Couple’s Sock Set

Funny socks with a set of characters that complement each other just like you and your partner may …Continue Reading

Cute Figures Reminds Your to Water Your Plants

If you forgot to water the plants, they might die. These cute figures will check the soil moisture, …Continue Reading

Engine Repair Playset

After the repair job, this mechanic will make some realistic engine noises when you turns the ignition key.

Fun Gift Wrap Sets

Transforming the boxy presents into adorable animal characters with cute expressions and tiny ears will delight both children …Continue Reading

Sexy Butts Packaging for Peaches

For the coming Qixi Festival, namely, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, peaches are sold as sexy butts in China …Continue Reading

Easy Wrap by Elastic Bows

Gift-wrapping becomes so easy using an elastic band with a bow like this! Clever and simple.

Creepy Coin Eating Bank

Instead of those still, dull coin banks, the Face Bank gobbles the coin when it’s close to it. …Continue Reading

Never Ending String

This never ending slinky machine will provide you an endless source of distraction and entertainment on your desk.

Crystal Clear Putty

Crystal clear putty that one can play with during the break time looks really like liquid glass and …Continue Reading

Illustrated Chinese Characters

Basic Chinese characters within colorful illustrations will help people learn and understand the complex Chinese words more easily.

Rechargeable LED Cork

A rechargeable LED cork that turns empty bottles into lamp that shows the beauty of simplicity. The tail …Continue Reading

Pizza-scented Perfume

Demeter has released a pizza-scented perfume for people who love smelling pizza and gives them “tomato sauce, creamy …Continue Reading

Rollerblade/Scooter Hybrid

A new means of transportation and exercise, this hybrid rollerblade and scooter thing works just as roller sports, …Continue Reading

Music Player Embedded Earbuds That Controlled by A Bite

As the world鈥檚 only music player embedded earbuds, they have several unique features. Both earbuds are magnetically matched, …Continue Reading

Creative Vehicle Tail Gas Envelopes

When you tear to open the envelope, the torn paper will produce a long trail of 鈥渟moke鈥 behind …Continue Reading

Fish Cups & Heat Pads

Cups with fish-shaped metal stamps at the bottom create what looks like a zen Koi pond on the …Continue Reading

Snack Pillows for Movie Night

Snacks and pillows are indispensable gadgets for movie night, what if we combine both together into unique and …Continue Reading

Lobster Paws Costume

Wear a lobster costume on your puppy and make it the cutest baby for all time!

Watermelon Candles

It鈥檚 wonderful to have watermelon at hand to cool you off. If not, some similarities, say watermelon-shaped candles, …Continue Reading

Music Postcards

Each postcard has a prestored song in its printed circuit, it plays music when inserted into the special …Continue Reading

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

Simply take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface you like, this unique alarm clock …Continue Reading

Butterfly Cup&Saucer

A Japanese tea set is always elegant and subtle, the butterfly cup and saucer presents you an exquisite …Continue Reading

Sticky-free Sand

If you鈥檙e fond of sand sculptures but hate the mess, here鈥檚 a nice recommendation for you. Special properties …Continue Reading

Steak Wrapping Paper

An innovative steak wrapping paper comes up for a highly unique gifting experience!

LEGO Microscope

It is no decoration, it is a real pratical microscope in LEGO bricks! To some extent, science is …Continue Reading

Colorful Pattern Calendar

Colorful and dynamic, isn鈥檛 the pattern calendar dazzling? Made of paper-cuts, each monch has its own pattern and …Continue Reading

Expressive Eyes for Interactive Characters

Expressive eyes is so essential in face-to-face communications that researchers have found a way to vividly present them …Continue Reading

Grassy Page Markers

Stick these lovely grass-shaped markers on your page and see if your knowledge would grow and spread faster …Continue Reading

Ocean Fishes in Pictures

Portraits for ocean fishes! The artist have drawed pictures for every fish he encountered and binded them together …Continue Reading

Hidden Animal Teacup

We鈥檇 like to share with you this beautiful teacup that hides an adorable animal! Sip your tea and …Continue Reading

Japan Shouting Vase

Are you emotionally stressful and feel no where to relax? It does not work through shouting in public …Continue Reading

Waveform Necklace

Graduation day is still around, have you already prepared a special gift for your friends or relatives? If …Continue Reading

Magic White Light Bulb

Let me show you how to become a magician in merely one minute: you should firstly get a …Continue Reading

Strapless Sun Visor

Smart and lightweight, the Strapless Sun Visor would protect you away from the shinning sun light while never …Continue Reading

What’s this?

Guessing time again, so what do you think this Teddy Bear is used for? Don’t tell me that’s …Continue Reading

SMS Text Messaging Notebook

You know that the Short Message Service has been there for 20 years? Well, time passes away so …Continue Reading

Superhero Pint Glasses with Capes

Wanna to make your glasses look completely different from others? Then you’d better change them into Superheroes! The …Continue Reading

“Strike” Matchbox

Unbelievable, the pocket-sized metal box here is actually a gadget for both storing and lighting matches!? But how? …Continue Reading

Power Lines Holders

Power lines, when placed in different places and endowed with different functions, seem to have brought us with …Continue Reading

Driftwood Sailboat Napkin Holder

Soooooo CUTE! Simply put some napkins on a sailboat-shaped wooden holder, you’re actually building your own boat on …Continue Reading

Dictionary Desk Pillow

Quite commonly we say that there’s valuable knowledge in books, but sometime there’s a comfortable soft pillow inside …Continue Reading

Boat Candles

“Moon river, wider than a mile”, and there’s a boat candle floating on the water鈥 Designed by Slovak …Continue Reading

Tardis Safe is Unlocked with Your Smartphone

Tardis, used to be the Doctor Who time machine police box made famous by the British television show, …Continue Reading

Chocolate Planet

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all those eight planets of our solar system have …Continue Reading

Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks

Speed up, speed up, when using these Japanese Bullet Train Chopsticks to enjoy your lunch, you may feel …Continue Reading

Stockings can tell Your Attitudes.

Stockings can tell your attitudes, demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous or …Continue Reading

Fossil Soap

While professional archaeologists are concerned about finding fossil dinosaurs, we unprofessional people are just enjoying the fun of …Continue Reading

Your Little Printer

Your Little Printer, unveiled by the Berg, is a smart portable printer that helps you to print out …Continue Reading

Pocket Microscope

Really small and cheap, the seemingly ordinary device actually features a surprisingly 30X magnification, always helping you to …Continue Reading

Cup Noodle Robot Timer

Though many of my friends love cup noodles, they seldom know that the first cup noodle was launched …Continue Reading