Corner Power Strip

My passion for cleanliness and organization finally drives me closer to this Corner Power Strip designed by Herald …Continue Reading

Pistol Hairdryer

Anything that comes with an outlook nothing to do with its functions is usually interesting. And the Pistol …Continue Reading

Printable Solar Cells

Can solar cells become as flexible as paper or fabric? The answer from a MIT group is “yes”. …Continue Reading

FlipIt USB Charger

With more and more electronics on my table, there’re actually less and less power outlets to plug them …Continue Reading

Electric Eye Massager

With battery-powered vibrations and gentle heat, the device is an ideal gift for ladies who want to improve …Continue Reading

Push Plug

Amazing鈥 I mean, these plugs come with really cute look that can make us smile. Additionally, they also …Continue Reading

CUUM Electronic Wastebasket

Ever felt it bothered to bend down to pick up those dust particles on the floor? Calm down …Continue Reading

Charging Tap

You may get bit of promiscuous, because the concept hub designed by Qi Weijia looks really the same …Continue Reading

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Bookmarks and dictionaries are two necessary tools for bookworms, and obviously the item shown here has cleverly combined …Continue Reading

Interactive 3D AR Screen

Composed of gesture recognition software connected with a 3D depth sensor, a real time 3D video capture module …Continue Reading

Gamer Laundry

For people who are used to do clothes washing in a laundry room, it is really hard and …Continue Reading

Leaf Grip Remote Controller

With the innovation of design concepts and the progress of technology, remote controller is now approaching its new …Continue Reading

See What You Print

See What You Print (SWYP) is a sleek concept by Artefact, which is designed to give the printers …Continue Reading

Tropism Well

Elegant and functional, the Tropism Well is an outdoor water-supply that can pour water into your cups automatically. …Continue Reading

Mini Business Card Scanner

For people who have too many business cards to handle, this Mini Business Card Scanner is the best …Continue Reading

Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

Till now, the International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011 has brought us many surprising designs and products, and today we鈥檇 …Continue Reading

Airsketcher Fan

The Airsketcher, which looks the same as ordinary fans, actually has an astonishing function that it can automatically …Continue Reading

Multifunctional HDTV

German LCD maker HANNspree recently launched its Lounge TV 70 on International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011, which is announced …Continue Reading

Brainwave TV Controller

On International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011, Chinese electronics manufacture Haier exhibited a prototype which would change the way we …Continue Reading

‘Personal 3D Viewer’ Head Mounted Display

After quite a long time of research and design, Sony finally issued its ‘Personal 3D Viewer’ Head Mounted …Continue Reading

HD-15 High-Definition Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic Research’s HD-15 High-Definition electronic earplugs is the ever-best gadget that can both protect your ears from loud …Continue Reading

Wacom Inkling

The world’s leading manufacturer of digital interface solutions “Wacom” have recently issued its Inkling, a magic pen set …Continue Reading

New Vehicle Charger To Power Your House

Nissan Leaf, as the first all-electric production car, has long been concerned during the past days. Recently Nissan …Continue Reading

Wrist Sensor Turns Your Hand into a Trackpad.

Ever imagined to use your hand as a touchscreen? Turn your idea come true with Kei Nakatsuma’s wrist …Continue Reading

Electronic Skin

Researchers from the University of Illinois have exhibited their latest achievement – the Electronic Skin via the Internet. …Continue Reading

Plugless Power Wireless EV Charger

Evatran’s Plugless Power Electric Vehicle Charging System is a new challenge to normal products, and meanwhile it indicates …Continue Reading

SK Telecom’s Cart Offers Personalized Shopping Service.

It’ a pity that our brain cannot work as effectively as a computer while good news is that …Continue Reading

Stanford Transparent Batteries

Stanford scientists are pushing us to a new age, one that popular with transparent batteries. They’re transparent and …Continue Reading

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

In spite of living in different times, we’re actually sharing so many same things in our childhood. Paper …Continue Reading

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Congratulation that Jake Tyler has found cardboard鈥檚 new function and made a vacuum cleaner with the material. As …Continue Reading

Draw Working Circuits With Silver-ink Pen.

Jennifer Lewis & Jennifer Bernhard, two professors from University of Illinois, have collaborated with a silver-ink pen that …Continue Reading

U-socket USB Wallplug

Nowadays we’re living in a world full of USB-powered items, including our cellphones, music players, laptops and many …Continue Reading

Hello World Display

Valentin Ruhry’s new display is a huge board built with many illuminated rocker switches to show messages. Whenever …Continue Reading

Samsung’s Foldable Display

Amazing… I mean, the day has finally come and we’re now in a new age during which we …Continue Reading

Magic Bar

Finally the world’s first inductive charger, the Magic Bar has come! It is made to work with Apple’s …Continue Reading

Floor Plan Light Switch

Ever had any difficulty to find out which switch is controlling which light? Never mind, as you can …Continue Reading

Seesaw Battery Design

We always need AA batteries, for our mice, game players, MP3s, remote controllers and many other electronic apparatus. …Continue Reading

Panasonic Unveiled First Gesture-controlled TV.

The future of TV has arrived!! No need of remote-controllers or touching screens, simply wave your hand in …Continue Reading

Easy Fold, Easy Use.

Designer Xie Chen Chen wants to save your trouble with messy wires with this Plug Socket, which not …Continue Reading

Water Power Charger

One Swedish company recently released this PowerTrekk, a portable fuel cell charger that utilizes water to produce electricity …Continue Reading

Multi Lines

Doing away with annoying cords found on tables and floors, these Multi Lines make themselves part of the …Continue Reading

World’s Largest Touch Screen

Students in the University of Groningen will soon take their courses in a 3D theater. The new classroom …Continue Reading

Transparent TV Concept

Transparency is obviously a main trend of modern designs and we’ve come up with transparent cellphones, transparent shoes …Continue Reading

Ember Lamp Power Strip

Ember is the best bedside lamp you can ever find. It offers electricity, not only to charge the …Continue Reading

Attachable Battery for iPod and iPhone

The top one excuse, if there is a list of commonly-used excuses for missing a call from others, …Continue Reading

Wireless Charger Comes To Market.

Wireless chargers which were developed years ago have recently appeared in the market. And the one we show …Continue Reading

Wind Cube

Smaller in size, the new wind power generator however performs much better in producing electricity. And it comes …Continue Reading

E-Money Band

You must have been used to purchasing something in convenience stores with a credit card, but what about …Continue Reading

Smiling Switch Makes The Earth Smile.

“Do not forget to turn off the light. Let 鈥渕e鈥 keep smile. Let the earth keep smile.” The …Continue Reading

Line Block Cable

Thanks to four Korea based designers and their Line Block Cable, you’d always feel happy to see cables …Continue Reading