Redesign Concept of Hungarian Banknotes

The banknotes feature wonderful drawings of European animals and plant species, they will reveal the animals’ skeletons under …Continue Reading

Unisex Public Toilet Module

A unisex public toilet module called Gentolet aims to save space and public resources for its bidirectional door, …Continue Reading

Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Air Purifier in Case of Fire

Asphyxiations is a major cause of death in fire, this Air Pocket will decrease this by purifying the …Continue Reading

Mini Power for Emergency Situations

People usually won’t notice that the phone’s dying until emergencies. Therefore, having a mini package of power which …Continue Reading

Air Umbrella

There are many brilliant idea about the air umbrella, while this one is really going to reality. This …Continue Reading

A Wearable Drone & Camera

This amazing concept integrates drone technology into wearable products, creating a bracelet that stretches out to be a …Continue Reading

Dogs of The World

A cute illustrated guide for 192 kinds of dogs around the world, classified by their geographic origin. Learn …Continue Reading

Futuristic House Mounted along The Coastline

A conceptual house built along the coastline whose concrete outer shell uses solar power and is attached to …Continue Reading

A Peaceful Post-futuristic World

This series of sci-fi paintings shows a calm and tranquil everyday life in post-futuristic world, unlike the cold …Continue Reading

Funny makeup on her lips

The artist draws adorable cartoon characters on her lips and when she moves them a little bit, these …Continue Reading

Roly-Poly Donation Boxes

The donation box represents a child in need, it lies flat on the ground, will slowly stand on …Continue Reading

Adorable Dream Cars Designed by Kids

Toyota invited kids to draw their dream vehicles and then brought the ideas to life in a tiny …Continue Reading

Goldfish Bubble Wrap

A conceptual colony of goldfish bowls that transformed from the tiny cells of generic plastic bubble warp may …Continue Reading

Architecture Animee

Deep inside, motion in architecture explores how buildings are formed in the angle of the fourth dimension: time. …Continue Reading

Air Purifying Drone

With a giant pinecone, the personalized drone rotating up in the air, it is possible to keep your …Continue Reading

Billboards Turned into Houses for Homelessness

Billboards are popular along the highways of cities, the inner space of them can be turned into shelters, …Continue Reading

Truth Facts

This collection of hilarious info graphics on diets, dating and other aspects of everyday life really make sense.

Eco Off-grid Beer Cooler

For a long time, people store fresh food underground for the natural low temperature. This three-feet long well-shaped …Continue Reading

Bamboo Weight Calculator

The idea of using the tenacity of bamboo to weigh may be less accurate, however, more fun.

Eco-friendly Portable Desk & Book Bag

A desk and a book bag can be luxuries for those kids in poor area. New Bombay-based not-for-profit …Continue Reading

15 Lovely Charts Show How to Pet Animals

We human beings love to touch animals, here’s a series of handy, graphical charts showing whether to pet …Continue Reading

A Highway without Streetlights

The highway located in Oss, Netherlands, features only glow-in-the-dark road markings made of a photo-luminescent powder integrated into …Continue Reading

Famous Quotes’ Illustrations

A Toronto-based web and graphic designer turns inspirational and wisdom quotes from famous figures into beautiful, minimalist and …Continue Reading

Kanji Inspired GIFs

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Cute Animation Made with Drops of Water

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Simple Trick to Get 3D-looking

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Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

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TranSit: A Caring Waypoint

Walking on a strange street, tring to find ways out. If you had ever been in that situation, …Continue Reading

Walking on Sunshine

Several students from George Washington University have made the world鈥檚 first solar panel pavement in campus recently. The …Continue Reading

Store Keys In The Cloud

Scan and store your keys in the cloud to get an access of digital keychains with KeyMe, a …Continue Reading

Pedal-powered Washer Could Make a Big Difference in Developing Nations

In many parts of the world that without access to electricity and clean water, taking care of laundry …Continue Reading

Canned Air From Your Favorite City

Photographer Kirill Rudenko has came up with a strange idea: canned air from famous cities such as New …Continue Reading

Creative proposal

The right moment and the right person! Using the solar eclipse to propose is definitely one of the …Continue Reading

Tree-Inspired Train Station

his tree-inspired train station was designed by Galmidi Yitzhar and the industrial designer Yaksein Eliran. The design was …Continue Reading

Every University should have Giant Slides

Students in the Technische Universitat, Munich, Germany, can now basically get out of their class in no time …Continue Reading

How the Sun Plays Basketball

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A 鈥淢arry me鈥 cup

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Creative Shopping Bag Design

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Wedding Wedding Wedding!!!

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Solar-powered Barbecue Grill

It costs minutes for the barbecue grill to grill or barbeque your food by solar power. It is …Continue Reading

A wonderful styling for the ones who like ballet

It is so boring for the ones who like ballet to wear the white skirt. So this colorful …Continue Reading

Do you know if you stay indoor or outdoor?

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Wonderful anniversary ideas for the old

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Photo and number to memorize your important day

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Cool birthday theme

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A building with shelves for other buildings

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World’s First Underwater Nightclub

The world’s first underwater nightclub is supposed to be located in New York City, with fully-furnished underwater darts, …Continue Reading

Time is Money Currency Concept

“Time is money”, Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase is now used in this new currency idea put forward by …Continue Reading