Glowing UV Paint Murals

These blank bedroom walls suddenly transform into gorgeous murals in the darkness. So fantastic and unreal that you’ll …Continue Reading

Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rod is able to expand the showering space by adding a convex shape into common straight …Continue Reading

360 Degree Adjustable Shelf

One shelf is enough for displaying one or two items and able to change the orientation and degrees …Continue Reading

Vibrant Paper Plants

Vibrant paper plants look so fresh and bring the tropics to you! No maintenance, and always beautiful.

Space-saving Pulley Plant Holder

For anyone who lives in small apartment where no more space for gardening, the pulley plant holder system …Continue Reading

Innovative Pot with An Interlayer

The inter-layer between the protective pot and the basic pot holds up any picture printed, giving the pot …Continue Reading

Adorable Power Outlets Bunkers

This collection of miniature Japanese Screen Doors perfectly hides power outlets on the wall, leaving it beautiful and …Continue Reading

Incredible Skull Carved from A Geode

This life-size skull is entirely carved from amethyst and agate crystals that glow in blues and purples and …Continue Reading

Cool Sketch Furnitures

Can you figure it out that the left picture above is a sketch while the other a real …Continue Reading

Sleeping Mushroom Fairy

This collection of tiny woodland mushroom fairies are made of moss and polymer clay, all handmade and appear …Continue Reading

Fried Chicken Candle

The most delectable creations to date, the Kentucky fried chicken candle made with real chicken will send the …Continue Reading

Pet Candles Melt into Metal Skeletons

Is it odd to watch something cute as this pet candle gradually turning into creepy metal skeleton? That …Continue Reading

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

How about picking up several color changing golden leaves to preserve this autumn for DIY decor? Prepare materials …Continue Reading

Sparkle Cocktail Table

A magnificent cocktail table composed of elegantly cut glass crystals will highlight your room with numerous beautiful rainbows …Continue Reading

LED Ultrasonic Diffuser

An aroma atomized and air humidifier will rejuvenate your living space, ease your breathing and promotes better sleep. …Continue Reading

IKEA Augmented Reality App

Just like the printed IKEA catalog, this application presents you a 360掳room sets and the stories behind the …Continue Reading

Garden on Air-conditioner

Wear your air-conditioner with this tiny blooming garden dotted with flourishing flowers and white fences to have a …Continue Reading

Butterfly Cup&Saucer

A Japanese tea set is always elegant and subtle, the butterfly cup and saucer presents you an exquisite …Continue Reading

Interactive Wallpaper

Featured googly eyes in every direction, this interactive wallpaper enables drawing comics in anyway you like.

Cypress Wood Eco-humidifier

Carved out of Japanese Cypress, along with its natural lemony-scent, the wooden humidifier simply absorbs water from the …Continue Reading

Birds Under Your Table

The under-table cage not only provides a larger room for your birds but also adds some picturesque poetry …Continue Reading

Slim Mellow Wooden Lamp

Steam has made the wood as pliable as silk, so they can be twisted and processed into beautiful …Continue Reading


Real dandelion seeds are sophisticated arranged surrounding an LED to fuse a whimsical lamp that is handcrafted with …Continue Reading

Glowing Star Map

Try a galactic makeover for your bedroom using the glowing star map! A wonderful art that is genuinely …Continue Reading

Etch Pendant Light

What can mathematics brings to you? How about a digitally manufactured pendant which allows light to cast intricate …Continue Reading

Stunning Bonsai Tree Building

These bonsai tree buildings are extraordinarily detailed, reflecting the skills and craftsmanship of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. The …Continue Reading

Enjoy the projected night sky at your bath time

Do you want to gaze at the twinkling stars and constellations while you鈥檙e bathing? The Homestar Aqua can …Continue Reading

WING armchair

Maybe everyone has had a flying dream in his or her childhood. This WING armchair is deigned like …Continue Reading

Movie Film Sticky Notes

Turn your own life into part of movies, you merely need these transparent Movie Film Sticky Notes. They …Continue Reading

SeeYou Wallpaper

Directly or sideways, actually you can decide the way your wall (or wallpaper) looks at you, simply by …Continue Reading

Broken Wine Rack

You know what? You’ve gotten too many bottles of wine on the rack that it finally breaks into …Continue Reading

Rooftop Ceiling Lights

Yes, yes, my house is very charming, with bright white walls, good-colored floors, well-designed furniture, and Rooftop Ceiling …Continue Reading

“Hide-and-seek with the Missing” Floor Design

Utilizing a photochromic screen-print composition, designer Solenne Morigeaud has constructed the “Hide-and-seek with the Missing” floor that will …Continue Reading

Cute Outlet Stickers

White, square, square, white, why is every outlet so similar to others? Can’t they have their own personalities? …Continue Reading

Retro-styled Wallpapers

While more and more wallpaper designs are pursuing brilliant patterns and luxurious colors, Young & Battaglia’s wallpapers are …Continue Reading

Transformable Tube Chandelier

Chemistry and art are two separate words that seemingly would never have any connections, but designer Pani Jurek’s …Continue Reading

Narciso Vase Series

What is the function of a vase? When asking that question again and again, designer Giorgia Zanellato discovered …Continue Reading

Tree House Bedroom

A house never blocks you away from the nature, coz the nature is rightly inside your house! Especially …Continue Reading

Belt Tiles

What else can the belts do for you, except for tightening your trousers? London-based designer Inghua Ting offers …Continue Reading

Keyboard Walls

2D or 3D, currently almost all designs are seemingly to face that question. But actually it’s not that …Continue Reading

Spine Staircase

How could we bring a new life into our house? According to Philip Watts Design, we should firstly …Continue Reading

Rainbow Wood

Using an old marbling technique, Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker掳Studio has created a new series of flooring wood …Continue Reading

Soft Fish Bowl

Psalt Design must be kidding us, because the new fish bowl now brought to us is so soft …Continue Reading

Fishscape Fishbowl

Made of hand-blown glass in Turkey, this Fishscape Fishbowl features a unique interior that evoks the feel of …Continue Reading

Face Shelving

Need to face your books everyday? If so, why not store them on this Face Shelving system? As …Continue Reading

Weed Shelving

Today we’re loving this Weed Shelving, Sergey Saava’s creative work that is shaped like weed and brings into …Continue Reading

IVANKA Moss Tiles

Somebody hates mosses while someone loves them so much that they even specially design, produce and finally lay …Continue Reading

Pixel Perfect Camera Wallpapers

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Unusual Wood Floors by Bolefloor

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Creative Inventionland Offices

Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory, is a famous studio especially built for working out creative ideas. Every year …Continue Reading