Charging Cable Borrows Power Directly from Another Phone

When your phone runs out of battery and there’s no power outlets, you can borrow power from your …Continue Reading

Cute Figures Reminds Your to Water Your Plants

If you forgot to water the plants, they might die. These cute figures will check the soil moisture, …Continue Reading

A Slice of Food in Cooking

The pictures coming from a book featuring photos of food taken from weird perspectives show what the food …Continue Reading

Unisex Public Toilet Module

A unisex public toilet module called Gentolet aims to save space and public resources for its bidirectional door, …Continue Reading

Popcorn Monsoon

Just as its name suggests, Popcorn Monsoon blows a tornado in the U-shaped pipe with the help of …Continue Reading

An Adjustable Urinal That Attaches to The Toilet Bowl

This urinal is easy-cleaning, can be adjusted to different heights and orientations, and also be used when the …Continue Reading

How Disney Princesses Would Look If They Had Realistic Hair

In those beautiful told fairy tale, nothing is real, both the story and the hair cut. Here are …Continue Reading

Giant Lobster Claws

The giant lobster claws are so unique and functional to some extent, you can sort-of pick things up …Continue Reading

A Rabbit Brings Man a Beer on Cardboard Drink Cart

This bunny is trained to push a miniature drink cart and deliver a beer to its owner. The …Continue Reading

Adorable Bread Hippos Peeking out of Soup

The course called Healthy Hungry Hippo Soup uses bread body, black-eyed peas eyes, a black bean nostrils for …Continue Reading

Canada’s Passport Reveals Colorful Patterns Under UV Light

The pages of the Canada’s passports are covered with ink that can be viewed beneath the black light, …Continue Reading

A Sticker Calendar That Peels Days off for Changing Seasons

The sticker calendar consists of 12 pages of stickers, each for one month. Peel a sticker a day …Continue Reading

Portable Washing Machine

An amazing portable washing machine ensures you a quick and efficient washing of clothes in travel with its …Continue Reading

Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rod is able to expand the showering space by adding a convex shape into common straight …Continue Reading

Beautiful Outdoor Pianos

The project “Play me, I鈥榤 yours” aims to encourage strangers’ communication. The artist began to place brightly painted …Continue Reading

1,000 Lattes Telling A Story of Love

The stop motion animation tells a story of “when a man loves a woman”, they fall in love, …Continue Reading

Cities Illustrated by Food Artworks

Beautiful travel destinations are presented by food artworks that are carefully arranged to specify each city’s unique feature.

If Men Were Social Media Networks

What it feels like to be a social master, Busy? Proud? Boring or changing the world? Maybe it’s …Continue Reading

Doctor Who Themed Feeder for Squirrels

A funny squirrel feeder turns the cute ones into characters in Doctor Who. The designer packed a sticky …Continue Reading

Puzzle iPhone Case

Clip-on lenses improve the capability of the smartphone’s primary camera, this iPhone case provides five different lenses whose …Continue Reading

Amazing Skills of Cooking Rice Paper Roll Sheets

Practice makes perfects, this woman cooks rice paper roll sheets with her perfect skill.

A LED Matrix Reveals Facial Emotions Beneath The Mask

The LED matrix attached to the mask’s air filter detects and uncovers facial expressions like plain, smile, surprise …Continue Reading

Venus Flytrap Get Dressed up for Christmas

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Adorable Illustrated Characters Play With Real Objects

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Playful Street Ping-pong Interactive Traffic Light

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An Extreme Relax Net over Cliffs

A Utah-based group of athletes recently set up a spider web net over a canyon at a height …Continue Reading

LEGO Wheelchair Makes The Tortoise Move Faster

A veterinarian has built a little LEGO wheelchair for this tortoise who struggles a lot moving around, so …Continue Reading

Japan’s 2015 New Years Stamp is Absolutely Adorable!

It takes 12 years for the sheep to finally finish knitting the scarf!

Balloon Plug That Seals The Bottle Tight

The plug fits in any bottle and seals it tight because of its innovative inflatable design.

Umbrella with A Hidden Overlaying Shield

In case that your umbrella cover gets lost, which is usually the case, a clever umbrella design that …Continue Reading

Train or BBQ Smoker

This, which sounds and looks like a real old-fashioned steam train is actually a BBQ smoker custom built …Continue Reading

A Pratical Bottle Accessory

If you have to share your bottle of water with others, this innovative gadget that fits to the …Continue Reading

Beautiful Hollow Ball Spoon for Honey

Hollow star-ball shaped spoon made by Alessi can hold some honey without being sprayed out. It’s composed of …Continue Reading

Water Tap with Dual Outlets

A clever water tap with dual outlets enables you to drink water without bending the neck upwards.

Interesting Stay-brella

This umbrella has two small feet, and able to free-stand on its own when placed on the floor, …Continue Reading

A Cardboard “Periscope” That Changes Your Regular View

We can explore the views beyond our regular field of vision by wearing this whimsical cardboard periscope-like device. …Continue Reading

Magnetic Strip for Beers’ Storage

Bottles of beers take much space in fridge, this magnetic strip that clips onto the ceiling of the …Continue Reading

Easy Pin

Sometimes you wanna decorate your space with your cherished memories, namely, posters, postcards or photos. However, ordinary pins …Continue Reading

Anime Inspired Cat Ear Headphones

The pair of cat ears of this headphone is not only a color-changing LED decoration controlled by an …Continue Reading

Origami Umbrella

The Origami-based umbrella improves efficiency and recycle ability and refreshes the common look of umbrellas with its new …Continue Reading

Refold Cardboard Desk

Refold cardboard desk has increased the mobility of workplaces, you can build up a work desk anywhere and …Continue Reading

Ostrich Pillow Mini

Still for nappers, this new item in the Ostrich Pillow family features smaller size, allows you to wear …Continue Reading

Scooter, Skateboard, Backpack, 3 in 1

Every day, commuters wear backpacks, cruise on skateboards or scooters, moving constantly through pavements, cycle paths. This three-in-one …Continue Reading

Incredibly Imaginative Miniature Photography by 15-year-old Boy

These miniature scenes is designed and made by 15-year-old Zev Hoover, a young Massachusetts-based artist taking pictures when …Continue Reading

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

Having a maximum depth of 40 meters, the world’s deepest swimming pool designed for the Hotel Terme Millepini …Continue Reading

Dog Disguised into A Giant Spider

It is absolutely terrible if a giant, mutant spider chasing after you all the way along the streets. …Continue Reading

Adorable Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

A little device for transforming your everyday toast into adorable teddy bear with playful expressions that will light …Continue Reading

Mini Garage Shaped Key Holder

A cute garage shaped key holder allows you to ‘park’ your keys into it, no need to hunt …Continue Reading

A Valve for Soda Bottles

This valve eases the act of twisting a bottle by replacing the regular cap with a handle. Clever!

Miniature Silhouetted Figures Interacting with Urban Landscape

The artist attaches miniature silhouetted people onto the windows of his apartment, through the transparent glass, the figures …Continue Reading