Cute Loch Ness Ladle

The shape of the mysterious Loch Ness monster is so eye-catching for a ladle, and it will add …Continue Reading

Optical Illusion Distortion Tableware Mat

This tableware mat creates an optical illusion of a distorted space where the fork and spoon is put …Continue Reading

Oil Expeller

A simply beautiful and stylish set that allows you to make your own utilizing cooking oil of any …Continue Reading

Toaster & Coffee Pot

This baking pot is a toaster and coffee pot designed for an easier preparation for the breakfast, saving …Continue Reading

Mr. Sponge

Mr.Sponge decorates your kitchen with its hilarious sponge bow tie.

Disco Ball Pizza Oven

This beautiful pizza oven at a restaurant in Vienna looks really like a giant disco ball.

Edible 3D-printed Pizza

Isn鈥檛 it wonderful when 3D printers鈥 being the chef that make tasty pizzas, patties or crackers? Barcelona-based start-up …Continue Reading

25 kitchen tools for a better cooking experience

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Taste Your Cake

With an additional small cup cake holder by the side, it makes the inspection of the tastiness of …Continue Reading

SunOven: An Effective Outdoor Kitchen

An easy and portable way of cooking, SunOven provides cooked meals without electricity, which means effective cooking just …Continue Reading

Sakura Vinegar plate

Serve yourself a dish of sakura using this one and only vinegar plate!

Toaster that can give weather forecast

Tired of ordinary breakfast? How about a freshly made toast with basic weather information for the day? Dreamed …Continue Reading

Fiery reintroduces the fun of flamb茅

Add excitement to your home style cooking with Fiery, a cooking device that allows you to flamb茅 food …Continue Reading

Hugging Salt & Pepper shakers

The two cute Salt& Pepper shakers are hugging together, expressing love and compassion. Their black and white colors …Continue Reading

Smart Bowlboard

Smart Bowlboard makes food preparation easier and more enjoyable. It helps organize your chopped ingredients in the embedded …Continue Reading

Excellent food dispenser saving your space

Such dispenser hung on the wall can save your space in the kitchen, it only fits for dry …Continue Reading

Self-stirring Pot

Can self-stirring pot really exist? After a long time of controversy, a dentist from Japan eventually proved that …Continue Reading

Powerpot Thermoelectric Cookware

Made of thermoelectric materials (materials that can generate an electrical current via a temperature gradient within themselves), Powerpot …Continue Reading

Lid Sid Cooking Aids

What can prevent water splattering out and making a mess when you’re making a stew? The Lid Sid! …Continue Reading

Easy-to-use Banana Slicer

Personally I don’t need any banana slicers as I can almost eat up a banana before I get …Continue Reading

High-efficiency Commercial Juicer

Obviously this juicer is not designed for everybody, as it comes with so surprisingly high a price of …Continue Reading

Pour-Smart Kitchen Knife & Scoop

Life is always the main source that designers and artists find their inspirations, and thus Junjie Piao has …Continue Reading

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Pepper Grinder

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world”, even though Archimedes’ Lever Law indeed …Continue Reading

Full Surface Inductive Cooktop

Thermodor’s Freedom full-surface adaptive induction unit is a revolutionary cooktop for this year’s CES. It has a 6-inch …Continue Reading

Ribbon Adjustable Baking Pan

One, two or even ten different shapes of baking pans are not enough to people in deep love …Continue Reading

Transformable “Twist”

Somebody cares quite much about the environment, so they are trying hard to avoid using too many bowls …Continue Reading

Icon Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Interesting spaghetti measuring tool from Stef谩n P茅tur S贸lveigarson, offers four different sizes, a “kid” for kids, a “lady” …Continue Reading

Stem Food Sprayer

Better food with lemon juice, while better lemon juice with Stem Food Sprayer. The Stem is designed to …Continue Reading

Spiral Burner Cooktop

Why does Alireza Alavi build the conceptual burner with a same shape of mosquito coils? I’ve no idea …Continue Reading

Angle Measuring Cup

A good design should be something considering the human’s real needs and trying to accomplish a simple but …Continue Reading

Cup Noodle Robot Timer

Though many of my friends love cup noodles, they seldom know that the first cup noodle was launched …Continue Reading

Shield the Splatter

“Catch” features a temperature-resistant construction, performing well to prevent the grease or sauce from splattering whenever you rest …Continue Reading

Salt & Pepper Squeezers

Squeeze these soft balls to dispense seasoning! While you squeeze them, you’ll not only see the seasoning coming …Continue Reading

Magnetic Measuring Spoon

Colorful gadgets that serve as both a measuring spoon and a fridge magnet to bring you a new …Continue Reading

What’s this?

It seems like a smart container, what do you think the item is used for?

No-Spill Mill

Hello you housewives, what about your dinners today? What, the pepper fall onto the table again?! Well, you …Continue Reading

“Chopp” Chopping Board

Can you believe that the “Chopp” is claimed to be the last chopping board you need to buy?! …Continue Reading

Seesaw Cookie Cutter

Seesaw inspired cookie cutter is coming to you. Convenient to use, easy to wash and funny to see …Continue Reading

3D Food Printer

Wanna to experience any modern but comfortable ways of cooking? Have a look at this 3D Food Printer. …Continue Reading

Salt Savor

Housewives must have long been annoyed by cooking, as they need to screw off and screw on the …Continue Reading

A Dangerous Knife Holder

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Creative Cutting Boards

Creativity is everywhere, and it even appears in your messy kitchen. So here we’d like to share some …Continue Reading

ChopIN Board

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Silicone Egg Cracker

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Fat Magnet

For our good health, we’d better remove excess fat that floats on the surface of foods before we …Continue Reading

Clever Kitchenware You May Be Searching For.

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Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

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Roll & Mix: Multi-use Food Preparation Utensil

Roll & Mix is a multifunctional utensil designed by Marcial Ahsayane. It includes two parts, one is an …Continue Reading

OCD Chef Cutting Board

If all vegetables are prepared with strictly regulated size鈥攍et’s say, carrots chopped into small pieces of 4.5cm length, …Continue Reading

Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder

No one-especially the president Obama- is permitted to use a real knife as paper towel holder, because they …Continue Reading