Creative Notebook Designs

Magic time鈥 By combining two round plates, one thread and several simple patterns together, D-BROS from Japan has …Continue Reading

Money To Burn Candle

Too luxury鈥 Even though we know what is burning in front of us is simply cash-shaped candle instead …Continue Reading

iDigiTip for Your Finger

What is iDigiTip? Basically it’s a digital accessory, but exactly it’s a magical gadget that offers you better …Continue Reading

Van Gogh “Starry Night” Socks

“Starry Night” is usually known as one of Van Gogh’s popular iconic paintings, but now it has also …Continue Reading

Pistol Hairdryer

Anything that comes with an outlook nothing to do with its functions is usually interesting. And the Pistol …Continue Reading

iPhone Belt Buckle

What is the safest way to keep your iPhones? One answer suggested here is to put it inside …Continue Reading

Vampire Bottle Opener

Be careful, the vampire is coming鈥 It’s not to bite you, but to bite open your bottles! Look …Continue Reading

Daft Coke

At the beginning of this year, Coca Cola and Daft Punk have collaborated to issue a limited edition …Continue Reading

Holga Camera Smiles to Shot.

Please keep smiling for your photo, I mean, not only you need to smile, but also your camera …Continue Reading

Magnetic Polish

London-based Nails inc. has launched these magnet polish products that can create a stereo image on your finger …Continue Reading

Piiiig Extendable Bank

Soooooo Cute! This is a magic piggy band that will grow fatter and longer with more and more …Continue Reading

Radiation-detecting Bracelet

Everybody knows that we’re surrounded by radiation all the time, but where is it? The radiation is invisible, …Continue Reading

Laptop Body Skins

These interesting clothes are especially designed for your laptops, giving them a personalized look and thus to amaze …Continue Reading

Super Mario Inspired Products

“Super Mario”, not only as a classic game, but also as daily products like hats, cups or toys, …Continue Reading

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

With their pregnant bellies become bigger and bigger, almost all mums-to-be have to face one same problem that …Continue Reading

iStrike Stylus

iStrike Stylus changes your drawing jobs into striking progresses. Suitable for any capacitive touch-screen devices such as Apple …Continue Reading

Food Jewelry

Welcome to our food- themed party. To dress up yourself, you may choose from apple rings, pear necklace, …Continue Reading

Kissing Mask

Wear a mask to kiss? What a stupid idea that may sound… But wait, wait, Didier Faustino’s Doppelganger …Continue Reading

Woolen Soap

Woolen Soap is here! It is handmade and intended for gentle massage and skeen peel. Whenever moisten with …Continue Reading

IQ Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are wonderful devices, and among them Oliver Sha’s IQ Alarm Clock is obviously the best. It …Continue Reading

Angry Birds, Here! Angry Birds, There!

Angry Birds are almost everywhere, and till now we can see them on cups, hats, cakes, toys, refrigerator …Continue Reading

Whale Tissue Holder

Sometimes, the whales do not spout water but face tissues…

The Heart Drum

My heart beats faster than a drum beats, and with a smile, I鈥檓 saying: “I love you, and …Continue Reading

Anatomical Model? Sleeping Bag!

Frightened to death… one may have that experience if suddenly sees this Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag. But I …Continue Reading

Keyboard Slippers

A geeky way to walk around. The Keyboard Slippers, we’re geeks. They’re available for $29, in red, black, …Continue Reading

Smile Training Apparatus

Smile and say hello. With this training apparatus worn on your face, you’ll be forced to smile no …Continue Reading

Gold Standard Noteblock

Gold Standard Noteblock with amazing golden color as real gold… Pity it just seems like real gold, and …Continue Reading

Boyfriend in a Bottle

Valentine’s Day is soon coming. So what have you prepared for your girlfriends? If you’ve gotten no idea, …Continue Reading

Foot Pillow

While attentively protecting charm flesh on your hands, you should also pay enough attention to your feet…

Porcelain Egg Candles

This time you get these eggs home, you open the box and take them out, and then you …Continue Reading

Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, Or?

Something else! Resembling the cool look of DSLR cameras, these two products shown here actually cannot be used …Continue Reading


Admittedly the RuMe CUFF is not the most delicate or most functional wallet for you, but it is …Continue Reading

The Revenge of the Piggy Bank

For quite a long time people are used to breaking porcelain piggy banks whenever they desperately need that …Continue Reading

Boonghand Lock Lighter

Things are always changing. Nowadays if you give your friends a cigarette lighter as a present, you’re not …Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Box

Apparently this is the simplest happy birthday box we’ve ever seen, and still it is applicable to a …Continue Reading

Pajamas Warming Pouch

The Pajamas Warming Pouch makes your winter much warmer. Featuring some integrated heating elements, the smart pouch can …Continue Reading

DUEL Saving Bank

Possibly I seldom need a money box to help me save more coins, but I do need something …Continue Reading

Musical Pot

Muse is a musical pot that amuses you. Collaborated by Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori and Jeon Se-Yong, the …Continue Reading

HOOKED Keeps Your Keys and Coins in Line.

Possibly Winnif Pang is quite keen on fishing and he also makes himself the HOOKED鈩 bag to keep …Continue Reading

Morning Putt Golfers Coffee Mug Gift Set

Get rid of the boring life in office? Start a different morning with the Golfers Coffee Mug then! …Continue Reading

Amazing Ribbons That Resemble Animals

Better presents than those involving packaging are obviously gifts with such cute animal shaped ribbons rather than regular …Continue Reading

Scratch World Map

What do you usually do to show others the places you’ve been on holidays? Mark the city with …Continue Reading

KEAT Smiles, and You Smile, Too.

Although I seldom need a key stand, I really like the “KEAT” from 83Design: You put your key …Continue Reading

Hinge Print Tape

What could be better than the X-tape? Check out these optical illusion “hinge” tapes designed by Hyoungmin Park …Continue Reading

Nike78 Shoe Aquarium

See what happens when Nike shoes are modified into beautiful works of art鈥esigned by a Tokyo-based advertising company …Continue Reading

If Coin is Diamond鈥

Coins jump into the box and the diamond comes out? Feel quite exciting, right? That’s totally possible if …Continue Reading

Canon Lens Mug

Note that the tele lens from Canon is not designed for cameras, but for holding water…Though everyone believes …Continue Reading

Mysterious Double Axis Tourbillon Watch

You think the watch is merely an amazing concept? It’s real, coming from Thomas Prescher. All its components …Continue Reading

Postcarden: Postcard that hides a mini Garden

Postcarden鈥攑ronounced “post(card) garden”鈥攊s a stereoscopic card that turns into a mini-sized garden when filled with seeds and watered. …Continue Reading

Test Chart Calendar

Obviously the designer has drawn an inspiration from the vision test chart to create this calendar. As days …Continue Reading