Copper Foam for PC’s Silent Running

Computer’s cooling fan maybe the biggest noise source in your home, however, you cannot stop it. A German …Continue Reading

Autodesk’s New System for Instant Animation

Autodesk’s new system brings your still illustrations to life in an instant by applying “kinetic textures” whose “emitter”, …Continue Reading

The Vintage Keyboard

This typewriter is actually a mechanical keyboard for tablets, a romantic design to add some vintage vibe in …Continue Reading

A Keyless Keyboard

A pair of curved hard plastic cuffs may replace common keyboards in future, typing the letters you want …Continue Reading

Ears for The Surface Tablets

The shape of auricles notably amplify sound coming out of the Surface tablets once they are attached to …Continue Reading

A Ring That Controls Smart Devices

It’s a thumb ring that combines numerical keypad and touch interface for smart devices. With the ability to …Continue Reading

Shortcuts Photoshop Keyboard

It’s a keyboard for Photoshop, with 319 keys and 372 functions, it covers almost every shortcut and normal …Continue Reading

Embedded UPS for Plugs and Sockets

You may have suffered the unpleasant experience of a sudden power lost when using a desktop. To get …Continue Reading

World鈥檚 Thinnest Wireless Keyboard

Recently, a British company Cambridge Silicon Radia has published a super thin wireless keyboard that is only 0.5mm …Continue Reading

The Ultimate MacBook Pro Cooling Solution

Designers has renovated the ventilation channel by redesigning the air duct of notebook cooler into a shape of …Continue Reading

Lonely City USB Hub

A lonely city USB hub, a miniature of lonely world, a perfect desk piece for lonely people.

A Foldable Stand for Laptop

Elevating the laptop screen to the correct height for your sight and posture, its extremely lightweight, strong and …Continue Reading

Intel Nikiski Laptop with Transparent Touchpad

Exhibited during the CES 2012, Intel’s Nikiski is a laptop built with a transparent touchpad that can serve …Continue Reading

OLPC XO-3 Tablet Computer for Kids

OLPC XO-3 is a tablet computer designed by San Francisco studio Fuseproject for the “One Laptop Per Child” …Continue Reading

Self-Sanitizing Computer Keyboard

Yes, I know my computer keyboard is full of harmful micro-organisms here and there, but who else’s are …Continue Reading

Ring Presenter

Coming from Genius, the Ring Presenter is a sleek version of the company’s Ring Mouse that adds PowerPoint …Continue Reading

iPad USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive for iPad? You must be kidding, as we all know that the iPad doesn’t …Continue Reading

Triangle Tablet

Obliviously Eric Calisto is narrowing the gap between imagination and reality, with his attempt to build a triangle …Continue Reading

Adjustable Customized Keyboards

Within quite a few days we’ll step in a new year, so at the same time we should …Continue Reading

Innergie Magic USB Cables

With more and more electrical products coming into our life, our small spaces seem to have been filled …Continue Reading

Double-locked Crypteks USB Flash Drive

Honestly there are no USB storage devices making me feel safe enough as my data seems completely open …Continue Reading

“LandingZone” Dock for MacBook Air

Nowadays industrial designs seem to have gone into a strange circle, which means while someone is trying to …Continue Reading

Your Little Printer

Your Little Printer, unveiled by the Berg, is a smart portable printer that helps you to print out …Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Desk-top Computer from Lenovo

The Lenovo Company has recently launched its Windows 7-based IdeaCentre Q180, which is announced to the world’s smallest …Continue Reading

USB Mail Box Alert

Something important is soon coming online, while without a detailed time, so I just keep waiting and waiting …Continue Reading

World’s First Supercomputer Tablet

ASUS is well-prepared to launch the world’s first-ever NVIDIA tegra 3 quad-core tablet, the “Prime”, that can transform …Continue Reading

Pig Buddies USB Hub

You know I have three little pigs and a young sow that has recently farrowed, and I’d like …Continue Reading

EZSAVE Lockdown USB 3.0 2.5″ HDD Enclosure

How to ensure the safety of your data stored within a hard disk drive? Our suggestion is to …Continue Reading

Penclic Mouse Soon Comes to North America.

Welcome the Penclic Mouse to America and Canada. As a pen-shaped mouse that ensures the users a comfortable …Continue Reading

Cush Case

Cush is a laptop sleeve that doubles as an ergonomic work station. When folded, its neoprene interior can …Continue Reading

Laptop Body Skins

These interesting clothes are especially designed for your laptops, giving them a personalized look and thus to amaze …Continue Reading

iPad Keyboard with Elevating Keys

Even though the Apple Inc. has issued no keyboards for iPad or iPad 2, there’re actually many companies …Continue Reading

Cideko Air Keyboard

Cideko’s Air Keyboard would bring us a new experience with wireless keyboards. It is embedded with a 3D …Continue Reading

Big Big Cursor

These two Big Big Cursors are touchscreen-friendly stylus especially designed for your tablets. Seemingly bit of different from …Continue Reading

Mobee’s Magic Numpad

Seemingly common things may sometimes perform really magic, and Mobee’s Magic Numpad is just a good example of …Continue Reading

Epson’s Retro Photo Printer

Epson’s new photo printer comes with a retro appearance design which seems to have drawn its inspiration from …Continue Reading

gScreen 17鈥矰ual Screen Laptop

The king of laptop is here. From gScreen, the SpaceBook is the world’s first dual-screen laptop that features …Continue Reading

Fold-up Keyboard for iPad

Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad is a smart portable accessory that looks really cool as well. It attaches …Continue Reading

USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame

To build USB optical mouse with a digital photo frame? What an astonishing idea, because we seldom have …Continue Reading

Mini Desktop Computers

This Mini Desktop Computer must have tricked your eyes, as it looks like small toys on the picture. …Continue Reading

Hilo Concept Computer

Such a good idea should have been introduced to us much earlier鈥 Put forward by Roni Margolin, the …Continue Reading

USB Pixel Mouse

USB Pixel Mouse, makes mouse a real part of your computers rather than an accessory to them. It …Continue Reading

Elecom Nendo Oppopet Wireless Mouse Has A Tail!

Long before, common mouse for computers was named so mainly because the device has a long wire that …Continue Reading

Handy Shell case for iPad2

A good iPad needs a good accessory to make it a better product than we can imagine, and …Continue Reading

USB Film Roll

Almost thousands of ideas have been put forward to store your data, but we never mind having another …Continue Reading

SK – Search Engine Access Keyboard

Facebook has made great changes to the way we socialize, and now it’s the time that SK – …Continue Reading

Engrain Tactile Keyboard

Michael Roopenian’s Engrain Tactile Keyboard seeks to strengthen the relationship between users and interfaces by giving them a …Continue Reading


Still miss the classic feel of retro typewriters when we’re already in a digital age? Try this Typescreen. …Continue Reading

Lego Computer Boxes

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Hacoa Play Mouse

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