Napkin Zoo for Dining Table

Napkin rings are small objects but still can represent something more, the animal ears shaped rings feature the …Continue Reading

Beard Ornaments for Christmas

Your beard needs its own decoration in festival season, how about miniature-sized Christmas ornaments?

Inexpensive Geometrical Masks Made of Cardboard

To give your Halloween costume a hint, you can download, print and color a beautiful geometric mask all …Continue Reading

Vibrant Paper Plants

Vibrant paper plants look so fresh and bring the tropics to you! No maintenance, and always beautiful.

Winne-the-Pooh for Bottles and Glasses

This adorable collection designed for Disneyland Japan tells funny stories about winne-the-pooh and his little friends, including bottle …Continue Reading

Remarkably Colored Tattoos

Vibrant colors have been used onto the skins to create these beautiful colored tattoos. Themed with animals, flowers …Continue Reading

Solar Powered Lights on Clothespins

Isn鈥檛 it exciting to pin several colorful LEDs on your clothesline with these tiny clothespin? With LED, night …Continue Reading

Rainy Cloud Flowerpot

Attatch the pot onto the wall, pour some water into the cloud and let it be the light …Continue Reading


To people who love simple, artistic and eco-friendly decorations, it may be a great idea to decorate Christmas …Continue Reading

Adjustable Bowl Speaker

Unique speaker that changes its timbre and tune when moving the two glass bowls on its top will …Continue Reading

Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

Whimsical kitty who is either happy or grumpy is specially for rear window wipers. Just stick down the …Continue Reading

Pot for Big Seeds

This tripod pot is specially designed for big seeds such as avocado kernels that need to be water …Continue Reading

Decorative Playwood Desk

The decorative playwood desk is designed by the Japanese architects. It鈥檚 a mini apartment which features magnets to …Continue Reading

Garden on Air-conditioner

Wear your air-conditioner with this tiny blooming garden dotted with flourishing flowers and white fences to have a …Continue Reading

Wire Art

Rather than trying hard to hide wires, why not beautify them to decorate your apartment? Here鈥檚 some instances …Continue Reading

Binary Prints

Illustrator Alex Trochut creates a series of unique portraits using binary prints, they turn out to be totally …Continue Reading

Interactive Wallpaper

Featured googly eyes in every direction, this interactive wallpaper enables drawing comics in anyway you like.

Comic Home

Sketching, coupled with linear perspective may lead to a peculiar comic home that creates illusions of fairy world. …Continue Reading


With its tale sways gently while being written, POOLEAF is more than a grass-shaped pen, it reminds you …Continue Reading

Wild Walls Shark Encounter

Lifelike decals of a shark and marine creatures together with a projector which create vivid sea waves and …Continue Reading

Bicycle Wheel Display System

How cool to hybrid animation to bicycle wheels! Download any formats of pictures into its chip, and you鈥檒l …Continue Reading

Nest for Plants

Novelty and vitality is the annotation of the nest planters, with plants grown in the nest and nutrition …Continue Reading

Landscape Paper-cuts

鈥淰ertical Landscape鈥 is a paper-cut work taking advantage of the variation of paper鈥檚 shadows and colors. Fairly tranquil, …Continue Reading

Lingerie lamps by Kelly Kerrigan

Let鈥檚 enjoy a series of lamps that made out of women’s lingerie. It鈥檚 a great, forward-thinking concept that …Continue Reading

Ceramic clocks in the shape of straw hats

These ceramic clocks are so cute! They look like straw hats and come in a number of different …Continue Reading

Stylish fruits wall lamp

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Power switch and light two in one

Simply touch the wall so that the light turns on and pops up. Give it a gentle push …Continue Reading