Zipperless Smart Luggage

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Wooden Bag Stool

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Self-Inflating Backpack

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Hammock Backpack

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Travel Tent Hiding in Tire

A combination of biking and camping, the bike seamlessly integrates a travel tent into its front wheel, weight …Continue Reading

Handbag Looks Like Balls

Maybe it鈥檚 the world鈥檚 strangest and boldest handbag because of its similarity to male genitals.

Bicycle Frame Bags

Make the utmost of your bicycle frame by adding a fit-to-all bag on it and immediately convert unused …Continue Reading

Heart-shaped Pen Bag

Perfect gift for her/him with this implicit heart-shaped pen bag.

Hop: suitcase that follows you

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Are they real?

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Fun Kick Scooter Luggage

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Hi-Fi Handbag for music fans

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Dubbel Duffel Travel Bag

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MIAmobi Cases and Bags Keep You Away from Phone Calls.

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Audio Wrap Bag

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Creative Laptop Bag that Can Charge Your Computers.

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Minimal Backpack

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Vacuum Packed Suitcase

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Victoria Saddle Bag

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Hobo Lantern

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Boots Bag

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JumpFromPaper Handbags

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Hands Free Umbrella Holder and Bag

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Sarah Jane Williams Luggage Collection

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Geeky Bag

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GPS Intelligent Box

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Dancing Bags Collection

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A Closet, Or A Suitcase? Both!

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Admittedly the RuMe CUFF is not the most delicate or most functional wallet for you, but it is …Continue Reading

Chic Wardrobe Bags

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Jackets And Bags

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Teeth Safely Keep Your Coins.

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Japanese-style Eco Bag

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Crunch Bags

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The Fold Wallet

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HOOKED Keeps Your Keys and Coins in Line.

Possibly Winnif Pang is quite keen on fishing and he also makes himself the HOOKED鈩 bag to keep …Continue Reading

TravelTeq Suitcase Doubles As A Chair

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Sexy Bags

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Amazon Tote Bag

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Cooky Bag

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Planet Earth Reusable Bag

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DadaNana Baby Carrier

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Creative Bags Made From Old Suit

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Cardboard Baggage

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Roll-up Backpack

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DIY: Transform your Hoodie into a Backpack

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Papier Collection

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BookBook For MacBook

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