Zaha Hadid Faucet

Zaha Hadid Faucet is a flowing faucet that seems more like an elegant sculpture on the first glance. …Continue Reading

Lovepot Humidifier

鈥楲ovepot鈥 is the name of these cute humidifiers featuring a tissue ball made from laminated wool. Due to …Continue Reading

Whale Faucet Fountain

The Whale Faucet Fountain is obviously the number one choice for the bathroom use, as it eliminates the …Continue Reading

A compact Bathroom

Who would ever imagine that聽a bathroom could be hidden in a cabinet? But the Compact Bathroom presented here …Continue Reading

A Colorful Bathroom

Hey, you guys who love the Heat-sensitive Kettles we introduced in April, here is another product based on …Continue Reading

Did anybody come here?

Using four colors鈥攇reen, brown, black and white to separately stand for the grassland, ground, cinder road and the …Continue Reading

Aqua Notes

You鈥檝e guessed right, 鈥楢qua Notes鈥 is an innovative notepad that is specially designed for those who may want …Continue Reading

Trash Knows.

Not merely an interesting name for the dustbin, 鈥楾rash Know鈥 also gives us a vivid illustration of the …Continue Reading

Take the stairs!

Nobody but those who are really too slim (but will any females feel themselves too slim?) may want …Continue Reading

Share//Trash Can knows how often you use it.

Always feeling that you鈥檙e keeping your room tidy, with all clothes in the cabin but all the rubbish …Continue Reading

Design a Jurassic Park Themed Bedroom for kids.

If you鈥檙e planning to decorate聽your boy鈥檚 bedroom, you should have a look at the Jurassic Park Themed Bedroom …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Multi Layer Trash Bin

The design for the trash barrel shows a great deal of originality. Guess what, both the bin itself …Continue Reading

Change your toilet seats!

銆怲he toilet seat is shaped like a notebook, with different labels on. Then, which page is yours?銆 You …Continue Reading

We鈥檙e not merely animals, we鈥檙e also bookends.

Sheep Nell, lion Tumo, piggy Babu and dinosaur Bobo, they鈥檙e a cute collection of bookends, and each of …Continue Reading

Tattooed Flooring

Creative 鈥淭attooed Flooring鈥 is designed to beautify your floor. Over a long period, we have to bear the …Continue Reading

The doormat is telling your secret.

Where is your spare key聽usually stored? Yeah, yeah, you won鈥檛 tell anyone else about it, but see what …Continue Reading

Curtain Door

I鈥檝e kept imagining what a fairytale city will be like. The prince and princess are living there of …Continue Reading

Faucet asks you to conserve water.

鈥楥onserve water鈥, 鈥榗onserve water鈥, almost everyone has had that at heart, but what do we actually do? We …Continue Reading

鈥榁irtual Butler鈥橫irror

Ever wished you had a witch mirror聽that tells you everything? Well, let me introduce you to the Virtual …Continue Reading

New toilet rolls bring more fun to you!

Origami, originating in Japan, is the art or process of folding paper into different shapes, representing flowers and …Continue Reading

One-foot Stairs

How long can you balance on one foot? The moment I saw the special wooden stair, that question …Continue Reading

LED Doorbell

Presenting here is a modern doorbell for apartments. It鈥檚 really not exciting except for that if used in …Continue Reading

The Secret of the Pop Cans

For our gathering, cheers! But wait, what鈥檚 wrong with my beer? OMG, it鈥檚 actually a beer can-shaped USB …Continue Reading

NNew Can

A good design will bring people with more convenience, and the cans used in our daily lives can …Continue Reading

3/4 Trash Bin

Appearing recently in Peking, the so-called 鈥3/4 Trash Bin鈥 is a creative design that features a combination of …Continue Reading

Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin

Unlike conventional trash bins on the market, Waste Paper Recycle Trash Bin by Qianqian Tao is a neat …Continue Reading

Interactive Piano Stairs

In Stockholm, piano stairs have been installed in the Odenplan subway station recently, to take the place of …Continue Reading

Sundew Flower Trap

Okay, here is another eco-friendly product, the 鈥楽undew flower trap鈥 by Min-Kyu Choi. The most important role of …Continue Reading

Burning Cities Fire-screens

Whatever cities you鈥檙e inhabited in, setting fires to civilian buildings are always forbidden by law, not to mention聽burning …Continue Reading

Dulux PaintPod Compact

As known to all, it is rather fussy to repaint the room. Despite costing you lots of time, …Continue Reading

Modular Bathroom System

Now here鈥檚 something worth your attention- a Modular Bathroom System that can be assembled into different forms. It …Continue Reading

Sound And Motion Owl

Motion-sensing owl has come to guard your garden! Built with four motion sensors, the owl provides a 360-degree …Continue Reading

Solar LED Address Numbers

Supposing that your address numbers shine in the night, how cool it would be? Try the Solar LED …Continue Reading

Clip-on Cord Wrap for Power Adapters

When mentioning protective casings, we would make a list at once, as if we鈥檙e enumerating our family valuables. …Continue Reading

Ladder Safety System

Yea ladder is one of the most useful tools to human, but it does cause some problem as …Continue Reading

Mint Mosquito Repellent

Guess what, I鈥檓 so fancy with the mint mosquito repellent that I even couldn鈥檛 help imagining the exciting …Continue Reading


No vacuum cleaners any more! What you need is just a 鈥淏ucket-Vac鈥. Seemingly rather ordinary, the product is …Continue Reading

Compost Dustbin

Though everyone wants to contribute to the eco-business, most of us really couldn鈥檛 find the right way to …Continue Reading

Furniture Covers

That鈥檚 it, as the boundless universe is full of strange things, now some people have come up with …Continue Reading

Mint-pass Rubbish Can

If you鈥檙e someone who likes novelty, you鈥檙e sure to love the Mint-pass Rubbish Can by Jongchul Kim. Base …Continue Reading

Home Visitor Recorder

Can you imagine that one day your doorbells become as powerful as a computer? Inspired from the plug-in …Continue Reading

Air Tree

Air Tree cleans up your city. Featuring an air cleansing function just like trees, the chair is built …Continue Reading

Tabbed Bathroom Cabinet

Probably such a tabbed bathroom cabinet is a common necessary that allows us to sort up different items …Continue Reading

Indoors Lace Fence

The lace fence specially designed for indoors decoration has come to change the stereotyped image of fences that …Continue Reading

Spiral Stair

Saying is always easier than doing, so when we鈥檙e still indulged in the wild fancy to create something …Continue Reading

Calculator and Typewriter

Considering that calculator is really a great change to the complicated arithmetic, we鈥檙e expecting it to be better …Continue Reading

Butt to Butt Can

Named as 鈥淏utt to Butt Can鈥, the innovative article, apart from working as a public ashtray, mainly aims …Continue Reading

Self-powered Toilet Roll Holder

Though some day-to-day activities, say the movements to pull toilet paper, are insignificant, have you ever realized that …Continue Reading

Milwaukee Cordless Detection Tool

A strong house always makes us feel safe, but what shall we do to ensure it? Let the …Continue Reading

Sun-powered Clothes Dryer

We love sunshine, because we love warmth and we love the sweet smell left in our clothes when …Continue Reading