This Vintage Vending Machine is Actually A Door into A Speakeasy in Shanghai

Behind this vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, there’s a stylish up-scale speakeasy called 鈥淔lask.鈥 The bar hides behind a …Continue Reading

This Gorgeous Spa Hotel is A Piece of Artwork

The Rogner Bad Blumau located in the heart of Austria鈥檚 Styria thermal region, is totally a piece of …Continue Reading

A Hotel Made Almost Entirely from Salt

This hotel locates in the world鈥檚 largest salt flat in southwest Bolivia, whose structure, interior and furnishings are …Continue Reading

E-Ink’s Prism Lets Architecture Change Its Color!

The E-Ink Prism is going to make your walls “alive” by adding an element of dynamism to the …Continue Reading

A Mock Roller Coaster Riding through A House-for-sale

The wooden framework roller coaster takes home buyers on a physical and fun journey through the house.

Futuristic House Mounted along The Coastline

A conceptual house built along the coastline whose concrete outer shell uses solar power and is attached to …Continue Reading

Cliff House

A house that dangles precariously from a cliff in the Southwest coast of Victoria, Australia, provides unparalleled views …Continue Reading

‘Roller Coaster’ for Walking

An all-pedestrian roller coaster that is 45 meters in height with 249 steps to climb provides a panorama …Continue Reading

Moveable Rooms

Semi-mobile dwelling areas constructed with moveable rooms that rotate up to 90 degrees by pushing a button, will …Continue Reading

Architecture Animee

Deep inside, motion in architecture explores how buildings are formed in the angle of the fourth dimension: time. …Continue Reading

Landscaping That Bounces Plane Noise Back into The Sky

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the fourth-busiest airport in Europe, and the cold, wide-open flatland around allows the noise …Continue Reading

A Book about Amazing Tree Houses

Tree houses often stands for frolic, leisure or privacy, and also means incredible buildings that hang high above …Continue Reading

A Caf茅 That Looks Like A Giant Vintage Camera

“Dreaming Camera Coffee Shop” in the Yangpyeong County, east of Seoul is built by a former air-force helicopter …Continue Reading

Isolated Building Facades

A French photographer reproduces a series of photos representing his thoughts about city buildings. Rather than wondering what’s …Continue Reading

Tree-like Building

This innovative tree-like tower which spreads its branches as balconies will soon be constructed in Montpellier, France. Designed …Continue Reading

New Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds

This Danish design firm keeps constructing new playgrounds that appear in dramatic and fantastic ways for kids. You …Continue Reading

The Kinetic Facade of Megafaces Pavilion

On this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics, people may have their faces rendered on one surface of a building …Continue Reading

Parisian Cityscape Carved in Icehotel

Icehotel, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasj盲rvi, Sweden, is the largest hotel made of …Continue Reading

Underwater Room

At the east coast of Africa, in the beautifully breathtaking resort of Pemba Island, there is these fantasy …Continue Reading

A Floating Agricultural System

A modular hydroponic floating agricultural system for costal urban areas is perfect to deal with the expenses and …Continue Reading

Tree in The House

Camouflaged amongst the dense forest in Kazakhstan, an architect proposed a woodland sanctuary with a single tree in …Continue Reading

Sliding House

In Margate, there鈥檚 a house looks like it slowly sliding into the street with its front wall and …Continue Reading

Creative Playgrounds

Eye-catching playground structures looks like various animals, airplanes, ships and buildings that are designed by Danish company Monstrum. …Continue Reading

Fairy Tale Houses

Here are 15 odd yet fantastic looking houses around the world that remind your of fairy tales! They …Continue Reading

Cardboard Cathedral Built for Earthquakes

An architect, also a professional cardboard fort builder, Shigeru Ban, has built this cathedral made of cardboard tubes. …Continue Reading

鈥淥ver the Cloud鈥 Apartment

The cold and hot air is distributed in the apartment to form clouds which decorate the transparent architecture …Continue Reading

The Narrow House

The narrow house reminds people of housing issues and the possible negative effects caused by restriction of living …Continue Reading

Steampunk Park

Inspired by Jules Gabriel Verne, this steampunk park in Rance, France surprises visitors by the arbitrary manipulation towards …Continue Reading

Dual-wheeled Ferris Wheel

A cable-car characterized ferris wheel which presents a broader scope of scenery is absolutely stood out among others.

鈥淪oft鈥 Architecture

It is to some extent innovotory to have the roof of the architecture 鈥渢wisting鈥 as the sun goes …Continue Reading

The spooky Gue(ho)st House building

First of all, what is Gue(ho)st? A Guest + A Host = A Ghost. Created by Berdaguer & …Continue Reading

Creative rain gutter and downspout

Who would have thought that a rain gutter and downspout could achieve such creativity! The downspout turns the …Continue Reading

Awesome Rainbow Bridge

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and violet. A rainbow is reflected on the water under the Siying …Continue Reading

Narrow House

This innovative house is designed by Jakub Szczesny and it will be constructed in the narrow space between …Continue Reading

Stunning Bonsai Tree Building

These bonsai tree buildings are extraordinarily detailed, reflecting the skills and craftsmanship of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. The …Continue Reading

Hotel suit in an airplane

This is one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world. Located in Costa Rica, it is …Continue Reading

An Invisible Bridge in The Netherlands

This unique bridge is named Moses Bridge, located in Halsteren, the Netherlands. It is designed by RO&AD architects, …Continue Reading

Deconstructing the buildings

We鈥檇 expect an architect to construct houses and buildings, but Michael Jantzen, a California based architect, creatively came …Continue Reading

R1T apartment by Paritzki & Liani Architects

Wow! The view of the city is reflected by the thin membrane of the ceiling, making the open-plan …Continue Reading

Swimming at your own balcony

A 30-story tower will be built in Mumbai, India with each balcony being a swimming pool. You can …Continue Reading

One SQM house in Berlin

Pay one Euro per night and stay at one SQM house-the smallest house in the world- and wake …Continue Reading

State 鈥搊f-the-art Columbia University Medical Center

A new landmark will be seen on the campus of Columbia University. As a 14-storey tower, its south …Continue Reading

Urban cabin with a hanging nest

Bright colors, a hanging nest bed, spherical window that doubles as bookshelf. Here is the lovely urban cabin …Continue Reading

Classic Les Paul Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool

Do you fade up with your backyard swimming pool? I think you鈥檒l like this one 鈥 a Les …Continue Reading

A building with shelves for other buildings

How cool this building is! There are shelves for other buildings. What purpose does this building have? It …Continue Reading

Cloud Cities

Cloud Cities, sounding quite romantic and attractive, is a pod-like building designed by Tom谩s Saraceno for the Metropolitan …Continue Reading

A Brave Man’s House

On top of Jacobs Hall building on the campus of University of California in San Diego, Korean artist …Continue Reading

Real Dollhouse

The once-popular dollhouse is finally changed into life-sized house for real people! Rightly in Manitoba, Canada, an old …Continue Reading

Gigantic Alarm Clock Hotels

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Floating Restaurant

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