Injure Free Bionic Trainer

This injure free fitness equipment removes the impact of jogging on hard surfaces with its bicycle and cross-trainer …Continue Reading

NIKE Projection Playground

In Madrid, NIKE provides laser-projected basketball playgrounds on streets by a crane, with its fluorescence green light extremely …Continue Reading

FitWet aquasizes your body

FitWet introduces an innovative way to burn calories without pain. It combines the benefits of workout with the …Continue Reading

Zen Circus Fitness Furniture

As antigravity yoga is quite popular around Europe now, designer Caroline Kermarrec has thus drawn a creative inspiration …Continue Reading

Squid EMG Fitness Shirt

While a personal fitness instructor is most ideal and thus widely needed by people who do exercises at …Continue Reading

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk is one of the most-complicated desks we’ve ever met. It is built with …Continue Reading

Projection Scale

People tend to lower their heads to check out the exact numbers when they weigh themselves on the …Continue Reading

Treadmill on Wheels

Treadmill is a normal machine helping us to reduce the weight, but the drawbacks? Wow, you’ve lost the …Continue Reading

NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer

You’ll finally leave your footprints all over the world some day, if you’re to keep running on the …Continue Reading

Air Scale

Air Scale is an innovative design by Yasuhiro Akama. The concept is all about telling the users the …Continue Reading

A Sweat Shirt

The 鈥楽weat Shirt鈥 is not just in name only, but also in reality. Designed for measuring your sport …Continue Reading

Magnetic Dumbbell by Sang-Hoon Lee

Mike has six perfect abdominal muscles and that鈥檚 a real feather in his cap. You want to be …Continue Reading

4Fitness: A foldable big gym

What dose fitness mean to you? Strong physique, slim figure, or anything else? Certainly, fitness always promises us …Continue Reading

Sound Body Weight Scale

Most fat people admit that, the most embarrassing moment聽is to stand on a weighing scale, as they may …Continue Reading


Well, though commonly taken for a mini CD player, the kettle-shaped device is actually a piece of fitness …Continue Reading

Scale for pregnant woman

No woman will like to see their weight going up, except for pregnant ones. Although weight will trouble …Continue Reading

The floating gym powered by human

Exercising in fitness room is good for our health, but this kind of action actually wastes a lot …Continue Reading

Spinning weight scale

Conventional weight scale comes with a hidden rotary part which is used to tell the weight. But the …Continue Reading

180賿 Scale

Because of the unique structure of this scale, it can be used in two ways by turning it …Continue Reading

Fitness closet

If you like exercise you may want to have a fitness room in your house. But a room …Continue Reading

Foldable Universal Scale

Because of the special structure, this scale may be adjusted to fit anyone including disabled persons.

Slide open scale

The display of this scale is hidden under the sliding cover. Plus, it鈥檚 color is pretty elegant.

Xdream fitness bike

Bike is a good fitness station, but always riding in the same way won鈥檛 be a pleasure thing. …Continue Reading

Two Funny scales

Wanna know your weight, you have to ask your partner. But I doubt whether he/she will tell you …Continue Reading

Paper scale

This design is made from paper electronic combining a pressure sensing sheet. In order to be as thin …Continue Reading

Secret scale

For some people, weight is one kind of privacy as secret as age. So they don鈥檛 hope their …Continue Reading

Wireless scale

With an extra wireless handle, you could read your weight without bowing.

Animal scale

Standing on the scale and see which animal are you weight.

Omni-directional treadmill

Thanks to the sensor, we can walk in any direction rather than one way on this treadmill. Although …Continue Reading

Weighting stool

This stool will display different color depending on the pressure. In other words, the color gonna be vary …Continue Reading

Treadmill for real running

You will have real displacement while running on this treadmill. It鈥檚 sooooo cool.

Mat for weighting

This is a useful gadget created by artist Jacob Dahlgren. You can weight yourself while wiping off the …Continue Reading