Fantastically Functional eClip

It is a paper clip, a USB flash drive, and a metric ruler, surprising you with its durability …Continue Reading

Cool fan umbrella

It is so hot in summer, but it is impossible to bring air-conditioner outside, so this umbrella fan …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Solar Street Charge

Your cellphone battery just runs out while you鈥檙e walking down the street. Here is the perfect solution for …Continue Reading

Umbrella Phone Charger

Kenneth Tong’s umbrella is the most different one you can ever find, in the most WTF way ever …Continue Reading

AIRE Mask Concept

The best and most efficient way to create portable charger is obviously to make use of human bodies: …Continue Reading

Wireless Electric Car Charging System for Highways

Based on magnetic resonant inductive coupling technology developed in 1894, researchers at Stanford have just developed an innovative …Continue Reading

Swap-O-Matic Vending Machine

New good things in and old good things out, undoubtedly we’re now living in a throw-away culture nowadays. …Continue Reading

LCD Smart Recycling Bins in London

As the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games are soon to begin, the London government is now busying …Continue Reading

Rozetkcus Wall Socket

Based on clever design and accurate arrange, the Rozetkcus Wall Socket comes with 9 points to allow you …Continue Reading

ecoATM Recycles Your Old Gadgets

The science and technology is forwarding ahead so fast that they’ve left us many and many gadgets we …Continue Reading

Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise

Special tool for special use, the “Rhythm Slim” is rightly something that can combat muscle aches and slack …Continue Reading

Wearable LED TV

Anytime, anywhere, watch what you鈥檇 like to watch, and that鈥檚 rightly the thing David Forbes’ Wearable LED TV …Continue Reading

BodyMedia FIT Armband

“FIT” armband developed by BodyMedia and IBM is a body-tracking gadget that not only knows how unhealthy you …Continue Reading

Silhouette CAMEO

Basically an outstanding paper-cut artwork is always related to the masterly craftsmanship, while sometimes it is actually all …Continue Reading

Belkin Wemo Home Automation System

Belkin’s Wemo home automation system is a smart device that allows you to control the electrical outlets of …Continue Reading

GreenZero Chargers

As a newer and cleverer solution to solve the problem of “overcharging”, Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers can automatically shut …Continue Reading

PumPing Tap Socket

PumPing Tap is a 2011 red dot design concept winner, which can cleverly solve the problem of wastage …Continue Reading

“BlackBox” SMS Printer

I’ve known of many people, especially those in love, getting used to making a copy of their SMS …Continue Reading

T-Shirt Converts Rock Music into Electricity

Certainly we’re all different: some people simply enjoyed the rock music, while some others were converting the music …Continue Reading

Japanese Vending Machine offers Free Wi-Fi

The beverage or snacks in vending machines seldom attracted your attention? Never mind, as they have now managed …Continue Reading

Cappuccino Face Vending Machine

No more a long waiting time in cafes, as a vending machine can actually offer us a cup …Continue Reading

Sony’s Battery that Runs on Paper

The development of bio-batteries is now pushed to a new level, after electronics giant Sony announced that it …Continue Reading

Ultra-portable Heater Egg Card

Hot egg is the most popular food in my family whenever the winter comes, as it not only …Continue Reading

Four-inch High Efficient Fuel Cell

Measuring merely four inches thick, this solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) can generate electricity from gasoline to diesel fuel …Continue Reading

Zero Waste Batteries

Though claimed “zero waste” or “no waste”, these earthCell batteries actually are not something decomposing completely in the …Continue Reading

Hug Electrical Outlets

Smart and cute, these electrical outlets not only feature an outstanding appearance, but also come with new functions: …Continue Reading

Cyborg Insects

Researchers at the University of Michigan are currently busying with their cyborg insects that would be used in …Continue Reading

Breakthrough Battery Technology from Northwestern University

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a breakthrough battery technology that features both high efficiency of re-charging and …Continue Reading

Pod Power

Pull and fix to provide your electrical appliances with enough electricity, to use an outlet is just as …Continue Reading

‘Artist’ Phone Case Printer

No doubt we people are selfish to some degree, because we really want everything belonging to us is …Continue Reading

Secret Passageway Switch

This is a unique electrical switch designed for your books. It is subtly hidden inside your books and …Continue Reading

Air Micro Wireless iPad iPhone Scope

Wish you iPhone, iPod, or iPad more powerful than they are now? Get the chance to change them …Continue Reading

Magical Blow On/Off Light Switch

Magical Blow On/Off Light Switch is something especially perfect for lazy people like me. It can attach to …Continue Reading

iPhone Photo Printer

Well, seemingly we’re really in deep love of products from the Apple Company or those designed for the …Continue Reading

PlugBug by Twelve South

With the Apple Company is promoting their products almost every year, the Twelve South is designing and launching …Continue Reading

Nomad Brush for iPad

iPad is expected to do many more things for you, including serving as a painting plate? Then you …Continue Reading

LED Light Display for Cars

A light signal isn’t functional enough to help you communicate with other drivers? Well, possibly the LED Light …Continue Reading

Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest is a new thermostat put forward by Tony Fadell, who used to work in Apple Inc. and …Continue Reading

Sony Echo

Our ordinary life is constructed with extraordinary stories, and even a chair, a lamp can remind us of …Continue Reading

Corner Power Strip

My passion for cleanliness and organization finally drives me closer to this Corner Power Strip designed by Herald …Continue Reading

Pistol Hairdryer

Anything that comes with an outlook nothing to do with its functions is usually interesting. And the Pistol …Continue Reading

Printable Solar Cells

Can solar cells become as flexible as paper or fabric? The answer from a MIT group is “yes”. …Continue Reading

FlipIt USB Charger

With more and more electronics on my table, there’re actually less and less power outlets to plug them …Continue Reading

Electric Eye Massager

With battery-powered vibrations and gentle heat, the device is an ideal gift for ladies who want to improve …Continue Reading

Push Plug

Amazing鈥 I mean, these plugs come with really cute look that can make us smile. Additionally, they also …Continue Reading

CUUM Electronic Wastebasket

Ever felt it bothered to bend down to pick up those dust particles on the floor? Calm down …Continue Reading

Charging Tap

You may get bit of promiscuous, because the concept hub designed by Qi Weijia looks really the same …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Interactive 3D AR Screen

Composed of gesture recognition software connected with a 3D depth sensor, a real time 3D video capture module …Continue Reading

Gamer Laundry

For people who are used to do clothes washing in a laundry room, it is really hard and …Continue Reading