Custom Cartoon Proposal Flipbooks

The custom animations in these flipbooks are beautiful and heartwarming, may be the cutest way to get engaged.

Doodling on Bananas

You can also try to doodle on fruits when get bored. They might be as great as these …Continue Reading

Post-It People Illustrations

The artist has been drawing funny faces on stickers for quite some time. He posts his work to …Continue Reading

Two Fun Egg Molds

The hard-bored egg is bright and tender, cute in itself and easy to be shaped into other adorable …Continue Reading

Inflatable Stickies Make Building Robots as Easy as Arts and Crafts

Students in Tokyo University and MIT have developed this inflatable sticky notes, which enables jiont motion, together with …Continue Reading

Man Turns Plastic Straws into Shrimps to Catch Cuttlefishes

Not only the cuttlefish but also me believes this shrimp is real. It only takes a few seconds …Continue Reading

Build Your Own Bat House

The DIY house features an upside-down bat signal, demonstrating that having bats around is beneficial for they actually …Continue Reading

Tiny Paper Model City Animations

The artist creates a tiny, glorious little model city each day, and it looks more adorable in animation.

Front-loading Washer DIY Fluorescent Aquarium

A front-loading washing machine has been transformed into a fully functioning, well-lit aquarium that can be viewed through …Continue Reading

Man Handcrafts Pliers in Just 10 Cuts

With a simple pocket knife and a solid wood, it takes him only 10 cuts to make pliers …Continue Reading

LEGO Birds

Being a fan of LEGO, an admirer of natural world, a gardener and tree surgeon, this man has …Continue Reading

Kinetic Miniature Paper Architecture

The artist has turned his professional knowledge of how buildings are constructed into movable miniature paper models that …Continue Reading

Open Toys for Vegetables

There are 14 components you can download, print and attach to vegetables to create playful toys such as …Continue Reading

DIY Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Here’s a tutorial that show you how to DIY yummy marshmallow shot glasses. Three steps only: toast the …Continue Reading

Oil Expeller

A simply beautiful and stylish set that allows you to make your own utilizing cooking oil of any …Continue Reading

Intricate Cookie Designs

Each cookie is covered with flawless details that are too decorative and ornamental to imagine it is a …Continue Reading

Train or BBQ Smoker

This, which sounds and looks like a real old-fashioned steam train is actually a BBQ smoker custom built …Continue Reading

Cute&Delicious Christmas Cake

Christmas,the Next Big holiday is around the corner!!If you don’t know how to make a beautiful,cut yet still …Continue Reading

Inexpensive Geometrical Masks Made of Cardboard

To give your Halloween costume a hint, you can download, print and color a beautiful geometric mask all …Continue Reading

DIY Moss Graffiti

Here’s a recipe of how to make your own moss graffiti. The key is to mix a nutrinent …Continue Reading

Stylish iPhone Holster

Eye-catching bag looks like a handgun holster for handsome cowboys .Oversized handgun holster bag will hold your iPhone, …Continue Reading

DIY Mirror & Table

A sleek and gorgeous table can be constructed following the tutorial below, and it doubles as a mirror …Continue Reading

Green Keyboard

Isn’t it easy enough to make everything green, unique, and beautiful?

Eat & Play Chocolate LEGO Bricks

Eat them or play with them, that’s a ‘serious’ problem. An illustrator makes these edible chocolate LEGO bricks …Continue Reading

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves

Fill the cracks of a piece of chestnut wood with growing resin to create unique furniture of your …Continue Reading

Fast DIY Cardboard Camera

The small and cute DIY cardboard camera only requires thirty minutes to assemble from a flat-pack to functioning …Continue Reading

DIY Darth Vader Outdoor Wood Stove

A pretty cool wood burning stove made by an old bottle of propane, a grinder, a welder and …Continue Reading

Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The Google cardboard headset allows anyone to DIY a virtual reality experience by holding a smartphone in front …Continue Reading

How to Make An Entire Watermelon Jell-O

This is probably the biggest Jell-O you can DIY for a party in hot summer and its plain …Continue Reading

Realistic Miniature Clay Food

Tiny sculptures of delicious food inspired by treats we usually have are made with polymer clay, moulded with …Continue Reading

Play Tetris on Your Chest Wearing This T-shirt

This T-shirt integrates a playable Tetris that is powered by four AA batteries and fitted with 128 LEDs …Continue Reading

The Coolest Bamboo Rocket

In Thailand, bamboo rockets take off to celebrate festivals. Its wheels spin around the central rod, dashing all …Continue Reading

Self-cleaning Water-repelling Spray

The chemical and aerosol free spray transforms fabric into waterproof and self-cleaning texture and remains the clothing’s breathability, …Continue Reading

Paper-made Origami Razor

Made from waterproof paper, this origami razor takes full use of the sharp paper cut. It can be …Continue Reading

The Fondue Slipper

The fondue slipper perfectly fits into your foot for its innovative dipping process. Just dip your foot into …Continue Reading

Miniature Scenes Built with Figures & Everyday Objects

fun and imaginative photos are created by cleverly placing miniature figures and everyday objects into whimsical scenes, exploring …Continue Reading

Gorgeous Surprise-inside Cakes

This book titled Surprise-Inside Cakes reveals skills to make cakes with gorgeous ‘insides’. The baker cleverly integrates lovely …Continue Reading

Playful Pancakes

A stay-at-home dad works together with his two kids to create playful pancakes with just some pancake batter …Continue Reading

Mini Flat-pack Greenhouse

The miniature flat-pack incubator for growing plants indoors contains a reusable and recyclable sheet of polypropylene plastic which …Continue Reading

Space-saving Pulley Plant Holder

For anyone who lives in small apartment where no more space for gardening, the pulley plant holder system …Continue Reading

Innovative Pot with An Interlayer

The inter-layer between the protective pot and the basic pot holds up any picture printed, giving the pot …Continue Reading

Working LEGO Keyboard

A LEGO enthusiast has built this working LEGO keyboard using a regular keyboard base and various LEGO bricks. …Continue Reading

DIY Cactus-shaped Cupcakes

Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann’ sweet DIY article will teach you how to make cacti-shaped cupcakes step by step. …Continue Reading

Clever Bottle Caps for LEGO Bricks

A Brazilian company designed this “clever cap” for regular water bottle, it can be recycled and used as …Continue Reading

3D Printed Roses for The Valentine’s Day

Any ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? A bundle of custom 3D printed roses which never wilt may …Continue Reading

Hack A 3D Printer into An Air Hockey Robot

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“Faces” Coming from Ordinary Everyday Things

Imaginative and fantastic, this collection of everyday objects integrated in simple sketches is successfully making you want to …Continue Reading

Gingerbread Optimus Prime

Edible Optimus Prime made of over 700 individual pieces of gingerbread maybe a perfect decoration for the Christmas …Continue Reading

DIY Bokeh Shaped Camera Lens Cover

Use ordinary thick black paper and cut it into a lens-size strip with a central hole in whatever …Continue Reading

Magic Cupcake Hats

A set of silicone cupcake mold that contains a magician鈥檚 hat and a rabbit-ear fork will certainly pull …Continue Reading