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Adorable Illustrated Characters Play With Real Objects

Simple drawings creates more has created a collection of incredibly adorable illustrated characters who are portrayed as interacting …Continue Reading

Playful Street Ping-pong Interactive Traffic Light

The design, which enables the passers-by to play ping-pong game with the opponent on the other side of …Continue Reading

An Extreme Relax Net over Cliffs

A Utah-based group of athletes recently set up a spider web net over a canyon at a height …Continue Reading

LEGO Wheelchair Makes The Tortoise Move Faster

A veterinarian has built a little LEGO wheelchair for this tortoise who struggles a lot moving around, so …Continue Reading

Japan’s 2015 New Years Stamp is Absolutely Adorable!

It takes 12 years for the sheep to finally finish knitting the scarf!

Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Umbrella with A Hidden Overlaying Shield

In case that your umbrella cover gets lost, which is usually the case, a clever umbrella design that …Continue Reading

Train or BBQ Smoker

This, which sounds and looks like a real old-fashioned steam train is actually a BBQ smoker custom built …Continue Reading

A Pratical Bottle Accessory

If you have to share your bottle of water with others, this innovative gadget that fits to the …Continue Reading

Beautiful Hollow Ball Spoon for Honey

Hollow star-ball shaped spoon made by Alessi can hold some honey without being sprayed out. It’s composed of …Continue Reading

Water Tap with Dual Outlets

A clever water tap with dual outlets enables you to drink water without bending the neck upwards.

Interesting Stay-brella

This umbrella has two small feet, and able to free-stand on its own when placed on the floor, …Continue Reading

A Cardboard “Periscope” That Changes Your Regular View

We can explore the views beyond our regular field of vision by wearing this whimsical cardboard periscope-like device. …Continue Reading

Magnetic Strip for Beers’ Storage

Bottles of beers take much space in fridge, this magnetic strip that clips onto the ceiling of the …Continue Reading

Easy Pin

Sometimes you wanna decorate your space with your cherished memories, namely, posters, postcards or photos. However, ordinary pins …Continue Reading

Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones

The pair of cat ears of this headphone is not only a color-changing LED decoration controlled by an …Continue Reading

Origami Umbrella

The Origami-based umbrella improves efficiency and recycle ability and refreshes the common look of umbrellas with its new …Continue Reading

Refold Cardboard Desk

Refold cardboard desk has increased the mobility of workplaces, you can build up a work desk anywhere and …Continue Reading

Ostrich Pillow Mini

Still for nappers, this new item in the Ostrich Pillow family features smaller size, allows you to wear …Continue Reading

Scooter, Skateboard, Backpack, 3 in 1

Every day, commuters wear backpacks, cruise on skateboards or scooters, moving constantly through pavements, cycle paths. This three-in-one …Continue Reading

Incredibly Imaginative Miniature Photography by 15-year-old Boy

These miniature scenes is designed and made by 15-year-old Zev Hoover, a young Massachusetts-based artist taking pictures when …Continue Reading

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

Having a maximum depth of 40 meters, the world’s deepest swimming pool designed for the Hotel Terme Millepini …Continue Reading

Dog Disguised into A Giant Spider

It is absolutely terrible if a giant, mutant spider chasing after you all the way along the streets. …Continue Reading

Adorable Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

A little device for transforming your everyday toast into adorable teddy bear with playful expressions that will light …Continue Reading

Mini Garage Shaped Key Holder

A cute garage shaped key holder allows you to ‘park’ your keys into it, no need to hunt …Continue Reading

A Valve for Soda Bottles

This valve eases the act of twisting a bottle by replacing the regular cap with a handle. Clever!

Miniature Silhouetted Figures Interacting with Urban Landscape

The artist attaches miniature silhouetted people onto the windows of his apartment, through the transparent glass, the figures …Continue Reading

A4, A5 & Letter-sized Water Bottle

An innovative ‘paper thin’ water bottle that fits into a briefcase is so sleek that enables you to …Continue Reading

Greedy Pick

An item that shaped as a half-piggy turns any container into a cute saving box!

42 Butterflies of North America

An animated chart of 42 species of butterflies of North America with maps and notes that point out …Continue Reading

Whistle Straws

Whistle straws that allow you to make some noise while you sip may add some spicy for your …Continue Reading

Cord Disguised as Ivy Plant

An extension cord that looks like an ivy plant with its leaves sprouting out from all sides fits …Continue Reading

Cross-eyed Cats

Now you know what on earth the cats are doing everyday, they are practising to entertain you like …Continue Reading

This Guy Blows Bubble Vortexes Underwater!

A French diver possesses an uncanny ability to control water by shooting whirling rings with his mouth. Can …Continue Reading

A jacuzzi ‘caved’ from seat ibiza sedan

What about having a hot spring in a beautiful park?French artist Benedetto Bufalino has created a fully-functioning jacuzzi …Continue Reading

Easy Wrap by Elastic Bows

Gift-wrapping becomes so easy using an elastic band with a bow like this! Clever and simple.

Shocked Animals

When animals get shocked, they turn out to be…this.

Mega Hammock

With the total weight rating of 1,000 pounds, Mega Hammock is big and strong enough to hold at …Continue Reading

Stainless Steel Wire Wind-blown Fairies

Sculptures of wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair created by stainless steel …Continue Reading

A Hammock for Feet

If you’ve no idea where to rest your feet when working at a desk, here’s a simple solution, …Continue Reading

Silly GIFs about How to Draw Animals Using Body Parts

An illustrator illustrates a series of gifs showing you how to draw animals using body parts, it’s silly, …Continue Reading

Chainmail Running Shoes

For better running experience and less possibility to get injured, the chanimail shoes may be a wise choice. …Continue Reading

Handle Your Phone

An iPhone case enhances the mobile experience with a long handle attached to ease your wrist and arm …Continue Reading

Attach Anything onto This Silicone Pad

Once you adhere this silicone pad to any vertical surface, you can attach anything from a pencil, keys …Continue Reading

Truth Facts

This collection of hilarious info graphics on diets, dating and other aspects of everyday life really make sense.

Smartphone-controlled Microfarming System

Students at MIT develops a soil-free smart micro farming system that spray a nutrient mist periodically based on …Continue Reading

Field Hammock

A nice place to watch the world cup and feel free with its slight sways, just like a …Continue Reading

Amusing Characters “Hiding” in Everyday Objects

Have you ever imagined that every object around you is actually a character? A French artist reveals the …Continue Reading

Tilt Tableware

After tapering the bottom of tableware, the designer adds a good looking cross-axis-shaped steel cable and cork to …Continue Reading

Self-cleaning Water-repelling Spray

The chemical and aerosol free spray transforms fabric into waterproof and self-cleaning texture and remains the clothing’s breathability, …Continue Reading