Realistic Sculptures

Made out of silicone, resin, fabric, rubber and hair, these incredible sculptures are extremely detailed and look like …Continue Reading

Animated Street Art

Serbian gif artist ABVH refreshes the wellknown Banksy鈥檚 street art by animating them. Undoubtedly the gifs give more …Continue Reading

Luxurious Burger Feast

A duo of French graphic designers came up with an idea of creating a delectable series of goodlooking …Continue Reading

Creative Photos of Fish Heads

As heroes of the miniature stages, a bunch of small dolls wearing real fish heads are put in …Continue Reading

Terrifying Watermelon Carvings

Artist Clive Cooper carved a collection of terrifying 3D faces watermelon sculptures that will freak you out!

Interesting MixMatch Illustrations

Artist Javier P茅rez draws simple lines beside everyday things to mixmatch a series of interesting illustrations. Cute and …Continue Reading

Gorgeous Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is essential for the overall beauty so we usually pay more attention to elaborately orchestrated it. …Continue Reading

Giant Straw Sculptures

After reaping the rice, farmers in Japan use the other byproducts, namely, the straws to create giant and …Continue Reading

Sophisticated Beetle Chair

Rhinoceros beetle is the largest insect of its kind, it features a quiet strong curved horn and is …Continue Reading

Fairytale Footwear

For the 鈥榣ittle girl鈥 in all grown-up women, this collection of footwears feature with symbols in fairytales from …Continue Reading

Milky Calendar 2014

Beautiful ladies dressing in dynamic milk dresses, a London-based digital artist has created this collection of milk ladies …Continue Reading

Sliding House

In Margate, there鈥檚 a house looks like it slowly sliding into the street with its front wall and …Continue Reading

Imaginative Popular Murals

Imaginative popular murals that are created by different artists, despite their diverse styles, the aesthetic and ingenious values …Continue Reading

Fantastic Narwhal Whale Sculpture

Amazing and fantastic sculpture of a transparent narwhal whale which embraces a rainbow-colored unicorn inside its body. It …Continue Reading

Striking Contemporary Sculptures

Emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, this collection of metallic and concrete color-painted resin sculptures is quite stylish and breathtaking. …Continue Reading

Intricate Sand Sculpture Scenes

This collection is not like other sand sculptures ever. The artist combines many figures to create comprehensive and …Continue Reading

Whimsical Balloon Heads

An artist creates whimsical and unique portraits by blending human bodies with balloon heads. Each balloon is featured …Continue Reading

Pop Culture Portraits Within Coins

An artist creativly paints over the figures on different international coins collected from his travels and transforms ordinary …Continue Reading

Ten Stunning Beach Sculptures

Going, Going..Gone, Sculpture by the Sea 2006: Art by Stuart Clipston In the end of summer, it may …Continue Reading

Amazing Digital Art Flowers

Giant digital flowers that emits fantastic incredible light will refresh your eyes!

Architecture Sketches in Embroidery

An artist in Utah sews a series of quiet and tranquil needlework of architecture sketches, touch it and …Continue Reading

Sushi 鈥楶aintings鈥

A sushi chef in Tokyo embedded some visualization into this delicious Japanese food with common ingredients. When slicing …Continue Reading

Hyperrealistic Drawings for Everyday Things

It’s amazing that the artist reproduces everyday items with a standard set of art supplies, including anything from …Continue Reading

Scary Body Painting

A talented Japanese artist painted eyes, lips, zippers and faces on human body to create these terrifying body …Continue Reading

Art Painted on Cows

A talented Australian body paint artist creates beautiful artworks painted on real cows! This collection raises public鈥檚 awareness …Continue Reading

Foodscape: a Feast for The Eyes

breadford & cheesedale Photographer Carl Warner uses pieces of food to create his still-life photography landscape series. The …Continue Reading

Lobster Motorcycles

Lobster shells are transformed into amazing miniature versions of different motorcycles, very sophisticated, don鈥檛 you think?

Fashion in Leaf

A malaysian artist has applied natural leaf to dress to create this collection of beautiful fashion dresses. Isn鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Sketch Exists Only in Cylindrical Mirror

In the 鈥淪culpture Exists Only in Cylindrical Mirror鈥 you have seen amazing distorted sculptures turned into sophisticated pictures …Continue Reading

Exquisite Punk Sculptures

These sculptures are quite a meticulous construction, the arrtist collects daily gadgets like machine parts to create sophisticated …Continue Reading

Innovative Edible Crafts

Orange peels, popcorns, red peppers,etc. Edible things have been changed into everyday things, such as cameras, tapes and …Continue Reading

Potato Colony

鈥淢ore water and sunshine!鈥 Potatoes are tanning, striking, skiing,etc. Why not use everyday things to do something interesting …Continue Reading

Clutter Lines Fresco

Strong, powerful street arts composed of numerous clutter lines, can you feel the restless vitality in them?

Binary Prints

Illustrator Alex Trochut creates a series of unique portraits using binary prints, they turn out to be totally …Continue Reading

White Reef

As the global warm goes, plenty of colorful coral reefs are gone. This piece of hand-crafted paper dress …Continue Reading

Robotic Icons

Sexy and cutting-edge, would these robotic-coated celebrities give a sign of future robots?

Interesting 3D Sketches

These sketches are in deceptive visual effects with their carefully planned layouts and design. Rough but interesting, don鈥檛 …Continue Reading

Amazing Painted Wooden Sculptures

Formed entirely of wood and then painted, Tom Eckert鈥檚 work is full of wonder and magic. Fine and …Continue Reading

Unique Rainy Pictures

You won鈥檛 believe they鈥檙e drawing pictures using color pencils! Extremely vivid, just as photographs through the window.

Science Art of Virus World Map

Art shows how beautiful science can be, continents on the map presents different human biological tissues and also …Continue Reading

Elaborate Mechanical Insects

An enthusiasm mechanical artist in Chicago has assembled these elaborate mechanical insects using old watch components. So complicated …Continue Reading

Porsche Sculpture of Speed

Porsche, as the theme of this year鈥檚 Goodwood Festival of Speed, displays a sculpture of three epoch-making roadsters …Continue Reading

Collection of Creative Sand Art

People tend to create exquisite art when playing, specially with common materials like sands. Appreciation of these creative …Continue Reading

Landscape Paper-cuts

鈥淰ertical Landscape鈥 is a paper-cut work taking advantage of the variation of paper鈥檚 shadows and colors. Fairly tranquil, …Continue Reading

Birds of Flower Petals

The colorful birds with their fur of African daisies are created by the gifted artist, Hong Yi, who …Continue Reading

Interesting Food Pasteup

Hongyi, a very maverick artist, has created these interesting food pasetups using various vegetables and fruits. So lively …Continue Reading

DIY leaf print

I am always fascinated with DIY crafts. This time I want to show you a fall leaf print …Continue Reading

Amazing pencil shaving art

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of Marta Altes鈥檚 work with pencil shavings. They look simple but a lot of …Continue Reading

Flossis climbing over the Roggendorf House

Here in Duesseldorf, Germany, a climbing contest is taking place. And the contestants are called Flossis and designed …Continue Reading

Expressive fingers

Fingers can be so much fun! Check out this collection of finger icons, which I am confident will …Continue Reading