Inflatable Pillow That Looks Like An Accordion

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An Umbrella with A Cup on Top

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Keep Your Glasses in Place!

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16 Examples of Japanese Lovely Stuff

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Miniature Parachutes Used to Deliver Sandwiches

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Pivoted Drinks Holder

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When Cartoon Characters Run into Real World

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Chocolate Cookie Milk Shots

Since all of us drink milk along with a cookie or two, why not make a milk-tum锛

Illustrated Chinese Characters

Basic Chinese characters within colorful illustrations will help people learn and understand the complex Chinese words more easily.

Too Cute to Eat

Incredibly cute teddy bear bread peeking out of muffin cups with the sweet faces and little rounded years, …Continue Reading

Deceptive 3D Objects “Stacking” from Paper Strips

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Incredible Animal Sculptures Made of Hair

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Creative Small Drawings

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Cool Functional Garments

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A Bicycle&Table Hybrid That Generates Power

By pedaling the bicycle, an adult can generate 100 watt electricity that is enough to power one’s laptop. …Continue Reading

Adorable Power Outlets Bunkers

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Bra for True Love

This bra has a front clasp which can be opened only when the wearer see her “true love”. …Continue Reading

Pentagon-shaped Fruit

Japanese farmers have created pentaagon-shaped fruits by reshaping them in a pentagon mould to wish a good luck …Continue Reading

Sliding Ring-shaped Lamp

Unlike typical lamps, it has a slim and serpentine track that enable the ring-shaped lamp to slide up …Continue Reading

Absurd Animated Portraits

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Hand Warmer Mug

The ceramic mug鈥檚 ergonomic handle will keep your hands warm while drinking coffee, isn鈥檛 it wonderful in the …Continue Reading

Thumbtacks FLY

Elaborate plastic fly thumbtacks are so annoying to stick on even more annoying schedules!

Interesting Bone-shaped Bread Mold

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Lamps Made from Real Bread

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Prosthetic Hands with The Sense of Feeling

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Solar Powered Lights on Clothespins

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Smart Piggy Bank

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Delicious Food Stickers

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Grenade-shaped Mug

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Color Button

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TranSit: A Caring Waypoint

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Custom Molded Earphones

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Rainy Cloud Flowerpot

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Creative Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

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The Swing at The End of The World

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One Pillow With Endless Possibilities

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Zig Zag Ruler

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Upside Down Umbrella

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Heart-shaped Glove for Playing with Smartphones

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Embedded UPS for Plugs and Sockets

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Ten Cool Inventive Beds

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Touch Board

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Uniquely Shaped Towel

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Cool! Light-painting Pen for iPhone&iPad

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Lovely Orange Fruit Juicer

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The World鈥檚 Thinnest Key Holder

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Smart Wallet That Can Move Around

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The Tweeting Bra

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Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kits

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Flatulence Filtering Underwear

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