Multi-functional Portable Bed

The system can be assembled as a bunk, a couch or two separate cots and is easy to …Continue Reading

French Fry Bed

A ‘delicious’ bed in the Ronald McDonald french fry shape with ‘fry’ pillows that can be pulled out …Continue Reading

Soft Nest Chair

Featuring with an easy storage and a soft texture, Nest Chair is more than a comfortable chair, it …Continue Reading

Self-Inflating Backpack

A self-inflating backpack that doubles as a pillow or unzips as a tiny air mattress is there for …Continue Reading

Snorlax Bed

The Snorlax coming from the Pokemon may let you sleep tighter.

Augmented Fairy Tale on Bedsheets

A Netherlands-based startup has introduced this awesome system that augments children鈥檚 bedtime stories by displaying realistic cartoon characters …Continue Reading

Sweet Bread Cushion

These deliberately designed cushions are shaped as toasts, rolls and croissants, pile them up and refresh your lovely …Continue Reading

Cooling&Heating Mattress Pad

This mattress pad cools or heats your bed just the way you like, it uses a unique water …Continue Reading

Princess Duvet

A sleeping beauty in a perfect princess dress, we know you want this, a princess duvet shows the …Continue Reading

Multi-functional Pillow

You can always try to figure out new ways of using this multi-functional pillow, a smaller pollow and …Continue Reading

Hanging Cliff Cabana

Enjoy the romantic sunset by resting on this cabana which surprises your love when hanging from the cliff!

Earthquake resistant bed that can support up to 65 tons of debris

Created by Shinko Industries in Japan, this bed is incredibly earthquake resistant鈥攊t won鈥檛 collapse when up to 65 …Continue Reading

Singing Pillow

Built with a moisture sensor that detects your tears and a speaker inside, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow will …Continue Reading

Self-adjusting Robot Pillow

Innvo Labs’ Self-adjusting Robot Pillow is a product that can ensure you a good night’s sleep by automatically …Continue Reading

Giant Animal Bed Sheets

Animals are always the best friends to kids, who not only play with dogs but even sleep with …Continue Reading

Creative Bed Sheets

You know that we spend almost one third of our life on sleeping? Thus we should get some …Continue Reading

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

With their pregnant bellies become bigger and bigger, almost all mums-to-be have to face one same problem that …Continue Reading

Sardine Tin Bed Toppings

Not flowers any more, this time we’re enjoying these Sardine Tin Bed Toppings. When sleeping with them, you …Continue Reading

Interesting Quilt Covers

You also think these quilt covers are too wonderful for words? Then just enjoy fun with them. All …Continue Reading

The Ostrich Pocket Pillow

Next time bothered by weariness, insecurities or other uncomfortable feelings, we may try to become an ostrich- put …Continue Reading

Child’s Play Bed

If you ever had a dream to sleep within a book, Yusuke Suzuki’s Child’s Play is rightly the …Continue Reading


Hey you naughty kids in front of the screen, it’s another time for bed! And hopefully you would …Continue Reading

Stretching Clock

From now on, the first thing you should do in the morning is to fully stretch yourselves, because …Continue Reading

With Pillow Talk, No More Loneliness.

Even if your lover is in someplace far away, you’ll no longer feel lonely any more, because you …Continue Reading

Soft-Maps Quilts

Believe it or not, I found America on my quilt! It is a special gift from my friend, …Continue Reading

iPod Touch Bedding

iPod Touch and beddings seem to be unrelated to each other in our mind. But obviously the designers …Continue Reading

An awful quilt

Well鈥hose who hadn鈥檛 known of the awful quilt from I New Idea before they finally met one such …Continue Reading

Baby Measuring Crib Fitted Sheet

Little babies are too naughty! They constantly keep dancing, with their hands swinging and feet moving. OMG, it鈥檚 …Continue Reading

Hotel In a Bag

Hotel in a bag, what a wonderful idea! Almost all the articles ordinarily used on a bed are …Continue Reading

Folded Banknote Shape Pillow

God, no one would resist a pillow like this, it鈥檚 a folded banknote! After all, nothing could compete …Continue Reading

Two-Person Snuggie

What will be more pleasant than a cozy time with our confidants, say, sharing one carpet and drinking …Continue Reading

Grass Cushion

Walks on grass keep us healthy! The grass cushion is a new option for us to keep the …Continue Reading

Ctrl+Alt+Del Pillows

Have these Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows now! With them on sofas, you can then 鈥渞estart鈥 a new day just like …Continue Reading

Hug me pillow

Valentine鈥檚 Day is coming again. Singles are gonna feel alone. For a single woman, a strong arm is …Continue Reading

iSleep Pillow

After a hard day鈥檚 work, especially sitting in front of your laptop, would you want just take a …Continue Reading

Travel pillow

For most people taking the economy class, to have a good sleep might be an impossible task. The …Continue Reading

Comfort Thanko cushion

Many people like to read and use computer by lying prone on the sofa or bed or even …Continue Reading

Laptop Pillow

Laptop is obviously means a computer used on your lap, however, you have to suffer from being heated …Continue Reading

Zipzip Pad

Unlike most of the other pads, these ones feature zips on all four sides, and so you can …Continue Reading

Squidface Pillow

With a patented air-flow circle, this cushion will give you a comfortable sunbath experience.

Stone pillow

If you need more natural environment in your room, you gonna like this series of pillows.

Lover鈥檚 mattress

Hug your lovers while sleeping is a sweet thing. But if hugging for a whole night, you will …Continue Reading

Music pillow

With a built-in speaker, this pillow could provide music for the dozer. In this way you won鈥檛 be …Continue Reading

Beach radio pillow

This weird thing is actually a beach pillow with a built-in radio. Let it support your head and …Continue Reading

Blacket with sleeves

Add two loose, oversized sleeves on this gigantic blanket. You gonna be warmer while reading in winter.

Digital anti-snore

Daryoush Bazargani from University of Rostock developed a new pillow which could prevent your snoring by connecting to …Continue Reading

Travel pillow

With this pillow, you can have enough rest on the plane.

Angel pillowcase

This pillowcase will make you like an angle while sleeping.

Anti-snore Pillow shaped in M

Thanks to the M shape, you can put one of your arm under the pillow, so that to …Continue Reading

Portable pillow as a facesaver

This 2-in-1 pillow is a good stuff for those who like insolation.