A Bracelet That Features 25 Usage

This wearable tool has 25 tools built in, each link includes two or three different tools like a …Continue Reading

A Rollator Doubles as A Portable Seat

An ambulatory designed for the elderly and those who have a walking disability, a rollator that can be …Continue Reading

Man Handcrafts Pliers in Just 10 Cuts

With a simple pocket knife and a solid wood, it takes him only 10 cuts to make pliers …Continue Reading

Air Purifier in Case of Fire

Asphyxiations is a major cause of death in fire, this Air Pocket will decrease this by purifying the …Continue Reading

Fun Popcorn Maker

Fun popcorn maker that allows you to mix your favorite flavorings with corn kernels in a playful shaking …Continue Reading

Automatic Watercolor Painting Machine

When connected with computer, this device will automatically recreate digital artworks into watercolor paintings using ordinary paint tools.

Laser-cutting Watch

The carbon fiber laser watch features a beam of blue laser that lasts five to ten minutes before …Continue Reading

Magnifying Spoon Designed to Detect Contaminants in Food

The spoon with a magnifier is designed to detect whether there’s any petty contaminants such as hair or …Continue Reading

Spring Smasher for Nuts

This lovely spring smasher turns cracking nuts into a playful game. It feels like holding a slingshot, aiming …Continue Reading

A Pratical Bottle Accessory

If you have to share your bottle of water with others, this innovative gadget that fits to the …Continue Reading

Water Tap with Dual Outlets

A clever water tap with dual outlets enables you to drink water without bending the neck upwards.

Precision Scissors

A clever scissors design that combines the benefit of a ruler provides you an accurate cut in every …Continue Reading

The Chair in the Bottle

Sitpack is the world鈥檚 most compact, foldable seat! It can be folded into a bottle and put in …Continue Reading

A Hybrid Spoon & Fork

A hybrid “two in one” eating utensil that combines the spoon and the fork makes life a little …Continue Reading

Nut Hammer

A nutcracker with a soft silicone head that holds the fragments crushes the nuts instantly and keeps the …Continue Reading

Modern Style Push Mower

Small in size, easy to use, and modern in style, this lovely push mower is no similar to …Continue Reading

Tool Pen

A versatile pen features a couple of regular tools in it, helping you to get rid of those …Continue Reading

A Tool to Draw Ellipses

An ellipse is more geometrically complex than a circle or a line, so the designer combines a compass, …Continue Reading

BBQ Suitcase

Unfold the suitcase, you’ll get a BBQ grill, wonderful!

Portable Multi-tool Axe Head

Titanium-made light weight axe head is capable of various chopping, cutting and sawing work. By adding a fallen …Continue Reading

‘Magic Hand’ for Operating Touchscreens

If you’re wearing gloves or have long nails, it is just not convenient to operate touchscreens. Google Japan …Continue Reading

3D-printed Adapter to Make An Easy-clean Whisk

A whisk is a small gadget that one use to blend powders and eggs or milk or other …Continue Reading

Smiley Face on Screws

Small parts like screws can hardly get anyone’s attention. While a Japanese design studio has brought a smiley …Continue Reading

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Good looking fixie pizza cutter features bright and delightful color with its two wheels armed with shape edges …Continue Reading

A Device That Converts An iPhone into An GPS

Have an outdoor mapping GPS device converted from your iPhone when hiking, taking a field trip or simply …Continue Reading

An iPhone Case That Sends Smoke Signals

Get prepared to embrace a new way of communication using iPhone out of old technology that’s been around …Continue Reading

Sugru&Magnets Kit

Sugru is a powerful and reliable gelatinous plasticene which becomes omnipotent together with magnets for they can be …Continue Reading

Thumbtacks FLY

Elaborate plastic fly thumbtacks are so annoying to stick on even more annoying schedules!

Killer Animal Staple Removers

A masculine way to remove staples by these formidable animals, take a bite and rip off your staplers.

Portable Hydropower Generator

Hydropower, one of the most efficient and eco-friendly power to generate electricity, is usually used in giant dams. …Continue Reading

ECO Washing Ball

Are you still using the abstergent to clean your fruits or vegetables? It seems to be a little …Continue Reading

Campfire Fishing Rod

To be far away from the oily fume and to enjoy a relaxed experience of 鈥渇ishing鈥 during BBQ, …Continue Reading

Flower Ruler

A row of lovely petty flowers and weeds forms a unique and creative ruler! One centimeter between two …Continue Reading

Zipper Repair Kit

Just simply clicks this zipper pull on to replace broken or missing pulls. A brilliant solution for broken …Continue Reading

Home First Aid Kit

Divided by injuries and every injury is described in steps, this first aid kit efficiently guides the casualty …Continue Reading

Store Keys In The Cloud

Scan and store your keys in the cloud to get an access of digital keychains with KeyMe, a …Continue Reading

Rubbee Drive

A friction drive module for most standard bicycles, Rubbee Drive speeds your bike up to 25km/h with its …Continue Reading

Portable Digital CNC

As a portable version of CNC, this box-sized smart tool is armed with a software application that integrates …Continue Reading

Creative Bicycle Accessories

Students of ECAL presented their creative bicycle accessories such as brake lever&bell, splash-proof tire brush, etc. These tiny …Continue Reading

Magnetic Sheet Shaped in Poker

The magnetic sheet made by an Israeli designer, Avihai Shurin, is shaped in different suits 鈥 heart, club, …Continue Reading

One Trip Grip

Working hard and shopping hard, ladies today must have been used to those heavy shopping bags and the …Continue Reading

Tape Scissor

Combining two separate tools rightly in one, the Tape Scissor is a brilliant scissor with a built-in tape …Continue Reading

Light Glove

Undoubtedly wearing light on hand is much better than holding light in hand: it not only offers bright …Continue Reading

Blooming Nails

When flowers finally bloom on the walls, tables, or other places you’ve driven in nails, they’re actually there …Continue Reading

Hearing-aid Vacuums

For those who need to wear a hearing aid, it’s really a bothersome time when their tiny device …Continue Reading

KEBO Single Hand Operated Opener

In 1930s, American famous brand KEBO designed the first Theodore Low bottle opener, but it was not easy …Continue Reading

Human Grasp Assist Device

The Human Grasp Assist Device, or named as K-glove, is an assistant gadget collaborated by NASA and GM. …Continue Reading

Redundant Calculators

A digital calculator on the left, and a traditional manual abacus on the right, with two classical tools …Continue Reading

Mobile Scanner

Yes, the New York City is no more that safe as it may used to be, and thus …Continue Reading

AcceleGlove can Spell American Sign Language Out on Screen

To most people, it’s really a very hard work to learn and understand sign languages, unless they can …Continue Reading