A Case Turns Your Smartphone into Instant Camera

Any iPhone or Android phone can transform into an instant camera with this brilliant case which contains a …Continue Reading

Highline Meeting for Adventurers

The International Highline Meeting this year at Monte Piana, Italy calls to those with an adventurous spirit to …Continue Reading

Smart Case Doubles as A Notice Board for iPhone

This smart case doubles as a receiver for notifications from the iPhone by displaying an icon accordingly at …Continue Reading

A Bicycle&Table Hybrid That Generates Power

By pedaling the bicycle, an adult can generate 100 watt electricity that is enough to power one’s laptop. …Continue Reading

Visions of Light

When you hold the camera shutter a little bit longer and wave a flashlight in that short period, …Continue Reading

3D Playing Cards

A set of hexagonal cards designed for tranditional poker or other card games with an added bonus of …Continue Reading

Nutrition-oriented Fruit Game

Hot game “Fruit Ninja” is so popular that everyone starts to try kinds of fruit. However, rather than …Continue Reading

Cable-shaped Sound

By combining up to 32 segments, this cable-shaped sound can reach as long as 64m that is long …Continue Reading

BBQ-donut Boat

How about a BBQ on the lake? With this donut-shaped barbeque boat you can enjoy happy hours when …Continue Reading

Steampunk Park

Inspired by Jules Gabriel Verne, this steampunk park in Rance, France surprises visitors by the arbitrary manipulation towards …Continue Reading

Funny KFC Bone Art

Wow, these KFC bone arts are so funny! Maybe when you are bored staying at KFC, you can …Continue Reading

RC Amphibious Car

Is it too dull to play remote control car on land in hot summer? Do you want to …Continue Reading

“In Order to Control” Interactive Typographic Installation

Different from regular projectors that usually create a shadow on walls when there’re people standing in front of …Continue Reading

Minesweeper Scratch Cards

Windows Minesweeper is a good game that has helped us go through those boring days, and many people …Continue Reading

Meat? Balloons!

Seemingly like ordinary meat, the stuff shown here is actually meat-shaped balloons displayed by Object Design League (ODL) …Continue Reading

Lazy Football Chair

Can you sit to play football? I can, as long as I have this “Lazy Football” chair designed …Continue Reading

Interactive Kissing Poster

The unbeatable charm of technology is that it makes everything possible: in Japan, the males can now kiss …Continue Reading

Plate Roulette

Who pays the pizza today? It completely depends on the Plate Roulette, which decides who win or lose …Continue Reading

USB Slingshot for Angry Birds

Is there any new methods or tools that can allow us to play the “Angry Birds” game in …Continue Reading

Mechanical Music Box

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”, the classic “Happy Birthday” is now played by this mechanical …Continue Reading

Xappr Gun for Smartphones

Although I think smartphones are already cool enough, some people are just trying to make them cooler: for …Continue Reading

Suitcase Symphony

Life is music, thus we all love symphony instead of monotony. Keeping that in mind too, a Dutch …Continue Reading

LEGO Animals in Bronx Zoo

Quite surprisingly we’re informed that in the Bronx Zoo there’re several animals seldom moving or eating but keeping …Continue Reading

Three Dimensional Cube Kite

What’s this, a huge cube? Of course it is, but it’s exactly also a three dimensional kite formed …Continue Reading

Interactive Liquid Sculpture

Made of nanoscale ferromagnetic and fluid (usually an organic solvent or water), this is an interactive liquid toy …Continue Reading

Keaton Music Typewriter

Keaton Music Typewriter is a practical machine that can type on a sheet of paper lying flat under …Continue Reading

Invisible Ferris Wheel

Can Ferris wheel become invisible, lifting people up and down while never showing its original structure? Said “yes”, …Continue Reading

Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit

What do you usually do during the boring time caused by traffic jam, to play your iPad, have …Continue Reading

Vinyl Records Bicycle

Love music, love sport, the stylish Feats Per Minute bike from Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank …Continue Reading

Interactive OLED Mirror

Cleverly combining light and shadow together, the giant OLED mirror collaborated by rAndom International and Chris O鈥橲hea would …Continue Reading

Exclusive Tourist Tents

The beautiful scenery is not the only reason that encourages us to go picnic in the open air, …Continue Reading

A Roller Coaster without A Roller Coaster

The greatest thrill you ever get is going on the roller coaster? Of course it is, but next …Continue Reading

World’s First Eye-controlled Arcade Game

“Your eyes are all you need to save the earth”. That’s what the world’s first eye-controlled arcade game …Continue Reading

OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

Attention, please, those who plan to learn how to fly now would have another choice except for going …Continue Reading

Decagon Tent

You ever dreamed to own a special tent that may work in the same way as your house? …Continue Reading

Virtual Ping Pong

The main reason why I don’t play Ping Pong is that I can barely touch the ball with …Continue Reading

Alice’s Climbing Wall

I’m another Alice now, experiencing everything that she has ever met in Wonderland with this whimsical climbing wall. …Continue Reading

SideBySide Handheld Projectors for Multiplayer Games

Disney is a wonderful place full of imaginations, in my mind, thus it’s quite amazing to see its …Continue Reading

Snow in a Can

No doubt you’re the one who can control the weather, but merely the snowy weather at the moment. …Continue Reading

“Sphero” Robotic Ball

The “Sphero” is the world’s first robotic ball that can be controlled by an iPhone or Android device. …Continue Reading

Realtime Face Substitution

Cool! Using a code mashup of Jason Saragih’s facetracker and Kevin Atkinson’s image clone code, Arturo Castro successfully …Continue Reading

Zapparel Augmented Reality Clothes

Zapparel Augmented Reality Clothes, which was launched at the International Fashion Expo, Magic in Las Vegas on August …Continue Reading

Fun Houses for Kids

These attractive houses are not real ones for you to live in, but actually playgrounds especially made for …Continue Reading

Super Mario Inspired Products

“Super Mario”, not only as a classic game, but also as daily products like hats, cups or toys, …Continue Reading

Anonymous Hugging Wall

If anonymous, we believe more people would love to hug others. Apparently Keetra Dean Dixon thinks so too, …Continue Reading

Angry Birds Airplanes

For only now the angry birds are really flying in the blue sky. In a video posted by …Continue Reading

Make Daily Products Part of Your Chess.

It is surprisingly simple to create your own chess – you firstly need to draw out a chessboard …Continue Reading

5-in-1 Table Game

Foosball, ping pong, backgammon, chess and pool – you can play all those five games with merely one …Continue Reading

Fairy Tale Mirrors

What will you do if you have a magic mirror as those you see in books or films? …Continue Reading

VW Camper Van Tent

Really interesting idea… We now can at least get a VW Camper Van Tent if we still couldn’t …Continue Reading