A Coffee Table Book Unfolds into A Coffee Table

Traditional book-binding techniques and a paper honeycomb structure, together they can make a book & coffee table that …Continue Reading

Side Table Transforms into A Rowing Machine

If you have to work out at home, and your apartment happens to be space limited. Having this …Continue Reading

Recycled T-shirt Hammock for Pets

A dog recognizes its master’s scent, and is happiest and most comfortable on its master’s clothes, this piece …Continue Reading

An Upside-down Bed Desk

Want to keep on using your computer while you lie in bed? This nifty invention can be used …Continue Reading

Missile Drinks Cabinet

The 1970s missile fuselage drinks cabinet stands over eight feet tall and weighs 600 pounds, inside whose mirror-polished …Continue Reading

Dog-shaped Shelf

The life-sized dog-shaped cardboard organizer is easy to assemble and beautiful in appearance.

Wall-Mounted Bar Dome Cabinet

A gorgeous wall-mounted bar that features wooden movable panels holds bottles of liquor as well as wine glasses.

Tear Drop Chair

A chair looks like a large tear drop with 64 liters of water inside of it. It reflects …Continue Reading

Poetic Companion Stool

Only a slight change of the angles of steel, the stools have turned out to have humorous expressions …Continue Reading

Playful Seesaw Table

Good table manners are required to keep balance when sitting on this fun and fanciful table for its …Continue Reading

Corner Shelf

The shelf looks like a giant bowl stuck in the corner is space-saving and practical for displaying small …Continue Reading

Stool with A Handle

“Moving stool” is designed for both indoor and outdoor use for its handle provides an easy transportation.

Two-legged Chair

The chair requires some physical activity to maintain a balanced seat as it explores a constant awareness of …Continue Reading

Translucent Inflatable Armchair

A flat package inflates to be a translucent armchair composed of wood and plastic whose structure unrevealed clearly …Continue Reading

A Cozy Sofa, Bed & Cabin Furniture

This hybrid furniture integrates a sofa, a bed and a cabin, providing you an unparalleled cozy private space. …Continue Reading

Refold Cardboard Desk

Refold cardboard desk has increased the mobility of workplaces, you can build up a work desk anywhere and …Continue Reading

Arm Chair Flop

An arm chair folds out to a single-bed with mattress and pillow storing inside. It is practical for …Continue Reading

Wooden Bag Stool

This Mondana Bag is made of solid cedar wood but in form of a handbag with straps, and …Continue Reading

DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves

Fill the cracks of a piece of chestnut wood with growing resin to create unique furniture of your …Continue Reading

Beetle Cabinet

Nature inspired wooden storage cabinet that looks like a giant beetle is innovative for your bedroom.

Roof Furniture

Innovative table & chairs mounted on the slant roof, allows you to drink coffee and enjoy the breeze …Continue Reading

Crazy Transforming Sofa

We’ve seen lots of safa go into beds, it’s still hard to believe this simple, small regular couch …Continue Reading

Minimalist Table with A Replica of Goldfish in It

The table called “Up in the air” looks like a hollow cylinder fish tank, with one or two …Continue Reading

A Bench with A Built-in Chess Set

This is no ordinary bench, the squares outside the chessboard secretly contain a whole set of chess pieces, …Continue Reading

Table Doubles as A Playground for Cats

Cats will love this stylish table with built-in tunnels that can play in! It is also a regular …Continue Reading

An ArmChair with A Red Hood

If you love to take a nap in a warm and cozy sofa with a soft blanket wrapping …Continue Reading

Canvas Furniture

Appearing to be paintings leaning against the wall, these sofa, chair and armchair made of wood, metal and …Continue Reading

A Table with Built-in Solar Panel

Similar to photosynthesis, this table absorbs diffused sunlight found indoors using its dyed orange glass surface, which increase …Continue Reading

Origami Sofa

It’s a two-seat sofa as well as a flat mat, the Japanese paper-folding inspired furniture is made of …Continue Reading

Typography-Themed Desks

Typography-themed desks come from A to Z, each desk has its own character and structure, which makes it …Continue Reading

Cat Furniture

If there were a planet ruled by cats, it would be built like this. Climbing poles, suspended platforms …Continue Reading

Work Bed

Wooden desk that can be flipped into a comfortable bed may save space and help you to relax …Continue Reading

Pull to Sit

Everything has its personality even to a chair. It asks for an interactivity and allows you to sit …Continue Reading

Cool Sketch Furnitures

Can you figure it out that the left picture above is a sketch while the other a real …Continue Reading

Hidden Furniture

Creative space-saving bookcase that contains a whole set of dinner table and chairs may fit perfectly in tiny …Continue Reading

Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier

With detachable, light-up tentacles, the cephalopod chandelier measures around 4 feet across, its body and tentacles can be …Continue Reading

Desk with Cushion Layers

A Russian designer slotted two layers of foam into a plywood sheets with curved edges to make this …Continue Reading

Stockwerk Shelf

Foldable wooden Stockwerk Shelf can be easily pulled into shape with the need of assembly.

Crescent Moon-shaped Crib

Crescent moon-shaped wooden crib with several stars dotted on it would definitely add spicy to your fantastic fairtale-themed …Continue Reading

Giant Cat Couch

The giant cat couch could be a substitution of any cozy house items such sofas, beds, armchairs or …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sculptures

An American artist transformed driftwood found on the Washington coast into creative furniture and life-size animal sculptures.

Teddy Bear Sofa

Delightful to have a giant buddy like big teddy bear鈥檚 accompany, particularly in a comfortable and cozy sofa …Continue Reading

Reclining Flat-packable Chair

It鈥檚 a comfortable and cozy reclining flat-packable chair specially for libraries and airport lounges. Simply adjusting your posture, …Continue Reading

Pull-out Bookshelf

Made of natural poplar wood, you can draw and push the seperated five parts of this stylish bookshelf …Continue Reading

Ten Cool Inventive Beds

A tight sleep requires a comfortable bed, it would be even more sound if the bed happens to …Continue Reading

Lamborghini Desk

Looks like a Lamborghini Murcielago sports car, this creative and eye-catching office desk will make a great addition …Continue Reading

Sweeties Furniture

People get to know furniture by similar means of knowing sugary treats, such as discovering its texture, smell …Continue Reading

Puffy&Playful Pom-Pons

Instead of making a standard and regular furnishing, the designer came up with this spontaneous and accidental looking …Continue Reading

Flashlight Table Lamp

With five detachable pods, this sophisticated table lamp is able to turn into flashlights when necessary. You can …Continue Reading

Woodsman Axe Dining Table

Have the woodsman dining table reminds you of dark bushy woods? It is based on the Brothers Grimm …Continue Reading