A Slice of Food in Cooking

The pictures coming from a book featuring photos of food taken from weird perspectives show what the food …Continue Reading

Popcorn Monsoon

Just as its name suggests, Popcorn Monsoon blows a tornado in the U-shaped pipe with the help of …Continue Reading

Two Fun Egg Molds

The hard-bored egg is bright and tender, cute in itself and easy to be shaped into other adorable …Continue Reading

Latte Art Maker

Foam sculptures on top of coffees are cute, this latte art maker lets you create awesome artworks by …Continue Reading

Fun Fairy Tale Glassware

The glassware has classic fairy tales printed on it. The characters on the opposite side appear larger due …Continue Reading

Negative Space Illustrations Carved Out Of Knives

A knife鈥檚 sharp metal blade has been carved into a detailed nature-themed scene, such as animals or trees, …Continue Reading

Spice Pen

Food presentation is so much fun with this worlds’ first and only spice pen that allows you to …Continue Reading

Magnifying Spoon Designed to Detect Contaminants in Food

The spoon with a magnifier is designed to detect whether there’s any petty contaminants such as hair or …Continue Reading

Magnetic Strip for Beers’ Storage

Bottles of beers take much space in fridge, this magnetic strip that clips onto the ceiling of the …Continue Reading

Sumo Eggs Holder

Two egg sumo wrestlers’ fight, and the winner breaks it all! Very clever holder, isn’t it?

Bowl That Filters Popcorn Kernels

A sieve at the bottom of this bowl filters the kernels of popcorn so that you can enjoy …Continue Reading

Rolling Pins for Adorable Cookies

Wooden rolling pins engraved with adorable custom patterns will highlight your cookies among ordinary ones.

Very Specific Cutlery

The designer treats cutlery carefully for they are inseparable from our daily life, a very specific cutlery for …Continue Reading

Custom Waffle Maker

Waffles featured with custom marks is unique and awesome for breakfast.

Bomb Kitchen Timer

A fine dish cannot be cooked without a good sense of timing, so why not prepare a timer …Continue Reading

Clever Butter Knife Redesign

The hard cold butter instantly become softer when it’s swept by a knife with a row of small …Continue Reading

Adorable Egg Separator

Little pig/fish will suck up egg yolks and separate them from the egg whites. Cute, isn’t it?

Steam Ship Steaming Lid

A bright blue silicon lid shaped as a steam ship lets steam coming out of the pot via …Continue Reading

Playful Pancakes

A stay-at-home dad works together with his two kids to create playful pancakes with just some pancake batter …Continue Reading

A Soft Ladle

A common ladle can hardly scoop out the very last of food from a pot, while this soft …Continue Reading

Gadget That Scrambles A Whole Egg

A hand-powered kitchen gadget that scrambles a whole egg without penetrating or breaking the shell, almost naturally produces …Continue Reading

Folding Knife and Spork

This colorful plastic folding knife and spoon & fork is flimsy and multi-functional, very convenient a carry-on cutlery.

3D-printed Adapter to Make An Easy-clean Whisk

A whisk is a small gadget that one use to blend powders and eggs or milk or other …Continue Reading

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Good looking fixie pizza cutter features bright and delightful color with its two wheels armed with shape edges …Continue Reading

Cucumber Spiral Slicer

Interesting and fun, this gadget cuts thin and spiral slices of cucumber or zucchini in no minute with …Continue Reading

Bendable Hand-shaped Salt&Peper Mills

With articulating joints, the hand-shaped salt and pepper mills are fully bendable and capable of grabbing on to …Continue Reading

Interesting Bone-shaped Bread Mold

So original that it鈥檚 hard to define exactly what it is. A big white ceramic bone made for …Continue Reading

Superhero TeaBags

Have a nice cup of tea with your favorite superhero dipping in a funny manner!

Lime Pocket for Cocktails

It鈥檚 an accessory made of silicon and works as a pocket for a slice of citrus which keeps …Continue Reading

Dip Clips

It鈥檚 a kitchen gadget for kids or appetizers to enjoy their favorite dip without messing the whole plate. …Continue Reading

Taste Your Cake

With an additional small cup cake holder by the side, it makes the inspection of the tastiness of …Continue Reading

Mount Himalaya Spice Containers

A set of 4 glass spice containers (2 big and 2 small) which shapes like Mount Himalaya with …Continue Reading

Swan Napkin Holders

Swan-shaped napkin holders would add an elegant touch to your dining table!

Tattooed Arm Oven Mitt

A tattooed arm oven mitt for men to show their masculinity when cooking, is delicate and considerate.

Clounds Coffee Cap

The hot-gas of a cup of coffee is something like clouds? Designer offers people with this cloud cap …Continue Reading

Hemisphere Cake Molds

Use these different sized hemispheres to make colorful ball cakes! Manufactured from durable aluminum, it features easier release …Continue Reading

Plants-shaped Tablewares

The bright metal tablewares may terrify people who are not used to western cuisines. So you may be …Continue Reading

Tablet Knife Block

Knife block with shelf for your tablet or cookbook provides an ideal angle for easy viewing, convenient and …Continue Reading

Stacked Glass Beverage Server

Clear glass beverage server with three separate sections to diversify your refreshments choice. Nice for daily life.

Wine Pumper

Just like a pump, this gadget saves the trouble of unscrewing its cock when tasting wine. An impalpable …Continue Reading

Angel Wings Cookie Cutters

Get two angel wings cookies and hang them from your favorite teacup. Enjoy the teatime!

Rice Cube Maker

Compress rice or food into cubes, this revolutionary rice cube maker quickly squashes ingredients into perfect unique sushi!

Bananas Salt&Pepper Shakers

Love the way to turn everyday food into everyday things, pretty deceptive but enchanting as well. Made of …Continue Reading

Hietama-chan Egg

A small and smart gadget that sings to remind you of closing refrigerator so as to save ernergy …Continue Reading

鈥 Drink Like a Fish鈥

Here鈥檚 a playful straw. Use it to enjoy a sip of your drinks or simply breathe like a …Continue Reading

Ferris Spice Rack

Ferris Spice Rack offers an interesting way to organize your herbs and spices. It is shaped like a …Continue Reading

Magic wall maximizes kitchen spaces

Magic wall is a powerful magnetic panel that allows you to stick your knives, pots, pans, and tools …Continue Reading

Super rockin spoons

Awesome set of two wooden spoons shaped like guitars. Made from durable beechwood. Approximately 3.25 by 10.5-inch.Hope you …Continue Reading

Eyes you can eat

Stick these edible eyes to your strawberries to give them a cute face! Made from sweet sugar, it …Continue Reading

FreshPaper-a simple piece of paper that magically keeps fruits & veggies fresh 2-4 times longer

Who have thought a simple piece of paper can achieve such spectacular functionality? Made with organic ingredients, FreshPaper …Continue Reading