Scented Breakfast Necklaces

A mouth-watering display of breakfast, these necklaces look and smell like the food they appear to be. Perfect …Continue Reading

Food Earrings

Polymer clay made jewelries that appears as sweet desserts which look good enough to eat!

Makeup Drawings

A Chinese artist and architect draws beautiful and poetic landscapes, portraits and small scenes on paper to celebrate …Continue Reading

Hello Kitty-themed Pearl Jewelry

Hello Kitty is not just a cartoon character related to kids and teens, it can be for adults …Continue Reading

Landscape Rings

Laser-cut rings form birch will form a landscape when wearing together. Why not wear nature on your finger?

Gorgeous Eye Makeup 鈪

After last collection of Gorgeous Eye Makeup, the artist shows us more beautiful artworks painted on eyelids. Gorgeous …Continue Reading

Rings With Wings

With its precise yet concise structure, the feather attched on the ring will flap when you bend and …Continue Reading

Cleaver Ring

Wear a chopper-shaped ring plus some haw jam on your finger, you鈥檇 have a pretty cool accesory for …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 Most Expensive Nail Polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds

鈥楢ZATURE Black Diamond Nail Polish鈥 is the most expensive nail polish in the world! Containing 267 carats of …Continue Reading