DIY Flight Simulator Motion Rig

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Crank Coasters

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Nail Bottle Opener

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DIY Giant Cameras

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Banknote Jewelry

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Wheelable Cardboard Boxes

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[DIY] USB Bike Generator

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Stylish Lamp Made From Trash

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Children’s Chair Made From An Old Bucket

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The Art of Sandwiches

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Mirror Dress

We often look into the mirrors to find ourselves and others, but a street performer from Los Angeles …Continue Reading

Pen Organizer Made From Phone Book

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Solar-powered DIY Washing Machine

A team of students from the 脡cole Sup茅rieure d’ Art d’ Aix-en-Provence have developed the solar-powered washing machine, …Continue Reading

DIY: Transform your Hoodie into a Backpack

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DIY Shoe Racks using Drain Pipes

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White Eraser USB Flash Drive

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Creative Oshika Packaging

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Optimus Prime Replica created from Recycled Materials

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DIY Waste Basket

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‘An Apple A Day’ Calendar

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In-wall Computer for Kitchens

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Build A Book Nest

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LED Pendant Lamp

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DIY Non-lethal Mousetrap

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DIY Lady Gaga Video Glasses

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DIY Lens Cap Keeper

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Endow the switches with new functions.

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Motherboard Ruler

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A Handmade Telescope

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Color-in Dress

Theories on how to choose the right colors that match your complexions. To those who have fair complexion, …Continue Reading

Teeny Tiles will brighten up your room.

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DIY useful tools with waste paper sheets.

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DIY a Pencil Crossbow

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Make iced beverage with stones.

In China, chafing dish is the most popular food in winter. If you notice more, you鈥檒l also find …Continue Reading

Magazines & Books Racks

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DIY Net-enabled Cat Feeder

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DIY Twine Snowmen

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Hello, boys and girls, 鈥業 New Idea鈥 has prepared special gifts for you guys, Zoku Quick Pop Makers! …Continue Reading

Typographic Coasters

@, $, #, &, you couldn鈥檛 be more familiar with these, as they鈥檙e single font characters we often …Continue Reading

Versatile Wooden Bookcase

Build these colorful wooden modules as you like! For both kids and adults.

DIY Coffee Stencil

鈥榃ow, your Latte looks so cute!鈥 鈥榃hat a lovely cup of cappuccino!鈥 Perhaps that鈥檚 what we usually hear …Continue Reading

First-Class Pan Am Cabin in Garage

Anthony Toth is a 42-year-old global sales director at United Airlines, and the biggest success in his past …Continue Reading

Glowing LED Clip

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鈥楰laps鈥 Stool

Fantastic! Dubbed as 鈥榢laps鈥 stool, the new product allows you to DIY a stool by making a full …Continue Reading

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

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Document Light

As it is named, the document light is a table lamp that includes two concentric metal hoops, rather …Continue Reading

Tin Can Lids

Tin can lids are a series of biodegradable, plastic lids specially designed for used tin cans by Northumbria …Continue Reading

Diversified Clock

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DIY Wall Decoration

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DIY Wall Clock

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