Tilt Tableware

After tapering the bottom of tableware, the designer adds a good looking cross-axis-shaped steel cable and cork to …Continue Reading

Manhattan Skyline Inspired Dish Rack

A flexible silicone dish rack named ‘Inception’ inspired by the iconic skyline in New York City and the …Continue Reading

Disastrous Scenarios on Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates

Instead of traditional tranquility, the artist adds some drama onto the dinner plates with sea monsters, bats, dinosaurs …Continue Reading

Simple & Portable Holder for Lens Cap

A simple but brilliant idea for camera lens caps, the very first magnetic lens cap holder in the …Continue Reading

Pen Cases Appear to Be Three Dimensional

Bold and eye-catching, with a little illustrations, the usually boring pen cases are turned into “fake” three dimensional …Continue Reading

Pivoted Drinks Holder

Isn’t it nice to have this pivoted drinks holder that can be attached to any umbrella to keep …Continue Reading

Bendable Hand-shaped Salt&Peper Mills

With articulating joints, the hand-shaped salt and pepper mills are fully bendable and capable of grabbing on to …Continue Reading

Blossom Clip Holder

Lively flower shaped magnetic paper clip holder can hold up any notes or photos on any metal surface …Continue Reading

Smartphone Case with An Airbag

Honda came up with the idea of a bulky smartphone case with an emergency airbag to protect one …Continue Reading

Creative Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

Inspired by the special instant camera, this toilet paper holder is a pretty cool gadget to add your …Continue Reading

The World鈥檚 Thinnest Key Holder

This stainless steel key hold weighs only 1.2 oz and is compact and pratical enough to hold and …Continue Reading

Ball for Thumbtacks

This weird but innovative uneven dotted ball easily collects thumbtacks which would be a nice decor for your …Continue Reading

Tablet Knife Block

Knife block with shelf for your tablet or cookbook provides an ideal angle for easy viewing, convenient and …Continue Reading

A Foldable Stand for Laptop

Elevating the laptop screen to the correct height for your sight and posture, its extremely lightweight, strong and …Continue Reading

Spiral container by LASZLO TOMPA

Unique design for storage! Open it up and discover its spiral structure inside. I like it simply because …Continue Reading

Amazing bear tank

Beer boxes stacked together to make a tank? Cool! Just wondering if it is sturdy enough and how …Continue Reading

Wall-Mounted Organizer

Surely you have too many items, such as your keys, cellphones, sunglasses and so on, to organize, but …Continue Reading

Nanton Coat Rack

Designed to look like a transmission tower, the Nanton Coat Rack by Palette Industries not only comes with …Continue Reading

Magnetic Tool Holders

Those days you carefully kept your various tools in drawers or cabinets have already passed, and from now …Continue Reading

Bondi Multiuse Hanger

Bondi is a smart little hanger with astonishing multi functions. According to your real needs, the Bondi can …Continue Reading

Magnetic Soap Holder

Something old but classic is back and what we’re to argue today is this Magnetic Soap Holder, which …Continue Reading

Glasses Phone Stand

Quite frequently we see common things endowed with new functions or totally changed into other devices when designers …Continue Reading

Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

So you’re living in a small apartment and cannot spare any space to place your shoes? If so, …Continue Reading

Skeleton Hanger

Crazy, the designer now hires some human skeletons to serve us! The Halloween is already gone, but seemingly …Continue Reading

Convenient Holder by Giha Woo

Highly organized鈥 As somebody who wants everything kept in a good order and also to have them convenient …Continue Reading

Prop Laptop Stand

A bigger scissor? Of course not, as the gadget is actually a laptop stand that is both affordable …Continue Reading

Gravity Mobile Phone Holder

Round, square, cloud, hand or water drop, although the appearances of cellphone holder keeps changing all the time, …Continue Reading

T Square Hanger

You’ve realized the gadget is a coat hanger? Honestly it doesn’t look like a hanger. However, the T …Continue Reading

“Polyply” Stand

Everybody loves Apple. We love iPhone, iPad, iPod, and maybe many other things that the Apple Inc. will …Continue Reading

Glasses-shaped Bag Hangers

So these pairs of glasses are quite cute, right? However they鈥檙e not made for your eyes, but for …Continue Reading

Baboo Clips

Usually adults and children are believed to view one same thing from totally different points. To adults, these …Continue Reading

Weird iPhone Stands

Two new iPhone stands here. They come with totally different shapes, one shaped like a faucet with water …Continue Reading

Red Napkin Holder

Here is not a bullfight in Spain, but what you’ve seen is indeed something related to that famous …Continue Reading

Cactooph Cactus Shaped Toothpick Holder

Aha, the concept is quite interesting: we get a cactooph cactus, remove its spines and use them as …Continue Reading

Tape Strip Hooks

Tape Strip Hooks – simple but practical idea to hold your items. With three hooks of different colors …Continue Reading

Solo Collapsible Hangers

How could a design be deemed as clever? Possibly it needs to be something useful while we common …Continue Reading

Hanger A La Magritte

Hanger A La Magritte 鈥 original coat hangers that have drawn an inspiration from Rene Magritte’s famous painting …Continue Reading

Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

With the wine rack designs pushing towards “magic”, we’ve met many bottle holders that feature a single bar …Continue Reading

Plane Hangers

Chetan Sorab would like to share some playful thought with you adults who still want to enjoy the …Continue Reading

‘Pod 脿 porter’ Neckband For iPod Shuffle

The ‘Pod 脿 porter’ neckband aims to deliver wonderful music to the iPod shuffle users while not letting …Continue Reading

Radiator Rack

I don’t like winters in Britain鈥攖he sun seldom comes out and the clothes never dries. But I would …Continue Reading

Toy Guardian

Tzung-Yu Lu has designed the Toy Guardian as a new alternative to toy boxes. It is a monster …Continue Reading

A Clever Hook

Hooks are useful tools but they’re not that useful to keep towels, jackets or raincoats from falling off. …Continue Reading

Ladder Shelf

Here at I New Idea we find that people always have a vivid imagination and boundless creative power. …Continue Reading

Magic Floating Bottle

Why could the wine bottle float in the air? To those frequent readers who still remember the Beautiful …Continue Reading

Stay Open Bag Holders

From now on, you can always pour the food conveniently into plastic bags even if without others’ help. …Continue Reading

Guardian Toilet Paper Keeper

Guardian Toilet Paper Keeper is aimed at public places where toilet rolls are often stolen. The new box …Continue Reading

Eco-pump Refill Dispenser

Let鈥檚 check out what great changes the bottle dispensers have brought to us. On one hand, the dispensers …Continue Reading

鈥楨lectricity-powered鈥 Candle

So what have you seen in the picture? A candle powered by electricity? For sure? Well, you may …Continue Reading

Sixpack by oooms

If you love the 鈥楥onjoined Twin Cups鈥 or the 鈥8 cups鈥, you鈥檒l surely feel excited about the Sixpack …Continue Reading