Hear with Your Tongue

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Wireless Controller

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Mini Power for Emergency Situations

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PhotoMath solves math problems instantly by using a phone’s camera

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Heel Clicking Being A Phone Call Trigger

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Air Umbrella

There are many brilliant idea about the air umbrella, while this one is really going to reality. This …Continue Reading

Self-Folding Origami Robot

This self-folding robot goes from flat to folded and walking in four minutes without any human intervention at …Continue Reading

Activate This Tag via A Phone Call

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Portable Solar Sound System

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Power-storing Wires

Bulky batteries have been stand in the way of developing small lightweight electronic devices, so getting rid of …Continue Reading

Wearable Finger Reader for Blind People

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Nimble Micro Robots

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Adorable Backup Battery with Changeable Expressions

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A Pocket-size Portable Robotic Printer

Devices around us have changed a lot during these years, but not the printer. Thanks to this Kickstarter …Continue Reading

3D-printed Eyeglasses for Intuitive Bookmarking

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Wearable Thermo-power Strip

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Smartphone Batteries That Recharges in 30 Seconds

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‘Magic Hand’ for Operating Touchscreens

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Soft Robotic Fish That Moves Vividly

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A Table with Built-in Solar Panel

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A Ring That Controls Smart Devices

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NANOTIPS for Common Gloves

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Rechargeable LED Cork

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Gold Nanomesh That Makes Transparent Flexible Electronics

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Spherical Glass Solar Device Charger

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Micro-windmill Charger

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iPhone Laser

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Spherical Solar Energy Generator

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Charger&Stand All in One!

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A Smart Color Detector

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Portable Card USB Cable

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Wireless EV Charging Stations Hiding as Manhole Covers

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Tricky Pencil Earphones

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Phonebloks Conceptual Cell Phone

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A Playful Intelligent Ruler

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Ring Clock

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Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

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19 Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

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Music Postcards

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iConvert Scanner for iPad&iPhone devices

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World鈥檚 First Open Ear Earphones

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Cable-shaped Sound

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Multi-functional Sensor for Android & iOS

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Bicycle Wheel Display System

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Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

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Dissolving electronics that help fight infection

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Amazing retractable printer

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Top Shining Watch Gift Ideas

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Bone Share Audio Jack Splitter

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Super suitcase that can charge 16 iPads at once

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