Fairytale Footwear

For the 鈥榣ittle girl鈥 in all grown-up women, this collection of footwears feature with symbols in fairytales from …Continue Reading

Grassshopper Stapler

You must be familiar with lively creatures like grassshoppers, this pine wood and iron made stapler will rejuvenate …Continue Reading

LEGO Microscope

It is no decoration, it is a real pratical microscope in LEGO bricks! To some extent, science is …Continue Reading

The World鈥檚 Smallest Gun by SwissMiniGun

Produced by SwissMiniGun, it is the world鈥檚 smallest revolver. Measuring 2.16-inches (5.5 cm) in length, it has all …Continue Reading

London Lego Olympics

If you鈥檙e a fan of LEGO, then you would love this model of London Aquatics Centre which is …Continue Reading

Tank Watch

Designed as a water-proof wrist watch, the new accessory here shapes just like a solid tank. It includes …Continue Reading

The Devil’s Pet Candles

What we see here simply approximates to the real facts. Presented as cute cats now, these candles designed …Continue Reading

Coca-Cola Secret Stash Safe

Surely we’ll find coca-cola bottles here and there when go into a house, but believe me they’re not …Continue Reading

Playmobil Apple Store Playset

Will the futuristic world be only for Apple? Already in these days, almost all we adults have gotten …Continue Reading

Cool Change: From Cigarette Lighter to Mini Motorbikes

Can you imagine that all these deliberate mini motorbikes are transformed from old cigar lighters? Somebody has recently …Continue Reading

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips

When girls are happily enjoying various delicious snacks, the naughty boys have done something remarkable: they offered their …Continue Reading

World’s First Mechanical Cellphone

Celsius X VI II treasures every moment as much as you do. That’s why the French company designed …Continue Reading

VW Beetle Sofa

The VW Beetle Sofa is a new piece of furniture that comes with a cute look as that …Continue Reading

Real Pets, Not Real Celebrities.

You love animals? You also love Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin聽and the Simpsons? If you nodded at …Continue Reading

Stretching Clock

From now on, the first thing you should do in the morning is to fully stretch yourselves, because …Continue Reading

Flushing Toilet Bank

Of all crazes, the craze to hear the sound of coins dropping into a metal box is one …Continue Reading

Coughing Lighter

Possibly you need something better to help your buddies stop smoking. And our suggestion is the Coughing Lighter, …Continue Reading

Cute Emoticon Stamp From Japan

\ (^o^) / Hello everybody, how do you like my new facial expression, isn’t it cute? With the …Continue Reading

Spinal Tape

Some products are so fundamentally perfect that there’s almost no point trying to improve them. But that’s not …Continue Reading

Luminous Paper Money

Unless you have a system worked out, you’re obviously familiar with the idea of “checking carefully” when handing …Continue Reading

Knitted Wall Calendar

Coming from German industrial designer Patrick Frey, ‘Gregor’ looks not that different compared with conventional ones. But when …Continue Reading

4N Watch: A perfect combination of digital and mechanical watches

The two common kinds of watches separately has their own advantages鈥攄igital watches tell us the exact time directly …Continue Reading

Clean the hands using Bacteria?

Of course every piece of soap is inevitably covered with bacteria, but who has ever seen soaps made …Continue Reading

Mini-sized World Map

It is a decorative part on a microchip and it measures only 40 micrometers across. Even if you …Continue Reading

National Geographic is offering all its information on a 160GB HDD.

The well-know National Geographic Magazine has launched a portable 160GB HDD recently. Not that the famous magazine company …Continue Reading

The Pinch Light

Has Shinyoung Ma ever developed photographs in a dark room? If not, why was the pinch lighting design …Continue Reading

The clock wears a mask

It鈥檚 really hard to identify聽the square gadget as a clock, were it not for the more or less …Continue Reading

Robot Lamps

Let鈥檚 welcome these robot lamps from Croatia! Though all made from the same plumbing supplies, each of the …Continue Reading

Casio EX-G1: The world’s slimmest shock-resistant digital camera

Not to be too excited with the Casio鈥檚 G-Shock branded watch released in 1983, the EX-G1 is a …Continue Reading

Catena Wall Clock

OMG, the clock seems so simple, yet it costs up to 2338 dollars!! The man who would buy …Continue Reading

The First Green Olympic Medals

2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games medals, unveiled recently at Vancouver Olympic village, are claimed to be environment-friendly, super-ellipse …Continue Reading

Chainmail Chess Set

Vintage, namely restoring the ancient ways has become a main trend in recent years and presenting here is …Continue Reading

Reflective bookend

If you need a pop-up pattern on the bookend, a full-size is not necessary. This design is a …Continue Reading

Pee or juice?

Juice is sure popular, but if you get a cup with the pattern like this, I mean, it …Continue Reading

Fry-up candle

No, this not a delicious food, but a candle shaped like fry-up.

Who tall are You

Not everyone has a chance to be famous, but we still have some characters similar to the famous …Continue Reading

The most expensive towel

It must be crazy to use a 10,000 Yen cash to wipe the sweat away if you’re not …Continue Reading

Credit card piggy bank

In common sense, piggy bank is for coin, however, in this credit card era, you should have a …Continue Reading

Finger ashtray

This funny design holds the cigarette in the same way of yourself.

The Sailing on pot

Shaped like a sailing, this soup spoon could make your dish more full of poetry.

Spiral piggy bank

This spiral-shaped piggy bank can be more fun than normal ones. Just put a coin into it, the …Continue Reading

Flower match

It seems that everything in daily life could be made in the shape of flowers. Similar to the …Continue Reading

Code calendar

This weird board is imbroglio, and you can鈥檛 read anything without the lens. Just put the lens on …Continue Reading

Hillary and Bush toilet brush

If you still care about the next president candidates, you should have a relax. If you’re a Republican, …Continue Reading

Snot egg separator

Egg separator is a common thing in kitchen, but we still find some funny point from this kind …Continue Reading

Pillow tray

For the super lazy men, having informal meal is a normal thing for them. This pillow has two …Continue Reading

Selector mug

If the waiter always make the wrong coffee, you might like this. Smply slide the stainless steel, you …Continue Reading

Cup calendar

With the scale around the disc, and the dial on the cup, you gonna have a good calendar.

Cup for your own

This cup allows you to choose a combination of letters totally by your own, in which way, you …Continue Reading

Funny toothpick set

These funny animals could hold tooth pick for you with their teeth.