Innovative Pot with An Interlayer

The inter-layer between the protective pot and the basic pot holds up any picture printed, giving the pot …Continue Reading

Working LEGO Keyboard

A LEGO enthusiast has built this working LEGO keyboard using a regular keyboard base and various LEGO bricks. …Continue Reading

DIY Cactus-shaped Cupcakes

Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann’ sweet DIY article will teach you how to make cacti-shaped cupcakes step by step. …Continue Reading

Clever Bottle Caps for LEGO Bricks

A Brazilian company designed this “clever cap” for regular water bottle, it can be recycled and used as …Continue Reading

3D Printed Roses for The Valentine’s Day

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Hack A 3D Printer into An Air Hockey Robot

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“Faces” Coming from Ordinary Everyday Things

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Gingerbread Optimus Prime

Edible Optimus Prime made of over 700 individual pieces of gingerbread maybe a perfect decoration for the Christmas …Continue Reading

DIY Bokeh Shaped Camera Lens Cover

Use ordinary thick black paper and cut it into a lens-size strip with a central hole in whatever …Continue Reading

Magic Cupcake Hats

A set of silicone cupcake mold that contains a magician鈥檚 hat and a rabbit-ear fork will certainly pull …Continue Reading

Pig Couch

An adorable sculpture as well as a fully functional one person chair, pig couch is fairly comfortable with …Continue Reading

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kits

Dress up your cupcakes in fun costumes for Halloween! These decorating kits include everything you need to create …Continue Reading

Man-powered Bicycle Elevator

With the help of bicycle elevator, this guy can easily get into his 9m high tree house now. …Continue Reading

The Aqualibrium Garden

Wanna grow some organic food of your own? The planting garden above absorbs fish wastes as nourishments directly …Continue Reading

Butt Pudding

You know this lascivious child from the famous Japanese Cartoon 鈥淐rayon Shin-Chan鈥, and there鈥檚 a pudding kit in …Continue Reading

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

How about picking up several color changing golden leaves to preserve this autumn for DIY decor? Prepare materials …Continue Reading

Chalkboard Birthday Cake

If you wish to write something to the birthday girl or boy in a unique way, you can …Continue Reading

Muffin Tops Cupcake Mold

Feed yourself too much muffins may result in a belly like the cake batter in these adorable jean-style …Continue Reading

Cotton鈥檚 Fun

Everything has its beautiful side, even as petty as cotton. When elaborately designed, it turns into lovely clouds …Continue Reading

Decorative Playwood Desk

The decorative playwood desk is designed by the Japanese architects. It鈥檚 a mini apartment which features magnets to …Continue Reading

Wire Art

Rather than trying hard to hide wires, why not beautify them to decorate your apartment? Here鈥檚 some instances …Continue Reading

Sticky-free Sand

If you鈥檙e fond of sand sculptures but hate the mess, here鈥檚 a nice recommendation for you. Special properties …Continue Reading

Enjoy Paper Cup

This set of paper cups have various emotion faces hidden beneath the surface which can be tear off …Continue Reading

Angel Wings Cookie Cutters

Get two angel wings cookies and hang them from your favorite teacup. Enjoy the teatime!

Comic Home

Sketching, coupled with linear perspective may lead to a peculiar comic home that creates illusions of fairy world. …Continue Reading

Portable Digital CNC

As a portable version of CNC, this box-sized smart tool is armed with a software application that integrates …Continue Reading

Wild Walls Shark Encounter

Lifelike decals of a shark and marine creatures together with a projector which create vivid sea waves and …Continue Reading

Creative Bicycle Accessories

Students of ECAL presented their creative bicycle accessories such as brake lever&bell, splash-proof tire brush, etc. These tiny …Continue Reading

DIY chocolate covered strawberries that look like carrots

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DIY High Heel Cupcake

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A Real Personal Computer

Dimovi, a retrofit lover, adapt the LCD display screen to be invisible. He uses the inner Polaroid taking …Continue Reading

The Life of a Notepaper

Before you using this notepaper, it is a young man with thick hairs. But after you tear the …Continue Reading

Fork Can Make Gesture too

Tableware is not only for eating food, but also gives us the good experience of having it. Pleasant …Continue Reading

“Cryoscope” Weather Forecaster

“So what is the weather today?” Wait, wait, I’ll soon tell you something about the temperature with my …Continue Reading

DIY Wire Stripper

Using an electric circuit, two razor blades, a 3D printer and an LED light, Brian Beebe has successfully …Continue Reading

Ultimate-battlefield PC Case

Let our opinion become clear and unbiased now: PC games actually can offer something more important than the …Continue Reading

Water-powered Alarm Clock

Wanna to be pulled out of bed in a natural and mild way instead of the annoying digital …Continue Reading

Posture Suspenders

Developed by Tobias Sonne, the Posture Suspenders can detect a slouch and deliver real-time vibration alerts to help …Continue Reading

DIY Privacy Monitor

Use your head and hands, and then you’ll create something simple but magical, just as this privacy monitor. …Continue Reading

Photo Fabric Dye

Have a new try! Without no darkroom or specialized technical, you can print photos on fabric or wood …Continue Reading

iPhone4 DIY Case

After iPhones make we humans same, now we really need something to make us different.聽So we need聽these cross-stitch …Continue Reading

Wall Chair

Things will be totally different if without Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard: before the item is merely a …Continue Reading

Small Iris Cards

Small Iris Cards are just what the name implies: 3.5″ x 2″ business cards that can function as …Continue Reading

DIY Heart-shaped Eggs

Eggs not merely provide nutrition, sometimes they offer love too.

銆怐IY銆慒abric Speakers

Making a speaker is much easier than you’ve ever imagined, and what you need to prepare is merely: …Continue Reading

Geeky Bag

42 pieces of floppy disks were recently brought together and found their new function, that is, to work …Continue Reading

Can Cars

Use our intelligence. We should do this because we can create innovative or even magical things with our …Continue Reading

DIY Snow Removal Three-wheeler

Craig Smith, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has made a unique snow removal using his two old bikes. …Continue Reading

DIY Bicycle Tire Chains

Flying white snow has created us a fantastic world that seemingly almost the same as the one in …Continue Reading

Mixed Media Sculptures

Italian artist Franco Recchia is a man with great curiosity. When taking apart old computers, he suddenly realized …Continue Reading