artist composes beautiful and intricate machinery insects out of discarded old watches, they may be botchy when …Continue Reading

Short Clips about Inflated Animals

A set of hilarious clips that were first created as official trailers for animated film festivals ITFS 2013 …Continue Reading

Illustrations in The Sky

Vacant skies filled with imaginative drawings form a series of fantastic urban scenes with real buildings being the …Continue Reading

Beautiful 3D-printed Crab Shells

Miniature 3d printed transparent architecture designed for hermit crabs are extremely beautiful.

Formidable Bionic Conceptual Airplanes

Formidable and awesome transportation vehicles are usually seen in movies, so are these bionic conceptual airplanes. Despite their …Continue Reading

Famous Paintings’ Pop Style Make-over

The artist reproduces famous fine art paintings in a pop culture way by inserting characters such as Marge …Continue Reading

Cute Animation Shot with Regular Office Objects

The artist uses regular office objects thumbtacks and rubber bands to create this cute stop-motion tells a short …Continue Reading

Matchstick Globe Sculpture

It took the sculptor two years to reproduce the world using individually-painted matchsticks. Every piece of “earth” as …Continue Reading

Castles Etched on Single Grains of Sand

We see lots of castles built with countless grains of sand, however, a castle on a single grain …Continue Reading

Paper Architecture

These magnificent three-dimensional paper architectures are miniature replicas of famous buildings, towers, bridge, etc. The integration of complex …Continue Reading

Famous Quotes’ Illustrations

A Toronto-based web and graphic designer turns inspirational and wisdom quotes from famous figures into beautiful, minimalist and …Continue Reading

Miniature Wooden Figures Playing around The Streets

The bigger isn’t always the better. These small sculptures of wooden figures are cut out and painted to …Continue Reading

Healthy Food Art Creations

The artist spent 4 hours to create seven lovely images made of healthy vegetables that depict the start …Continue Reading

Amazing Nature-themed Body Art

The artist chose human body as the canvas to create artworks that both camouflage into the environments and …Continue Reading

A Human Being Painted & Posed to Be A Parrot

Another stunning work of body art that appears to be a simple, quiet picture of a parrot perched …Continue Reading

Distorted Landscapes

Through digital manipulation, such as bending, twisting and distortion, a photographer creates surreal spherical panoramas that spin the …Continue Reading

Life-sized Origami Elephant

A switzerland-based origami artist crafted a full-scale elephant with a single sheet of paper that measuring 15 by …Continue Reading

When Cartoon Characters Run into Real World

Aren’t they funny? Dozens of cartoon characters emerging into the real world, leaning on the facades of buildings, …Continue Reading

Country Maps Made out of Real Food

Using the food each country is best known for to create art is not news. We had introduced …Continue Reading

Foods Disguised as Other Foods

“It’s not what it seems” is a fun series of painted objects that look like other foods, aren’t …Continue Reading

Bizarre Illustrations That Combines Two or More Objects

The fascinating composite illustrations are created by a Netherlands-based artist, who merges animals, machines and everyday objects together …Continue Reading

Paintings on Tiny Objects

Among the many artworks created by the artist, various tiny objects have been used as canvas to paint …Continue Reading

Kanji Inspired GIFs

Inspired by Japanese language, the artist visually transforms kanji script into the objects they actually are and one …Continue Reading

Literal Movie Posters

Clever movie posters created by an Indian artist only focus on the title and totally ignore the actors, …Continue Reading

Realistic Finger Paintings

These realistic paintings of beautiful landscapes, icebergs and waves are created a talented artist using her fingers as …Continue Reading