Safe Scan Food Preservation System

Though we now have refrigerators, we still cannot prevent the leftovers from going bad. As we couldn鈥檛 judge …Continue Reading

Digital Monkey Wrench

When you鈥檙e working with anything mechanical such as autos, bikes, have you ever met the dilemma that too …Continue Reading

White Rhinoceros

鈥淲hite Rhinoceros鈥, the nickname for an awesome ceramic tile with a hook, is a latest try to solute …Continue Reading

Broomba Self-propelled Broom

Broomba for Halloween! Rather than sweeping your house, the self-propelled broom can scare your friends. Powered by three …Continue Reading

A Flower A Day

How about a carpet that generates floral patterns after your every step? Sounds miraculous, doesn鈥檛 it? Containing special …Continue Reading

Stylishly Hot Radiator

Hot? Hot! The aesthetic hot radiator features an important attention paid to the contour design, a main tide …Continue Reading

Colorful Bath Installation

Creativity is everywhere even inside your bathroom, and the colorful bath installation is a new one to challenge …Continue Reading

Multifunctional Ironing Board

Pragmatism is both space-saving and dollar-managing! That鈥檚 why people nowadays prefer creating and having multifunctional commodities such as …Continue Reading

Green Fireplace

Smoky, dirty, wasteful, etc, traditional fireplaces have resulted people much annoyance. To create you a clean, warm and …Continue Reading

Ultrasonic Mite Control Machine

Mite is a main cause to asthma, bronchitis, eczema, and other skin diseases. To keep the environment clean, …Continue Reading

Voodoo Doormat

Voodoo is an African religious belief, which is believed to bring happiness to people through voodoo dolls. Though …Continue Reading

All-in-one Kitchen

With a humanized design, the all-in-one kitchen is made in a moderate height, which is suitable for both …Continue Reading

3D Mirror

Due to the different refraction angles of several mirror faces, the 3-D mirror appears to be quite preternatural …Continue Reading

Number lock Door Handle

As the door handle is equipped with a number lock, it won鈥檛 be unlocked until you roll its …Continue Reading

Touch Screen Mirror

The high-tech mirror is composed of several built-in equipments, including a radio, a clock, a barometer, and a …Continue Reading

Odd Mirrors

Wanna to be different? The odd mirrors will absolutely amaze you. Due to the special design, they may …Continue Reading

Staircase features built-in slide

Sliding side is one of the most popular entertainment facilities for kids, no matter which era it is. …Continue Reading

Zip and Dry Apron

Apron is necessary for cooking, especially in China, and many people like to use the under-part of the …Continue Reading

Broom hook

Created by Dutch designer Stijn Bisscheroux, the concept combines the broom and the hook into one single product. …Continue Reading

Recycled Trash bin

This is a brilliant idea. The trash can itself is made from waste paper and so it is …Continue Reading

Two-way faucet

Different from normal ones, this faucet comes with an additional upside flow and so you can get brush …Continue Reading

A beautiful Faucet from Mercedes-Benz designer

Yes, it is a faucet designed by a former Mercedes-Benz designer. The water flow out in a unique …Continue Reading

Easy shifting showerhead

What is the easiest way to adjust the flow of water? Sure, just one touch. This is a …Continue Reading

Three door in one

This is one single frame with three doors in different size. Big one nest middle one and middle …Continue Reading

Sexy high-heel bathtub

High heels is a sexy accessory for women, and so if we integrate this kind of factor into …Continue Reading

Shower Mic Sponge

If you like singning while showering, you will like this Mic Sponge. Just sing. But you should prevent …Continue Reading

The shifter faucet

If you are a car enthusiast, you will like this faucet. This design uses the perception of a …Continue Reading

Recycling Bath Sink

Close the tap while brushing your teeth is a good habit, otherwise a lot of clean water will …Continue Reading

Door knob function as a light switch as well

This door knob can function as a light switch as well and so you do not have to …Continue Reading

Transparent iron

Ironing is a process to make your clothing smoother. Because of lacking direct visual contact with the part …Continue Reading

Removable kitchen sink

Waste water of kitchen sink is actually pretty good for plant, and so, in order to utilize this …Continue Reading

Big Eye Needle

Big eye needle is a brilliant idea. It made from some new fangled metal which makes it possible …Continue Reading

Clever showerheads

This showerheads has a sensor which could detect the temperature of the water and when the water reaches …Continue Reading

Vase Humidifier

Humidifier is apparently a seasonal product. It is necessary merely in winter rather than all around the year. …Continue Reading

Pebble Sink

This sink is made of pebbles bound together within a transparent resin. Therefore, the pebbled surface is smooth …Continue Reading

Coiled radiator

This is one of the most innovative radiators I鈥檝e ever seen. As a matter of fact, I did …Continue Reading

Elegant toilet shaped like a smoking pipe

This toilet is actually inspired by a modified water drop, although it seems more like a smoking pipe. …Continue Reading

Aquarium Sink

Fish tanks are usually made from transparent material, glass is an example, and so it is a good …Continue Reading

Space saving bath tub

Rotator bath/shower is a space-saving design, but it is not fit for normal family. This new design is …Continue Reading

Tetris Tiles

If you鈥檙e a Tetris fans, every thing inspired from Tetris will attract you eyes. This tile is a …Continue Reading

Enter doorbell

Doorbell is not limited in the function of warning any longer. Geeks can use the doorbell express their …Continue Reading

Rotator bath/shower

Standing in the bath to take a shower is very common for those without enough space in bathroom. …Continue Reading

Shooter fire extinguisher

This is really a good idea to shape an extinguisher like a gun. In case you office or …Continue Reading

Sink with hidden drain pipe

Although you may think that this is only a decoration, I will tell you that it is a …Continue Reading

Flower Extinguisher

Because of using open flame, kitchen is easy to fire. But conventional extinguisher is too ugly to fit …Continue Reading

ECOJOHN toilet

In common sense, toilet is rushed by water. However, this ECOJOHN toilet can clean the dejection with fire. …Continue Reading


Microsoft Windows is a popular OS. Mac fans may disagree with me. Whatever, we have to admit that …Continue Reading

FOLLO Me sink

If there aren鈥檛 faucets besides, I cannot even realize that these two board are actually sinks. Unlike traditional …Continue Reading

Bath safeguard

This device is silicon plug can indicate the water temperature with the help of the built-in sensor. Different …Continue Reading

Piano doorbell

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. …Continue Reading