Another Series of Pretty Food Arrangments

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Adorable Dream Cars Designed by Kids

Toyota invited kids to draw their dream vehicles and then brought the ideas to life in a tiny …Continue Reading

Eco-friendly Portable Desk & Book Bag

A desk and a book bag can be luxuries for those kids in poor area. New Bombay-based not-for-profit …Continue Reading

Removable Indoor Slide

It transforms staircases into slides and folds up when not in use, making it quick and easy to …Continue Reading

Sustainable Bamboo Balance Bikes for Children

For kids from 18-months through 5-years-old, the bamboo-crafted balance bike is lightweight, eco-friendly and super durable, nice for …Continue Reading

Child Shoulder Carrier

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Creative Children Face Paintings

The artist transforms children’s face into life-like animals including giraffes, kittens and popular characters like Super Mario, E.T…the …Continue Reading

Spider-man Helmet

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Hilarious Knee Horsey

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Small Door for Children

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New Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds

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Adorable Monster Rocking-chair

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Creative Drawings between Father and Kids

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Rubber Band Machine Gun A fully automatic machine gun will fire its 672 shots of rubber bands rapidly when you pull …Continue Reading

Augmented Fairy Tale on Bedsheets

A Netherlands-based startup has introduced this awesome system that augments children鈥檚 bedtime stories by displaying realistic cartoon characters …Continue Reading

Sleeping Mushroom Fairy

This collection of tiny woodland mushroom fairies are made of moss and polymer clay, all handmade and appear …Continue Reading

Color Button

Children may easily fasten buttons up the wrong way, so do adults when in a hurry and it …Continue Reading

Lovable Toymail

Send voice messages to the kids via this adorable wifi-enabled toymail to improve the interaction. It turns your …Continue Reading

Pull-out Bookshelf

Made of natural poplar wood, you can draw and push the seperated five parts of this stylish bookshelf …Continue Reading

Reading Net in Mid-air

It鈥檚 a lively design that encourages children learning through playing. The reading net hangs in the mid-air of …Continue Reading

Bear Sandwich Plate

Kids will love this friendly bear plate and use it to make tasty sandwiches with its big nose …Continue Reading

Messenger Helicopter

The messenger helicopter can display one word at a time when it hovers in midair to pass on …Continue Reading

Creative Playgrounds

Eye-catching playground structures looks like various animals, airplanes, ships and buildings that are designed by Danish company Monstrum. …Continue Reading

Indoor Strap Swing

Whoever loves swings would be happy to have this indoor strap swing simply installed on the door frame. …Continue Reading

Princess Duvet

A sleeping beauty in a perfect princess dress, we know you want this, a princess duvet shows the …Continue Reading

Sticky-free Sand

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Expressive Eyes for Interactive Characters

Expressive eyes is so essential in face-to-face communications that researchers have found a way to vividly present them …Continue Reading

S.E.W. for Saving Endangered Wildlife

By completing sewing the patterns of wild animals, it is hoped that kids would learn hand-sewing as well …Continue Reading

Mermaid Swim Fin

Put it on and turn into the little mermaid in the backyard pool right now!

Book Bed

Doesn鈥檛 this bed look like a book? Well, this adorable design is created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki, …Continue Reading

Excellent food dispenser saving your space

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Landscape Dinner Set

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Shark Helmet

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Giant Animal Bed Sheets

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The Kid’s Republic Book Store

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Cardboard Cocorico Cooker

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iWood Laptop Blackboard

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FunBath For Kids

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Training Dresser, Your Kid’s Dresser

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Crayola Crayon Maker

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Rhapsody Children’s Beds

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Hydrogen-Powered Car

It is not merely a toy for fun, but also a teaching appliance聽that may tell you how a …Continue Reading

5.25 Feet Bi-pedal Exoskeleton For Children

Kid’s Walke is a 1.6 meters tall bi-pedal exoskeleton coming from Japan. Designed to be piloted by children, …Continue Reading

Cute Child’s Hangers

Lovely kids need cute clothes hangers and today we’d like to show you two kinds of animal hangers, …Continue Reading

Life Jacket With Dorsal Fin

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Half Scale Luxury Cars for Kids

What wonderful good fortune kids today are enjoying, they can even own a classic luxury car as the …Continue Reading

Toy Guardian

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Integrative Chair for Handicapped Kids

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Head’s Up Juice Glasses

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Multi-functional Furniture for Kids

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