Mr. Sponge

Mr.Sponge decorates your kitchen with its hilarious sponge bow tie.

Eco Off-grid Beer Cooler

For a long time, people store fresh food underground for the natural low temperature. This three-feet long well-shaped …Continue Reading

Disastrous Scenarios on Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates

Instead of traditional tranquility, the artist adds some drama onto the dinner plates with sea monsters, bats, dinosaurs …Continue Reading

A Simple&Cheap Home Security Device

The Korner detects movements when the window is being opened, sends notes to the smartphones. A cheap and …Continue Reading

The Miracle Wine-making Machine

It’s a miracle machine that turns water into fine wine with the help of the built-in electrical sensors, …Continue Reading

Fried Chicken Candle

The most delectable creations to date, the Kentucky fried chicken candle made with real chicken will send the …Continue Reading

Luxury Gold Toilet Paper

One roll of the 22 carat gold toilet paper for you extravagant ass that will sprinkle gold flakes …Continue Reading

Stick Humidifier

Anytime, anywhere, this portable humidifier put forward by Knobz Design can help you easily make the air refreshing. …Continue Reading

Open Mirror

Both a mirror and a docking station for your iPhone or iPod, this device allows users to control …Continue Reading

Simple Rope Hanger

It’s nearly the hundred times I wanna to say those old things in the past were brought back …Continue Reading

Upside Down R/C Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Hey, look here guys: a helicopter is landing upside down on your ceiling, to offer you cool comfortable …Continue Reading

Zig Zag Mirror

With a cute name “Zig Zag”, this mirror put forward by MUT Design not only offers the users …Continue Reading

HEX Curtain

Consisting of several individual petals that each is controlled by an actuator motor (which is aided by a …Continue Reading

Multiuse Window Blind

Cleverly combining a window blind and a laundry rack, designers Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun have developed this …Continue Reading

360-degree Shower

Here and there, the “Loop” shower from Italian furniture and fixture maker Idiha offers water from 360 different …Continue Reading

Awesome Bathtubs, Right Here!

Good ideas in and creative bathtubs out, these products here are all my favorites and it’s really hard …Continue Reading

Finger Scan Door Lock

It is definitely not the first time we see fingerprint scanners used in product designs, but the Grabit …Continue Reading

Standing Broom

Nothing to do with magic tricks, the Standing Broom is designed to stand up by itself merely with …Continue Reading

T-Rex Radiator Concept

Dinosaur in your house! What a cool and outstanding concept鈥 Shaped in the form of a t-rex skeleton, …Continue Reading

3D Curtains

What landscape would you like to bring to your house? This deluge 3D Curtain gives one easy access …Continue Reading

waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage

You鈥檙e still looking for a better way to store water for emergency use? Okay, you should never miss …Continue Reading

Privacy Pop

Friends are important, but sometimes privacy is more important, that鈥檚 why we may need a “Privacy Pop”. It’s …Continue Reading

Infinite Cycle of Soap

Love soap but hate waste, designers now bring us with this Infinite Cycle of Soap that allow you …Continue Reading

Horizontal Shower

What is the best method to relax you after a daytime full of work? The answer must be: …Continue Reading

BangBang Handle

BangBang handle, a unique door handle rightly in the same shapes as pistols. Hence whenever you open the …Continue Reading

“Hide-and-seek with the Missing” Floor Design

Utilizing a photochromic screen-print composition, designer Solenne Morigeaud has constructed the “Hide-and-seek with the Missing” floor that will …Continue Reading

Magnetic Soap Holder

Something old but classic is back and what we’re to argue today is this Magnetic Soap Holder, which …Continue Reading

Running RC Garbage Can

Well, seemingly there’re no excuses for a messy room anymore, because the dustbin can now walk to you …Continue Reading

Spiral Cellar

As there is extremely limited space for designing and decorating in our houses, we may avert our eyes …Continue Reading

Facebook Shower Curtain

Still thinking about your Facebook while you’re taking a bath? If you do love the Facebook so much, …Continue Reading

Roman Colosseum Hot Tub

The Roman Colosseum is the place that I visit everyday鈥 That鈥檚 not kidding, because what I’m talking about …Continue Reading

Breeze Rack

Any good idea about towel racks? To redesign their shapes, coat them with unique colors or endow them …Continue Reading

“Arrow” Push and Pull Door Handle

“To push or to pull?” Almost every time I need to open a door, I ask myself that …Continue Reading

Off- Door Handle Concept

Because of higher and higher social pressure pushing us forward to survive, we humans are actually suffering from …Continue Reading

Spine Staircase

How could we bring a new life into our house? According to Philip Watts Design, we should firstly …Continue Reading

Stormproof Matches

Honestly I’ve completely forgotten the invention of matches after the day there is cigar lighter on the world, …Continue Reading

Brushes made from Biodegradable Cellulose Acetate

Italy’s largest producer of brushes “Venice” now brings us with its biodegradable brushes and combs made from cellulose …Continue Reading

TwoFaced Window

I’m fond of house cleaning, but seldom including the window cleaning. You know, though it’s easy to make …Continue Reading

Hiding Peephole for Kids

Once viewing the world with the children鈥檚 eyes, we may realize that everything convenient to the adults are …Continue Reading

Coffee Wall

Coffee shakes you up and wakes you up in the morning? Then why not let a coffee machine …Continue Reading

Green Mailbox

Green Mailbox is a wall-mounted mailbox that features a special roof to collect water and irrigate plants automatically. …Continue Reading

Led Zeppelin Ladder for Corner

Led Zeppelin is a step ladder especially designed for the corner. It was named after rock band Led …Continue Reading

Flameingo Fire Extinguisher

Slim, slim, slim, seeming everything nowadays is pursuing a good figure, even includes the fire extinguishers. Have a …Continue Reading

Innovative Dustbin by Brendan Ravenhill

Dustpan, trashcan and broom are three necessary things for household cleaning. For quite a long time, they’re designed …Continue Reading

Water Climb Weighing Scale

Simpler is better. This Water Climb is constructed with merely a watertight bag and a cylindrical marked glass …Continue Reading

Modular Bathtub

Bathe is a modern and multifunctional bathtub that features several attachments for the users to place their accessories. …Continue Reading

“Just Fold It” Flexible Room Divider

“Just Fold It” is a flexible and portable room divider that fits in different locations. Its unique design …Continue Reading

Carbon Fiber Bathtub

With the development of the living standard of people, to set a simple and luxury bathtub for their …Continue Reading

3D Food Printer

Wanna to experience any modern but comfortable ways of cooking? Have a look at this 3D Food Printer. …Continue Reading

New Vehicle Charger To Power Your House

Nissan Leaf, as the first all-electric production car, has long been concerned during the past days. Recently Nissan …Continue Reading