Puzzle iPhone Case

Clip-on lenses improve the capability of the smartphone’s primary camera, this iPhone case provides five different lenses whose …Continue Reading

An Instant Camera That Prints Images on Receipt Paper

The high price of instant film hinders the freedom of shooting, so an electrical engineer has designed an …Continue Reading

Replace Rear-view Mirrors with Video Feedback

Cadillac intends to replace the rear-view mirror with a HD video feedback which increases the field of vision …Continue Reading

Teleprompter That Reflects Scripts on Camera Lens

Acting becomes easier by having the camera’s lens displaying the script, especially for those who have bad memories …Continue Reading

Print A Roll of Pictures from Apple Devices

The old fax machine inspired printer prints “endless” panoramic pictures, long text messages, business cards, stickers or anything …Continue Reading

Soft Flash Diffuse for Cameras

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PhotoMath solves math problems instantly by using a phone’s camera

PhotoMath is an application that scans an equation on paper by using your smartphone鈥檚 camera, and then proceeds …Continue Reading

Magnetic Privacy Shield for Laptop Lens

A simple and elegant way to cover your devices’ lens, make you feel safe, protect your privacy from …Continue Reading

An Adorable Tomato for Cameras

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Fast DIY Cardboard Camera

The small and cute DIY cardboard camera only requires thirty minutes to assemble from a flat-pack to functioning …Continue Reading

Simple & Portable Holder for Lens Cap

A simple but brilliant idea for camera lens caps, the very first magnetic lens cap holder in the …Continue Reading

Wearable Finger Reader for Blind People

It’s basically an over-sized index finger ring whose built-in camera recognizes the word and reads it aloud when …Continue Reading

A Caf茅 That Looks Like A Giant Vintage Camera

“Dreaming Camera Coffee Shop” in the Yangpyeong County, east of Seoul is built by a former air-force helicopter …Continue Reading

360掳View Camera That Acts as A Fly

A USA-based company EyeSee360 has created 360Fly Camera that captures a 360-degree view of the scene in stead …Continue Reading

Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera&Viewer

This lens uses mirrors to capture two photos at slightly different angles and your eyes each see different …Continue Reading

Throwable Panoramic Camera

Throw this ball-shaped camera sky high or whatever angle you like, it will take incredible aerial images which …Continue Reading

Camera Remote Controller

With this gadget combining your iPhone and camera through an app, you needn鈥檛 be behind the camera to …Continue Reading

Lens-shaped Camera

As conenient as smartphone cameras are, Sony鈥檚 new wireless lens-shaped cameras augmented smartphones and give them even better …Continue Reading

Separable Camera

A separable camera with synchronised triggers for you to capture yourself! It gives fun by allowing you to …Continue Reading

Hoocap: lens cap and hood 2 in 1

If you are a fan of photography, you would love Hoocap. It can transform the lens cap into …Continue Reading

Cameras all over a van

How would you react when a van like this passes you by? A puzzled look? Maybe. You know …Continue Reading

Translucent ants with colorful stomachs

Scientist Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India, snapped these stunning pictures of ants sipping colored sugar drops and having …Continue Reading

Fuuvi Megane Eye Glasses that double as a handy camera

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The cool engagement ideas

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The “Eye of American” is large enough to live in.

Photographer Dennis Manarchy has a dream, and that’s to go around the United States and capture those Vanishing …Continue Reading

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic

Lensbaby’s new Edge 80 Optic is a smart gadget that can turn most of their lenses into tilt-controlled …Continue Reading

LomoKino Adapter

I’m sorry the LomoKino camera only lets you capture retro 35 mm movies while forgetting to offer you …Continue Reading

Tamaggo 360-imager

With CES 2012 finally opened today, many innovative gadgets will soon spread on the internet within the following …Continue Reading

Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera

Developed in 1932, the 8mm film was once rather popular around the world and was recorded in the …Continue Reading

Hyperspectral Camera Made with DSLR

Hyperspectral sensors are usually quite expensive, which keeps many people away from utilizing the hyperspectral image technology. That’s …Continue Reading

Snappily 3D iPhone Photography App

While the whole world fall in love with iPhone, iPhone loudly says “I love 3D”. To show its …Continue Reading

Toshiba’s Gamma Camera Can Reveal Harmful Radiation

Toshiba’s latest development is a portable video camera that provides real-time visualizations of radiation hotspots. It is built …Continue Reading

Camera Table Dolly

Good news for photography fans: the Camera Table Dolly is here to make sure your videos don’t come …Continue Reading

High-sensitive Near Infrared Ray Camera

There’s new development in the camera manufacturing industry: Camera ‘HS NIR 8k’ by Teledyne DALSA. It not only …Continue Reading

Mobislyder Portable Roll Track

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Screenless Camera that Interfaces with Smartphones.

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iPhone Lens Dial

Undoubtedly it’s not the first time we introduce some lens accessories for iPhones, but an iPhone Lens Dial …Continue Reading

Swivl Movement-tracking Camera Dock

Ever used to look for somebody to shot a video or take photos of you when you鈥檙e out …Continue Reading

Lumix Dual-lens 3D Camera

We’re now in a time full of 3D products: the 3D movies, 3D glasses, 3D TVs, 3D computers, …Continue Reading

Edelkrone Pocket Rig Stabilizer

Edelkrone’s Pocket Rig is a small stabilizer that can attach to DSLR cameras and offer you a good …Continue Reading

LomoKino Movie Camera

The LomoKino Movie Camera is here! From Lomography, the new camera maintains the classic appearance of LOMO cameras …Continue Reading

iPhone Tripod Mount and Stand

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Nikon DSLR Costume

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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

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Pose Camera Case

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Sling Shot Camera

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Holga Camera Smiles to Shot.

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Flower DSLR Camera Cap with Hood

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Mini Digi Greenhouse Compact Camera

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Awesome Cameras

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