Custom Cartoon Proposal Flipbooks

The custom animations in these flipbooks are beautiful and heartwarming, may be the cutest way to get engaged.

Light-shaped Bookmark

A solid ray of light will 鈥榮hed light on your last read page鈥, smart!

Memo Bank

The memo bank’s top half is a sticky note pad that has a coin slot in the middle …Continue Reading

Amazing Little Flip Books

Little flip books feature adorable little stories that are told by making use of negative space and “compartments”.

A Interactive Shadow Picture Book

Motion Silhouette is an interactive Japanese children鈥檚 book that includes pop-up silhouettes in-between pages. Different moving images are …Continue Reading

Exaggerated Paintings on Book Spines

The artist creates whimsical artworks on the spines and covers of salvaged books collected from libraries. The mixture …Continue Reading

The Mini Museum

This desktop museum contains millions of years’ natural history in its translucent resin case, with a fossil of …Continue Reading

Landscape Carved into Books

A Canadian sculptor carved majestic three-dimensional landscape onto the spine of Encyclopedia Britannica, leaving the 24 books transformed …Continue Reading

Old Books’ New Lookings

An artist adds twisted wires as the old book’s limbs and puts the little book guy into amusing …Continue Reading

An Ancient Book That Can Be Read in Six Ways

Even at nowadays, it is still hard to imagine that a book has six completely different ways to …Continue Reading

The Story Pages Turned into Book Sculptures

Inspired by the materials themselves, an artist turns the paper pages into 3D dimensional sculptures that tell the …Continue Reading

Wipe Book

It is an easy to erase notebook that combines the experience of smoothy whiteboard and common notebook. A …Continue Reading

Hidden Pencil Notebook

A clever and deceptive notebook featuring with a pencil-filled cover that hides a real pencil in its built-in …Continue Reading

鈥楤ook on Book鈥 Bookmark

Works as a paperweight to keep the page stay exactly where it is, this transparent book-shaped bookmark is …Continue Reading

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings

On the fore-edge of a four volume set of scientific books which are divided by season are painted …Continue Reading

Braille Book for Everybody

Braille alphabet is a blessing for blind people while an obscure for others. Thailand鈥檚 association of the blind …Continue Reading

Grassshopper Stapler

You must be familiar with lively creatures like grassshoppers, this pine wood and iron made stapler will rejuvenate …Continue Reading

Sandwich Book

It鈥檚 not a textbook on how to make sandwiches, it鈥檚 a book with its pages printed as exactly …Continue Reading

Moss Pencil

A wooden pencil covered with green flocking, cute, don鈥檛 you think.

Draw it yourself-DIY calculator

Turn your calculator into a self expression! The DIY Calculator comes with a blank sheet of lined paper …Continue Reading

Innovative Hole Measuring Tape

As a 2012 iF Design Talents Award entry, the Hole Measuring Tape is functional and innovative. It makes …Continue Reading

PenAgain-Cramp Free Pen

The cool new PenAgain-Cramp Free Pen is made from sturdy aluminum. Instead of griping the pen firmly, this …Continue Reading

KOKUYO Tidbit Memo Pads

With many punch lines printed on the paper, this ‘KOKUYO Tidbit’ memo offers us an innovative way to …Continue Reading

SMS Text Messaging Notebook

You know that the Short Message Service has been there for 20 years? Well, time passes away so …Continue Reading

Pixilated Crayons

Pixilated crayons, usable rainbows close at your fingers鈥 Combining seven different colors in one, these colored pencils can …Continue Reading

Big Ear Pencil Sharpener

Produced by Monkey Business, the pencil sharpener here comes with two big ears, which allow the users to …Continue Reading

Orbit Ruler

Just as its name implies, the Orbit Ruler is rightly an innovative ruler that can draw various circles …Continue Reading

Tooth Erasers

Bite, bite, and bite, these amazingly cute erasers here want to remove every word from your paper with …Continue Reading

Fading Highlighter

Once there but later gone, what do you think the thing we’re to argue is? Is it time …Continue Reading

Cloud Erasers

Whenever talking about something white and pure, both the clouds and erasers will come into my mind. Hence …Continue Reading

Indice Bookends

Undoubtedly reading is something intentional or planned: with these colorful Indice Bookends to organize your books, you can …Continue Reading

“Delicious” Notepads

These notepads are especially impressive because, more often than not, we may just feel sleepy rather than hungry …Continue Reading

Katapult Pen

You write, and you play, the Katapult Pen is rightly something that may bring you both knowledge and …Continue Reading

Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener

With an adjustable design, the brass pencil sharpener can produce three kinds of points: a sharp one for …Continue Reading

Creative Notebook Designs

Magic time鈥 By combining two round plates, one thread and several simple patterns together, D-BROS from Japan has …Continue Reading

Hole Punch Binder

Everything is gonna to be easy with creative ideas and concepts from genius designers. And this time you’ll …Continue Reading

Impact Ballistic Clipboard

While we don’t need to take a bullet-resisting device all the time, it is still nice to see …Continue Reading

Memo Eyes

These eyes have managed to make your memos different, and at the same time these unique sticky notes …Continue Reading

Post-it Watches

Usually we wear a watch to indicate the time, but sometimes we use a watch to remind us …Continue Reading

Twist Sharpener

Totally unbelievable鈥 a pen sharpener cannot come with a much simpler design than the Twist! It is constructed …Continue Reading

Handy Notes

You’ve seen the Handy Notes we stuck onto your screens? It’s full of important message, but moreover it …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Eraser Pencil Concept

Pencils constructed with easers鈥 They look good and feel good. Moreover, you needn’t take any easers along with …Continue Reading

Monthly Measure Calendar

Monthly Measure Calendar is a simple but practical hand-operated calendar, which uses a seven-angle star and a ruler …Continue Reading

Fish Pencil Case

A pencil case that resembles fish won鈥檛 be amazing. But if it is made to be too authentic …Continue Reading

No Smoking Pencil

It does look like a cigarette, but the item is actually a pencil. With such an idea, the …Continue Reading

Evolution Eraser

Truly the evolution of human race took a rather long time, but designer Hiroyuki Shiratori of H-Concept has …Continue Reading

Rainbow Tip Pencil

Write with pencil, to create your own rainbow. These Rainbow Tip Pencils, featuring color-mixed tips, can make any …Continue Reading

Piano Calculator

Sometimes we just want to have a unique calculator, a new one that is different from those on …Continue Reading

Walls Notebook

This is definitively something amazing. As you write, draw or paste with your imaginations on these notebooks that …Continue Reading